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  1. adragonr

    M54B30 Complete Engine

    Hi All, Found out today I have a blown headgasket and looking for a good M54B30 inclusive of loom, ECU and throttle pedal. Happy to collect. Closer the better obviously. Based in Milton Keynes
  2. adragonr

    Factory short shift gearlever £25

    Can I ask how tall from the ball to the gear knob please? I'm a bit of a short ass and it's a bit of a stretch currently so wondering if this is longer I get better access with similar or less throw.
  3. adragonr

    Radiator Fan switch not triggering

    Thanks for all the input. Still nothing obvious. In the short term I've wired in a physical switch as a preautionary measure which has allowed me to drive around in the heat of the 7th without overheating! If I manage to work it out I'll let you all know.
  4. adragonr

    Radiator Fan switch not triggering

    I do have the original fuse box. And actually had the same problem with the fuel pump fuse. I'll check it out thank you very much. Doesn't really explain why the fan runs every time I bridge the contacts when disconnected from the switch. But still work checking. Don't really fancy swapping in the E30 fuse box but may well in the future.
  5. adragonr

    Radiator Fan switch not triggering

    Done all of the above apart from bypassing both fuse and relay. Its not doing something odd? as car heats up/ idles leading to an intermittent connection? It's more of a rarity that it works rather than the other way round. Agreed, however I have 3 fan switches (all new) and none seem to be doing the job so I figure it must be something else. But it fundamentally works, when you connect the terminals attached to the switch together and the relay switches. Hence my confusion. Figure it must be something simple, just don't know what
  6. adragonr

    Radiator Fan switch not triggering

    Fan switch is in the rad whilst the temp sensor is in the thermostat housing on the cylinder head. However I have tested inside and outside the rad with boiling water. I've swapped in an M52TUB28 so have an OBD port available with all the live data.
  7. Hi All, Thought I'd seek the wisdom of the group since I'm thoroughly confused. I've recently completed an engine conversion and in the process fitted a larger rad and an aftermarket fan with the intention of using a fan switch to switch on and off via a defined temperature range. I've installed a fused relay in the circuit fed off the ignition and once or twice the fan has kicked in. When viewing the temperature on the OBD I know I'm in the range of the switch but don't know why its intermittent. Checked all the earths. Relay, fan switch and fuses are all new. When I bridge the contacts on the switch the fan kicks in. However, when I try and trigger the switch with heat, nothing. Any assistance would be much appreciated
  8. adragonr

    E28 525e radiator

    Did this get resolved? If not I have one available.
  9. adragonr

    E28 Front Seat Belt Buckles

    Now we'll see how it fairs in the MOT!
  10. adragonr

    E28 Front Seat Belt Buckles

    All sorted now thank you. Know which one I need. Probably just a passenger side front now
  11. adragonr

    E28 Front Seat Belt Buckles

    Very true.
  12. adragonr

    E28 Front Seat Belt Buckles

    Thank you very much for this. Very helpful.....and frustrating from BMW. Hmmm, I borrowed my originals for my E21. So I may try and get some E30 ones for the E21 and put the original units back in the E28. Assuming it will all fit.
  13. adragonr

    E28 Front Seat Belt Buckles

    Hi, Looking for a pair of front seat belt buckles for my E28, the bits that attach to the seats. Stock comfort seats. Cheers
  14. adragonr

    M535 Bodykit Fitment

    Thank you very much for the info. I agree I like the looks of a stock 520i, however, I need a rear bumper and there is a lot of ugliness from previous repairs prior to my ownership and I'm slightly ashamed to say, the body kit will do a good job of hiding. Plus I've always loved the body coloured look on the E28 M535. But not trying to build a replica. My car's far from stock.
  15. adragonr

    M535 Bodykit Fitment

    Hi All, I would like to fit an M535i body kit to my 520i. However, it is not clear to me how it fits exactly. Looked on realoem and still not 100% Likelihood is it will be an aftermarket fibreglass kit so I plan to build a skeleton inside to give it structure and allow some mounting points but don't quite get how the stock unit mounts to the chassis. Cheers