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  1. Back2Beemer

    Headlight beam converters?

    Wheeeeeyy haha.
  2. Back2Beemer

    Headlight beam converters?

    I think there’s dark patches all over the place in the beam, and it’s even worse when you turn on the high beam - the dark patch is right in the bit you actually want the extra light for the main beams. I’ve driven my boss’ 5 who has ICON’s and the difference is night and day (no pun intended ). In anything other than clear weather the dipped beams are woeful. I’ve said it before - the Xenons on my 2 series and previous car were far better, both in terms of light output, beam focus, and the high beams.
  3. Back2Beemer

    Headlight beam converters?

    Honestly every day I wish I had specced adaptive ICON
  4. Back2Beemer

    New Dials (and iDrive screen?) on Configurator for G30/1

    One to add into the debate...swapping an E30 grille with an X7 ha! I have to admit, I can’t get away with the front end on the new 7 / X7, and to be honest the new X5 in general just doesn’t look right from any angle.
  5. Back2Beemer

    Headlight beam converters?

    Probably because the standard lights are so shite!
  6. Back2Beemer

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Yeah that’s a major plus point - you’ll get one that’s well spec’d up dirt cheap as it’s being replaced....also a matter of opinion, but the new 1 is HIDEOUS.
  7. Back2Beemer

    New G31 owner - first impressions

    Glad you’re enjoying your new car! I honestly wouldn’t bother with eco pro mode - seems to make no difference at all to my 520d when driving at a constant motorway speed, apart from making it feel sluggish and unresponsive. Mine just sits in comfort and that’s that.
  8. Back2Beemer

    Time to Change the Company Car

    I was in a 218d for 6 months before getting my G30, and also had the very first of the F20 breed of 1 series, again 18d and both manual. They're both exactly the same car really, but the 1 is more practical. Both not particularly comfortable ride wise and both look very dated inside now, and will be replaced next year. I would have neither again!
  9. Back2Beemer

    2019 Summer updates

    Interesting - thanks. I always thought Xenons didn’t become standard fit until the LCI?
  10. Back2Beemer

    Best phone holder...?

    I find the BMW Sat Nav to be excellent with traffic and roadworks etc, and it updates itself over the air so the maps are always up to date. The only thing better for driving in cities like London is Waze in my opinion.
  11. Back2Beemer

    Engine Rough Running- off she goes on a recovery truck

    And that took how long exactly?! Glad you’ve got it back anyway mate.
  12. Back2Beemer

    Tyres - Mix and Match brands?

    ^^^ this.
  13. Back2Beemer

    Wheel Coating

    Exactly what I do - used it from day 1 on the paintwork too. Still looks brand new when cleaned.
  14. Back2Beemer

    Engine Rough Running- off she goes on a recovery truck

    My 520d sometimes has about 3-5 seconds of really rough idle on cold start, but after that it’s just disappears. Anyone else had this?
  15. Back2Beemer

    Looking to get a g30/31, driving assistant?

    Yeah it’s very good...one of those things you think you won’t miss that much when you don’t spec it, and then wish you had every day (stupid me!).