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  1. adragonr

    E28 Front Seat Belt Buckles

    Very true.
  2. adragonr

    E28 Front Seat Belt Buckles

    Thank you very much for this. Very helpful.....and frustrating from BMW. Hmmm, I borrowed my originals for my E21. So I may try and get some E30 ones for the E21 and put the original units back in the E28. Assuming it will all fit.
  3. adragonr

    E28 Front Seat Belt Buckles

    Hi, Looking for a pair of front seat belt buckles for my E28, the bits that attach to the seats. Stock comfort seats. Cheers
  4. adragonr

    M535 Bodykit Fitment

    Thank you very much for the info. I agree I like the looks of a stock 520i, however, I need a rear bumper and there is a lot of ugliness from previous repairs prior to my ownership and I'm slightly ashamed to say, the body kit will do a good job of hiding. Plus I've always loved the body coloured look on the E28 M535. But not trying to build a replica. My car's far from stock.
  5. adragonr

    M535 Bodykit Fitment

    Hi All, I would like to fit an M535i body kit to my 520i. However, it is not clear to me how it fits exactly. Looked on realoem and still not 100% Likelihood is it will be an aftermarket fibreglass kit so I plan to build a skeleton inside to give it structure and allow some mounting points but don't quite get how the stock unit mounts to the chassis. Cheers
  6. adragonr

    E28 Bumper Sale

    Hi, Interested in No. 3 & a nearside rear corner, chromed, if it hasn't already been taken
  7. adragonr

    MS42 Remap & EWS Delete

    Hi, Looking for somewhere I can get a remap and EWS delete on an MS42 ECU from an M52TU. Cheers
  8. adragonr

    E28 Gearbox Support & E34 Dual diaphragm Servo

    Hi All, I'm just reaching out again for a stock gearbox support from a manual M30 engined car. But also a shifter support arm and dssr from the same model, need something between 250 & 300mm from centre of front bush mounting and centre of cup that holds the shift lever itself. These are 2 components I desperately need to move my project ahead so any help people can provide would be much appreciated. Cheers Asher
  9. Can I ask how much for the towbar?
  10. Hi All, I'm in the process of restoring my E28 and am looking for a few parts. Stock E28 Gearbox support/cross member for manual gearbox. The aluminium cast version allowing for 2 rubber mounts to gearbox E34 Dual Diaphragm brake servo inclusive of master cylinder If anyone has any lying around it'd much appreciated. Based in Milton Keynes. Cheers Asher
  11. adragonr

    Jacking Points Assistance

    Hi Mick, 4th worldwide that you know of is bitterly disappointing. The paint is in poor shape and will require a respray. As such I have been considering whether or not to change it. I had honed in on Bahama Beige This being my inspiration. However, I do like rarity. I also own a Opalgrün Metallic E21 which has some rarity factor also. I will check out the links, thank you very much. I appreciate I am out of my depth taking this on but I figure why not. In actual fact I am fairly confident with welding itself. The issue I have right now is how to repair the inner sill, given proximity to fuel lines, and the other structures inside the sill. I have found a potential source of a replacement outer sill, but I believe I may also need a section of inner arch. Both of which require significantly more disassembly than I had already anticipated and significantly more welding. Most of which was spot from the factory. Once I have a plan of action I will let all know. Cheers Asher
  12. adragonr

    Jacking Points Assistance

    Hi All, I've purchased myself a 1985 zobelbraun 520 with plans to turn it into my daily. With some not insignificant modifications. However, before I begin upgrading brakes, suspension and power I have some rust that requires attention. Specifically a jacking point and a frame rail. My major concern at this time is the jacking point. Predominantly as I have no experience welding, and figured I'd throw myself in at the deep end. So I've purchased a mig, and a bunch of kit, so now I'm the definition of all the gear, no idea currently. Practiced enough to get confident enough to carry out some welds. However upon cutting up the sill to begin looking at a possible course of action I'm a little stumped on where to start given the inner sill damage, proximity to fuel lines and the existing internal structure of the sill especially towards the rear arch. So looking for some assistance in potential routes. Thank you very much in advance.
  13. adragonr

    Welder wanted

    Unfortunately my new E28 project needs some welding. Hence I'm after a hobbyist gass welder. Something with a little poke for later if I want to do some more heavy duty stuff. Clarke 150 would be ideal. Based in Milton Keynes Alternatively if there's someone local who wants to lend a hand that'd be much appreciated. Cheers Asher
  14. What is the condition, mileage, history on the engine?