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  1. Mr Pid, When you checked the door membranes did you also check the rubber washer/seals on the door-card-trim clips? Either missing or compressed through age they are a potential source of water ingress. In fact if viewed from the inside of the door cavity those clips' legs are actually shaped rather well to catch water running down the door surface and direct it through the holes.
  2. PeteNZ

    Eratic Rear Wiper

    Here's a pic of the relay and it's holder. Let's play spot the problem. Errrrrmmm. Hilarious addend to my story: noticed another identical relay zip-tied hiding behind an electronics module. Searched Real Oem again and realised the only other use of this relay is for the Soft-Close Tailgate. It's funny because I didn't realise my car had that feature. Explains why I've needed to slam it closed.
  3. PeteNZ

    Eratic Rear Wiper

    Hi Rich, An old problem but a goodie. I signed up just to answer your Q. Your problem sounds like a knackered relay. That it runs for a short time suggests corroded or worn contacts giving high resistance, overheating, which then in turn increases resistance to the point it won't let juice through to the motor. When the wiper is 'on' in intermittent setting the relay stays 'on' too and the motor receives a separate 'intermittent' signal. (Going by the wiring diagram). I've just today solved my own E61's wiper issue and if I'd known about where the wiper relay is located I would have realised & fixed it when I did the hinge wires 2 years ago. In all the forum advice about wiper not working no one had said where the relay actually is and today I found it. My E61 had the classic water damaged electrics in the wheel well and all the electronic modules were subsequently relocated to the left hand side of the boot by the last owner. Yes, the wiper relay (and others) was there too. The BMW part number is 12631742690. Search that in RealOEM and you'll see where it is. It's relatively cheap at $25 on eBay. It's a fairly common part from the E46 forward (also an air injection pump relay) At that price worth a crack to test. Hope that helps you and others in the future who stumble here. Peter.