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  1. Hantsxlg

    Adaptive cruise

    I havent noticed it on mine and i'm in 'auto' drive mode at least 50% if the time...
  2. Hantsxlg

    RTTI - Anyone noticed it not working today ?

    Farzad... My rtti has been up and down a bit this week. M3 corridor but other connected drive bits still worked so not a car's mobile network connection issue...
  3. Hantsxlg

    530e - fully charged range monitor thread

    Over 5400 miles i've averaged 110mpg (i use an app to record each fill). Best range on 1 tank was 1255 miles and 36.5 l to fill up. Worst tank was 603 miles with 40l to fill. My commute is 23.5 miles and generally 80-99% on electric with charging both ends. Turning the a/c climate off gets the car to predict 24 mile ev range vs 20 with it on. BUT it actually makes about 2-500yds difference on my commute on where max-ev runs out!
  4. Hantsxlg

    530e - fully charged range monitor thread

    Well i managed my commute home last friday on 100% electric. 23.6 miles and a mix of mway and aroad. 99% electric and 980mpg on the way in today as I kicked in the ice for 200 yds for 1 overtake move!
  5. Hantsxlg

    Navigation Update Question (UK)

    Mmm. Something is up then with my connected drive account. More bmw software glitches!
  6. Hantsxlg

    Navigation Update Question (UK)

    Hi Did you guys have to pay to activate usb map updates? The connected drive portal wants me to pay £69 to activate the option. Car is dec '17 530e...
  7. Hantsxlg

    530e - Just orderd

    Great choice of colour! Im sure you will love it. I got 93% on Electric for my 23.6 mile commute home yesterday.. With 536mpg! The 100% commute will happen soon i think!
  8. Hantsxlg

    Portal and app won't connect to car

    I found a option under manage apps in the car to run diagnostics. It reported connectivity was ok but couldnt connect to bmw services. It let me send a status report to. So sounds like another bmw central server issue....
  9. Hantsxlg

    Portal and app won't connect to car

    Still not working. The car appears to have lost all connectivity as no rtti, online entertainment or apps. Guess i need to follow up with BMW
  10. Hi all Anyone else having issues with the bmw connected app and portal connecting to the car? Mine is stuck with 'vehicle in motion' message since this morning even when the car is tucked up on the drive sipping in the electrons....
  11. Hantsxlg

    Pick 5 options only!!

    1) driving assistance plus 2) icon adaptive headlights 3) comfort pack (for memory seats) 4) hk 5) comfort seats( or at least sport) 6) vdc 7) heated steer wheel wood trim 9) powered boot lid 10) hud I have 1-8 and wouldn't change any of them...
  12. Hantsxlg

    Connected Drive App losing VIN info

    My app on android has been playing up last 2 days. It keeps on needing me to log in with email address and this eveinng both the app and desktop website havent recorded my commute home as the last drive. Though everything else is ok (battery and charge status and location)
  13. Hantsxlg

    Harman Kardon - EQ tips?

    It took about 4 weeks with 2 hours a day use for the hk in mine to start sounding good. I ws very disappointed to begin with but now very happy with the system.
  14. Hantsxlg

    Cognac leather

    I'm so happy with my med blue with cognac. Imho it works really well and the interior feels so 'warm'.
  15. Hantsxlg

    Variable Dampers

    In normal commuting type traffic on pretty decent roads i cant honestly tell much of a difference between sport and comfort (530e with vdc). Ride and handling is always good! Car has almost 1k miles on it now so will have to have a proper blast on country roads to really test the suspension modes...