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  1. Curby

    e39 sport

    Hey, I'm guessing it probably has to be a diesel, but just in case not i have a 2003 manual 535i sport for sale, please pm if interested.
  2. So i'm bumping this back into play, unfortunately I've been away and was unable to get rid of theses items before I left. I'm back now and still keen to get rid of them, if anyone is interested the price is now £50 (offers considered, but must be collected)
  3. Hi All, Used Interior for E39 BMW for sale Black Leather Manual Sport Front Seats Split folding Rear seats (split backs, base and also the side trim bits) Front and Rear Door Cards (with switches & handles) Sold as seen (all car parts pictured below) Based in Camberley (GU15 area) Collection only (might need a van, or a big car to get it all in) £100 ono Reduced to £75 £50 (offers considered) I'm keen to get rid of asap, so earliest collection date will take priority Please let me know if you have any questions.
  4. Hey, Sorry for the late reply, yes these are still available, I'm based in Camberley Surrey GU15. Are you still interested, feel free to message me if so Thanks
  5. Hey, So I've just finished a little project of mine and thought what better place to show my work than on this forum. I had a spare vavona wood interior trim and wanted to see if it could be wrapped to be something a little nicer to look at. So I found some black marble vinyl and gave it a go. It was a lot trickier than I expected but after a few fails I managed to get it done. What do you guys think?
  6. Hahaha, This seems like a great business idea, take a cult car, cut the doors off, sell it as a beach car for a massive mark up. Clearly there is a demand, someone just needs to create the supply
  7. Curby

    E39 Black Marble effect interior

    I was going to be fitting them to the manual 535i to increase its appeal as I look to sell it, but after having seen them done I'm considering putting them on ebay on their own in the hope they might make a bit of cash, still considering both options at the moment. This forum know much more then me, what do you guys think, will they add more value to the sale of the car if I fit them, or would they make more on their own?
  8. Prices reduced to £75, i think this i a bargain for everything included, if you were to part it out individually you could make some cash.
  9. Curby

    BMW E39 530i facelift breaking.

    Hey, Couple of questions: Are the front seats heated? Does the Nav Screen have any marks or dead pixels (also is it a tape or CD)? Thanks Curby
  10. Curby

    BMW E39 alloy wheels or others as per post

    Hey, I have a black set of 18" BMW Genuine Style 42's currently on one of the cars i bought recently, I didn't want black wheels so bought some Style 37's to replace them with recently, although i was hoping to refurbish the new ones before changing them over. I have no idea what 18" Black Style 42's are worth as i've never seen them anywhere on the forums, gumtree or ebay (i'm assuming their pretty rare). 2 are in good nik and 2 have light curb-rash (which i was also hoping to refurbish before selling) If your interested feel free to make me an offer? N.B - i'm in Surrey so i'm assuming delivery will be needed Thanks Nick
  11. Curby

    BMW 535i V8 - my new steer

    Haha, yup, i'm happy with the result but will be a bit less cavalier (not a Vauxhall reference ) with eBay in the future Thanks for the update, i blame e39source for the error as i found this article Link that suggests that the M Sport package started around 1999, that being said it doesn't say if this was a global change or only for a few select countries. Personally i've found BMW5.co.uk more useful that e39source.com so i'll stick with your suggestion. Having driven both I definitely think that the e39 was made to be Auto (M5 being the exception), the auto glides down the road in absolute comfort and without a care in the world. That being said the clutch & flywheel need to be replaced on the Manual so this could be affecting my judgement. Personally i had my auto 3 series for 13 years and as good as it was i desperately missed having a Manual for all that time, so my preference at the moment is all Manual, it's nice to have that feel and control over the gearbox again How are you finding yours are you working your way through the niggles and enjoying the car? Will definitely be posting some pics of both of them, currently both are dirty and one has a mixed cloudy/clear headlight combo as i've only got round to polishing the single lenses. Once their both cleaned up i'll post some pretty pics
  12. Curby

    BMW 535i V8 - my new steer

    So I've just recently joined the E39 club having been forcefully removed from the E46 club at the end of November (my 323ci got rear ended and was a financial write off) I always loved the look of the E39's and I managed to get myself a black 2003 535i M Sport Auto which seems well put together and feels great to drive which i was very happy with. But less than 2 weeks after buying it i saw a black 2002 535i M Sport Manual (rare) with sunroof (rare) on eBay seemingly going cheap, thinking that this would eventually get sold for a silly price i put a low bid in. i'm not sure how but i ended up winning it. So i'm now in the position of owning 2 Black E39 535i's, which is kind of bonkers. I always wanted 2 cars but always imagined having a wider choice when choosing which car to drive
  13. Here is a better representation of what i'm talking about, the brackets (number 3 and 4 in pic ) with the 4 bolts (number 5 in pic). Hope that makes better sense.
  14. Just found this pic on the internet, I think this is what I’m looking for
  15. Hey, do do you have the bracket(s) that connects the engine to the engine cover? I’m looking for an E39 535i M62 engine thanks Nick
  16. Curby

    New 245/45 18 Black alloys wanted

    I’ve just bought an e39 BMW with 18” bbs alloys, I don’t think their standard but they look ok. I’m not a fan of black so looking for a part exchange, let me know if you’re interested and I’ll get some pics put up. n.b - I have no idea if the fitment for e39 will work for your car,
  17. Hi there, Sorry to be cheeky, but would you accept £80 delivered (to Surrey) for this? Thanks Nick