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  1. Back2Beemer

    520d/530d conundrum.

    I’ve got a 520d, and as competent as it is, the 530d is streets ahead in terms of performance. Coming from a M140i, I think dropping to a 520d will see you massively missing the grunt.
  2. Back2Beemer

    About to pull the trigger on a new G30 530d

    Will definitely ride better than the 3, even without VDC. Suppose the most important thing is if you’re getting a good deal. There’s still significant discounts to be had on factory ordered cars, and that means you can get the car you actually want.
  3. Back2Beemer

    Changing Rear Brake Pads

    Probably also worth noting that the computer isn’t always right! Mine flashed up and there was still loads of life left on the pads, so BMW just reset it.
  4. Back2Beemer

    19 plate headlights

    They may be the maximum and minimum tolerance, but don’t forget you can’t adjust them to the extremes as the lights self adjust based on load in the car, so while you may think you’ve got them set up, and additional load at the rear could end up blinding other road users.
  5. Back2Beemer

    G31 520d

    I’ve been nothing but impressed by the economy of my 520d, and it’s got better as miles have gone on, which is to be expected for a diesel. Motorway journeys mostly see me easily into the high 50’s MPG with little care for driving style. If I’m a bit more careful it’s into the early 60’s. That’s a lot to do with the gearbox too though, as it’s barely bast 1,500 RPM at 70mph.
  6. Back2Beemer

    19 plate headlights

    Every little helps...or so Tesco say. There shouldn’t be any issue at all from HID glare, when they’re in the correct reflectors, or in most case projectors. Normally when you see huge glare it’s because some chav has stuck a £30 HID kit from eBay in a headlight not designed for an HID bulb. Typical HID system (OEM) is rated at 35W, some use lower powered systems at 25W (Alfa Romeo for example). LED are from memory 4W, but will vary. I’ve never seen laser lights, but they’re meant to be awesome.
  7. Back2Beemer

    19 plate headlights

    yeah - think I forgot to mention that ha!
  8. Back2Beemer

    19 plate headlights

    it’s mostly to do with cost saving & weight saving. LEDs are far cheaper to manufacture and less complex than xenon systems. There’s a few (fairly geeky) videos on YouTube explaining that the light output from a good xenon system is better than a good LED system. There’s also the longevity issue - xenon bulbs start to lose their output after a few years, so need to be replaced, whereas LED should outlast the car (in theory anyway). As I’ve mentioned before too, a lot of it is to do with the optics - a poorly manufactured optic or projector can make the cut off messy on the beam, which will inherently either kill the reach of the beam, restrict the light output (or both). Think of it as trying to see through someone else’s glasses!
  9. Back2Beemer

    19 plate headlights

    Yep - the light output from the xenons is much higher in terms of lumens, plus the optics are much better so you get a better beam spread. The xenons I had on a 2 series pool car while I waited for my 5 to be build were night and day better (no pun intended). If you’re spec’ing a factory order and do lots of night time driving, then go for the ICON adaptive option.
  10. Back2Beemer

    G31 520d

    Definitely consider the 20i if there’s loads knocking about with good deals. I had one as a loaner while my 520d was in for a couple of days and I was very impressed. If you’re not doing mega miles, I’d definitely shortlist it.
  11. Back2Beemer

    19 plate headlights

    This. Go to an MOT approved garage, who will have the equipment to do what you need and will only charge you a few quid. Rather than than potentially dazzle anyone and potentially cause an accident.
  12. Back2Beemer

    19 plate headlights

    The standard headlights on the G30 are a massive weak point, and I’d go as far to say they are sh1t. I’ve had cars with halogen bulbs in which perform much better, they’re that poor. Dark patches where you’d need there to be light on the dipped beam, and even worse when on high beam as previously mentioned. If I stay with BMW after this car, I will definitely be upgrading to Laser lights - I imagine ICON Adaptive LED will become standard fit on the facelift with Laser lights becoming the upgrade, or you never know they might both be options!
  13. Back2Beemer

    Reflection From Ambient Lighting

    Yep, as stated above - set it to dimmed for night driving.
  14. Back2Beemer

    off to pastures new

    Pretty sure they’re all reset at point of PDI
  15. Back2Beemer

    off to pastures new

    Good luck with the new motor mate - enjoy.