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  1. ttelracs

    530i misfire - no codes!

    Agree with you regarding spark plugs not torqued up as that clearly isn't going to help. Thanks about the weeping, as this rate I'll be weeping next...
  2. ttelracs

    530i misfire - no codes!

    I had this issue and used electrical cleaner on both ends of the coil packs as I pulled the rubber boot away from the coil pack itself. I noticed that too that the end that connects to the spark plug can sometimes retract and so I think doesn't make a proper contact. I first of all manually pulled the coiled spring part so that it was closer to the end of the boot in length with the thinking that it would make a better contact. Over the next few months though the miss/hesitation returned and so I ended up replacing all six boots for new ones. Mine had over 170k miles on the clock and it did cure the issue. I've had to replace the rocker cover gasket three times this year though as it was still weeping on the exhaust side and I hope the 90 mins I spent this weekend replacing it again with some oil and heat resistant sealant has worked this time. Good luck.
  3. ttelracs

    E39 Rear Diff Manual 3:38 or 3:15

    As per the title I'm looking for a read diff with a ratio of 3:38 or 3:15 to fit my Manual e39 530i 2001. I bought one but it didn't fit and still have it so even happy to swap? Happy to collect within about 30-40 miles of Harrow or further if near an A road or Motorway. Thanks
  4. ttelracs

    Fitting new lenses on headlights

    I refurbed one of mine which needed polishing and the adjuster replaced. An utter pain in the ar5e resulting in lots of swearing, oven smelling of warm plastic and a cut finger. I need to do the other and so bought a pair of Hella ones only to realise they were facelift with the halos and so have different connectors. Couldn't be bothered to swap them over so need to go. I will be taking the other apart to fix and have to buy another adjuster since I lost the spare one I had. PM me if you need to replace yours.
  5. ttelracs

    Another ... crank no start issue

    I would look at the fuel pump. I've replaced two now on my 530i. The first replacement lasted about 12months and a half months and when I complained I was told it was a 12 month warranty from purchase. Annoying as I waited about 4 weeks before fitting it. Both times were due to hesitancy, poor running and difficult starting. I also had hiccuping when driving occaisionally so my bet would be the fuel pump on the way out. Also change the filter if not done recently.
  6. ttelracs

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I used a cheap 'plastic' from Wilko which states that it's waterproof and comes in a blue tube. I use a generous amount and make sure both sides line up exactly before sqeeaing together. I then place the key between folder cardboard and place it under something heavy like the dining room table overnight which works and it states that it takes up to 24 hours to become fully permanent. I used to use the insulation tape method for ages before this light bulb moment. This is it although when I bought it a couple of years ago it had waterproof on it. https://www.wilko.com/wilko-strong-hard-plastic-glue-20ml/p/0209359 Good luck
  7. I'd be interested in hearing about this as I think my head gasket could be on it's way out although I'm not 100% sure. Using the later coil packs shouldn't be an issue as you will simply need the later wiring harness which is plug and play. I would've thought you'd need the ECU and then there could be the EWS changeover too possibly but maybe INPA would be able to help.
  8. ttelracs

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    The remote function stopped working on my key and the spare one never worked since I had it so I opened it up desoldered the battery from the board and soldered in a new one to both units. Coded it back to the car and voila a working key fob again. A couple of hours last night well spent, but probably could've done both in less than half the time if I focussed on it and not watching the game.
  9. ttelracs

    m54b30 fuel consumption

    I'd check the water pump and all the cooling ancilliaries as if it's not getting up to temp then it will run rich throwing off the emissions and giving you poor mpg. I have a 530i manual and short journeys kill the mpg but on a long run of over 10 miles getting up to between 50 and 80'ish I'll easily see 30 plus mpg. Also check the the two cam sensors on each bank at the front of the engine, overhauk the VANOS fitting new seals, check your DISA Valve and finally give your plugs a clean or replace as if it's been running rich they'll be fouled. I hope that helps.
  10. ttelracs

    Manual gearbox support bracket location help.

    Hi Ashley I think so as I remember when I changed the mounting bushes I had to drop the bracket to make it easier to change them and mine is 530i manual. I think this is the bracket you're talking about from real.oem. https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DT52-EUR-02-2001-E39-BMW-530i&diagId=22_0006 Good Luck
  11. I'd be tempted too but I rebuilt mine using the Bigg Red kit on the 530i and used Goodridge braided lines which made a big difference. I'd be worried about the cost of the discs and altering the brake bias by having too much at the front.
  12. ttelracs

    E60 530i SE '54 plate

    OK, thanks to all of the replies. Looks like I'll be making an offer then, I'll keep you all posted on how it goes. Thanks
  13. ttelracs

    E60 530i SE '54 plate

    What's this potentially worth with 54k miles on the clock with the expected scuffs and scratches to the bodywork. Standard spec nothing extra added, worth more than £ 3k if I was to buy it? Just throwing this out there as I have the opportunity to get one at this price, a bargain or not with Service History. And I know it's a slightly open question but You lot will have a better idea than most. Thanks in advance
  14. ttelracs

    530i Sport Injector Seals Replaced

    Ok, so I promised an update as I took the car out this morning only for a short run but I noticed an instant difference in the way the engine runs. It is a lot smoother and quieter and at one point I thought it had stalled at the traffic lights, but it hadn't. It also pulls and accelerates a lot better too and I think it may be close to performing the way it did when it left the factory. If I could I'd definitely fit new injectors but no real need and this is such a cost-effective improvement.
  15. ttelracs

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Sorry ger, Yes 530i Sport Petrol. This method should work for all six cylinder M54 and M52 engines alike.