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  1. Allforus

    Carly BMW

    Hi the Carley app works quite well but the G 30 /31 hasn’t been realeased yet and is still in testing I have used a friends on my f15 and it works fine
  2. Allforus

    Adblu tank size

    5 series is just that the adblu container has a specific nozzle to fit the tank please be careful and rinse away any spills
  3. Allforus

    Adblu tank size

    Does anyone know how big the adblu tank is and have you topped it up yet and what sort of mileage did you top it up at cheers
  4. Allforus

    520D - Oil Service

    My original service pack for my x5 was £475 for 50k miles I was told when I asked for the service pack it is now £375 for 36k miles on the 5 series which might or might not be two services decided not to bother
  5. Allforus


    Not sure about the recalls but if they sort the fuel flap out would you let me know as mine is difficult to open and I can book it in cheers
  6. Hi chaps enter HAPPY2018 on checkout and get 20% off runs out today I think
  7. Allforus

    Any fly fishermen out there

    Could always try aldernoke near Dumfries about 1:15 hr for me
  8. Allforus

    Any fly fishermen out there

    Sure is how far off are you
  9. Allforus

    Any fly fishermen out there

    I have a ticket on a private fishery near Kendal if you fancy a wetting a line in the new year ice allowing give me a shout
  10. Allforus

    Any fly fishermen out there

    Very good Just need to use it you just get hung up on the boring stuff like work
  11. Allforus

    Any fly fishermen out there

    Sage will repair it for the cost of the carriage if it was an honest break so to speak
  12. Allforus

    Any fly fishermen out there

    I know what you mean must try harder
  13. Allforus

    Dog Guard for G31 Touring

    Hi I gave up on dog guards and use flexible coverd cages find the safer and you can throw the cover in the wash ebay similar to 222615971159
  14. Allforus

    Any fly fishermen out there

    I guess some times hobbies come and go I do a bit of comp fishing and it is a bit crappy at times I run a friendly blind pairs comp on Draycote in April an overnight stay Indian meal and just fish with your friend for two days been a great weekend few drinks should give it ago
  15. Allforus

    Any fly fishermen out there

    I don’t do the river fishing much anymore loved it but with the Stillwater reservoir fishing been so accessible and the quality of the fish depending on where you go been so good I enjoy just drifting away on minding your own business is a great way to chill out