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  1. Amy`s daddy

    electric windows

    Hi Ray, it won`t raise or lower on auto, but still works normally, I thought it may have been cause it didn`t have a vaper barrier, but I bought one of them & didn`t make any difference, its not so much a problem, but not knowing why, I replaced the regulator & motor last year, but the fault was there before, so I think it maybe the control unit in the door.
  2. Amy`s daddy

    electric windows

    drivers window won`t auto raise/lower with switch or key fob when raining or damp weather, is this a safety feature or a fault.
  3. Amy`s daddy

    o/s/f window fault

    Hi guys, just to let you know, it was the cable coming out of the guide, thought I had sorted it a couple of times, but eventually fitted a second hand regulator with motor, cost me 30 quid from ebay.
  4. Amy`s daddy

    e39 floor mats

    Cheers, will let u know if I get any joy.
  5. Amy`s daddy

    e39 floor mats

    Hi, anybody know how I can get hold of genuine bmw e39 saloon rubber floor mats front & rear, I`ve already bought and returned the LHD versions.
  6. Amy`s daddy

    fuel injectors

    anyone any tips on diesel fuel injector removal, I`ve been told pouring coke cola over them eat`s into the carbon build up & softens it up slightly if left overnight.
  7. Amy`s daddy

    headlights adjusters repair via cut or soldering through

    If you have the face lift model it can be done, but very time consuming, look on you tube for the video`s, i`ve wrote about this before, the yanks dont mention it cause they dont have the headlight changer facility for driving in abroad, when trying to replace the inner adjuster it keeps pinging off, thats because its hitting the adjuster for driving in eu, if you remove the cover on top of the lamp it makes life so much easier, but do watch the videos first and patience is your friend, the less you swear the the better, i think i only managed to swear 2 or 3 hundred times lol, if you are still stuggling i can talk you thru it. Danny
  8. Amy`s daddy

    e39 hvac fault

    anyone had problems with modlight 2
  9. Amy`s daddy

    e39 hvac fault

    disconnected modlight and all seems fine now, took car out for a couple of hours with no drama.
  10. Amy`s daddy

    e39 hvac fault

    I was thinking the same matey
  11. Amy`s daddy

    e39 hvac fault

    my hvac as gone banana`s, i fitted a modlight 2 on Saturday (hope this is non related) and everything was fine until Tuesday, I got in the car and heater fan was blowing, since then i discovered that if i press the max button (without the key in ignition) the fan will kick in, never pressed it before without engine running so not sure if that`s normal or not, since then while driving the fan will just fire up to full power or fire up the air con at full power, when this happens all the buttons are non responsive and the only way to stop it is to turn the engine off, the other day the display looked like it was in Chinese, and when it did it today the passenger side was showing 98 degrees, sorry it`s been a bit long winded, just trying to give as much info as possible, any ideas, cheers Danny
  12. Amy`s daddy

    LED lights

    Thanks guys, does the coding out also stop the indicators hyperflashing ?, does anyone know the location of the LCM
  13. Amy`s daddy

    LED lights

    Has anyone fitted LED bulbs to brake, indicator, reverse etc that don`t bring up faults or flicker or strobe without having to fit load resistors.
  14. Hi e34m525i, would you be able to use your INPA to check if the aux heater is working on my car.