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  1. ttelracs

    Oil sump pickup change/clean

    I did the oil sump pick up in my old Saab Aero as it was a known weak spot with semi synth oil breaking up and starving the whole engine oil, leading to failure. A big job for the Saab, I wouldn't attempt it on my 530i without the engine hoist as @Clavurion mentioned.
  2. I too have used Pit Start when I failed to change my rear diff and then did it outside my garage as I didn't have the time to swap the prop flange over. Good idea joining forces too but I'd struggle on finding the time and I need to find out why mine didn't start earlier when I wanted to pop out...
  3. ttelracs

    Bought another e39- again

    Plus one on the EVO as I too read the thread on PH at the beginning of the week. Lovely Touring that, I wish my paintwork looked that good and amazing what can be picked up if you're mechanically half competent. (No disrespect of course).
  4. ttelracs

    £300 for spar plugs change E39 540i M62??

    plus one @NWJW just said. I've done this job myself about 6 times now when I was trying to sort out my CCV/ oil catch can and although it's the 6 cylinder M54 model, the process is very similar. It's not a difficult or technically challenging job, although you do need to be methodical and not drop and lose the bolts but even a magnetic wand helps massively. Find somewhere else.
  5. ttelracs

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I've done all the above myself as I love tinkering and spannering plus I have a garage and the tools. With the 'clunk' I suspect either Guibo and/or gearbox mounts as both take a battering on higher mileage cars especially when pulling away aggressively. Made a big difference to mine when I swapped them out. I think on the M43 engines you can use the M3 E46 gearbox bushes which are stronger but do not transmit the NVH increase that the poly bushes do. I know this from previous experience on my E46 330i Touring.
  6. ttelracs


    I had this too and initially took out and checked the purge valve which clicked so I assumed all ok and refitted but still the light came on occaisionally. I removed it again, cleaned it with carb cleaner, let it dry and then refitted which fixed it for a couple of days. I then replaced the cap with a one on ebay which worked for about three or four months and now it's back but not consistently. Very frustrating and trying to find a way of 'rejuvenating the rubber seal' on the top of the filler neck where the cap screws onto to ensure a tight fit.
  7. ttelracs

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Unsure which is more impressive the odometer reading or the working pixels...
  8. ttelracs

    Random overheating......

    +1. If all OK then look to replace thermostat which could be sticking. Also if it's on the original water pump, then it could be breaking up if it's plastic OE one and should be replaced with one which has the metal impeller. Arguably the hardest part of this job is the fan removal.
  9. ttelracs

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Glad it's all sorted now, well done.
  10. ttelracs

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Managed to pick up New Eibach Pro Kit 2nd hand as well as a paid of Koni Yellows for the front which I fitted earlier replacing my coilovers which are fine with nothing wrong with them but were just a bit harsh for my liking. Also fitted a 2nd hand K&N panel filter which when cleaned has come up like new and I've just ordered some filter oil which I will use sparingly to allow my MAF to function but all have improved the drive of beast. Just have to decide on swapping out the rear Sport springs for the Eibachs or wait until I source some Sachs OEMs to replace the B8's
  11. ttelracs

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Sounds like fuel pump to me. I've had similar issues and replaced mine twice. The first one with an uprated one which worked well but failed after about 380 days, therefore just outside the warranty period and therefore replaced again with a better quality uprated one. Relatively straight forward to swap out and my issues were, weak starting, poor economy and the odd hiccup and lumpy idling. I did get a flat battery too, but unsure if connected and possibly coincidental as sorted once I took my battery back to my local motor factors and had them 'refresh' it since it was about a year old and it's a Bosch one too. Happy to let you know which pump I fitted as I just replaced the pump itself and not the whole unit.
  12. ttelracs

    e39 I6 Front Sport Spring

    As per title, I want just the one front sport spring for an E39 530i Sport. Thanks
  13. ttelracs

    Diff input/output flange compatibility

    Hi, I think you should be OK as the diff flanges are easy to pop out using a screwdriver and soft head mallet to help lever then 'knock' them out. They slide back in fairly easily and again use the mallet to tap into place. I swapped the ones out from the diff out of my 530i manual to one from another E39, unsure which model. I also had to swap out the pinion shaft but you need to be careful with the torque settings. The key is to mark up the nut positions before removing either nuts which allows you to get very close to the torque settings when putting back. I still have my original 530i diff if you need a 'spare', just PM me and I hope the above helps.
  14. ttelracs

    Front shock absorber

    Yep, I have a new one available. PM me if you're still after one.
  15. ttelracs

    E39 530 Touring - new wheels

    I feel quite envious, looks stunning.