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  1. Goran

    Leakage AGR cooler

    Hello Matthew! The bmw workshop says that it is only the cooler that is dammage. But like I said before it do not seems that you can buy only the cooler separate. I spoke to BMW in Stockholm yesterday and they just reffered to the local BMW dealer. BMW have an option on some BMW F10/F11 series (around 2012-2014) there they change for free the EGR valve. But to me they say now that it is only the AGR cooler that is dammage and that it will cost around £1000 to fix it. My car is not in that batch so they will not automatic change it, but now it is broken!!! The guarantee is to 8000km or 5 years for the EGR valve. http://www.realoem.com/bmw/sv/showparts?id=5L31-EUR-10_2013_F11N_BMW_520d&diagId=11_5660#11718513691 Above is a site from BMW. Bellow is from Ebay and it seems to include a AGR valve. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Genuine-BMW-F10N-F11N-F20N-F21N-F22-EGR-Exhaust-Gas-Cooler-OEM-11718513691-/191995498068
  2. Goran

    Leakage AGR cooler

    Goodmorning! Nice to have some comunication! Yes I have the "N47-D20C" motor on my F11, it is manufactored october 2013. The BMW firm says that it is not the EGR/AGR that is leaking, it is the cooler to it. For me it is the same (it sitts together) but not according to them. The guarantee is to 8000km and meine has only done 7600km but like I said they will not take it on the warranty??
  3. Goran

    Leakage AGR cooler

    Thank´s for the help/answer! So the EGR/AGR valve is not the same as the AGR cooler? Is the cooler a single part that not are built together withe the valve, and you can only change the cooler?
  4. Hello! Are someone good at the AGR problems? I have got the answer from my BMW dealer that they want to change the AGR cooler for about 1000$ When i accelrate the car seems to think what to do and are not responding directly on the gas pedal. This when I drive about 70km/h in the 3 gear and then stamp the gas, They says that the AGR cooler is broken so i get glycol in the engin, thats why I have to feel it up sometimes. The car has only been running for 7500km and is a BMW 520d from 2014 with the N47 engine. Can I by my self make some kind of operation to fix this?