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  1. AdamBell

    Adblue system failure

    Picked my car up at 5pm today after having the adblue injector replaced, by 8pm and no more than 10 miles driven the fault has reappeared. Getting pretty sick of this now.
  2. AdamBell

    Adblue system failure

    Well the dealer called today to tell me the issue is with an AdBlue injector and they have placed one on order for delivery tomorrow, she said it a quick job to replace it so my car will be ready for collection tomorrow.
  3. AdamBell

    Adblue system failure

    My car has had the same adblue system failure message come up for the second time. Dropped the car back off at the local dealers after only picking it up the previous week, last time they replaced a gearbox wiring harness although I’m still not sure how that’s connected to the adblue system. Starting to get pretty annoyed with this now.
  4. AdamBell

    Adblue system failure

    Yes, I picked my car up from the dealership after having to wait a month for a repair, granted it went in 3 days before Xmas and it needed parts from Germany but it was still a long wait. assuming it is the same fault as mine, it is the gearbox wiring harness that needs to be replaced and is a 2 day job once they have the new harness.
  5. AdamBell

    G30 coding - North East?

    I would also be interested in this, I’m also in the north east
  6. AdamBell

    Time to Change the Company Car

    I suspect my next car (another 3 years or so) won’t be another 5 series. Not because of problems etc, on the contrary, I love the car. My problem is that my car is a company lease car and the company has implemented a co2/km limit on all new car and it decreases on an annual basis. so much so that when I next get to renew, my car will have to be under 90. I know there is the 530e but on our scheme it’s simply too expensive.
  7. AdamBell

    Retuning DAB

    Humm, this is starting to sound like a trip to the dealership is needed
  8. AdamBell

    Retuning DAB

    Has anyone else had issues with this?
  9. AdamBell

    Retuning DAB

    So did I, however a load of stations are currently displaying retune and have a retuning message being played. When I press the option button, retune is greyed out so I can’t select it.
  10. AdamBell

    Retuning DAB

    Hi guys, as the title, does anyone know how to retune the DAB radio?
  11. AdamBell

    Text message on display

    It works on mine, for text/iMessages on,y. Not WhatsApp. just into your phones Bluetooth settings for the connection to your car and ensure it allows notifications.
  12. AdamBell

    520D Battery Blue Indicator

    Where are you looking for this? Have you got a photo?
  13. AdamBell

    Time to Change the Company Car

    At the minute mine gets a decent (circa 1 hour) wash every couple of weeks. Looks fantastic once it’s clean but doesn’t last very long unfortunately.
  14. AdamBell

    HK Bass

    Yeah I can feel mine everywhere. most noticeable when parked up, ie the car not actually moving
  15. AdamBell

    Driving in France

    Gents, thank you all for the fantastic advice. All very gratefully received and appreciated.