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  1. bmboy

    Project 520i

    Highly doubtful unless I get pointers to the RHD parts. Massive thanks for the pointer mate!
  2. bmboy

    Project 520i

    My gut feeling was right then...buy a whole new unit and let the body-shop do their thing with it. The wipers being on the wrong side, I'm sure they will figure out a solution also.
  3. bmboy

    Project 520i

  4. bmboy

    Project 520i

    I've managed to find the exact part number of the windscreen cowl/apron for my car which has a different number to that of the E28 in the post above. Given the windscreens are the same between series, I was a little surprised by this tbh...it's not a supercession number unfortunately. So anyway, having had a good look around at various sites, I can definitely get a new Genuine "old stock" one delivered to Australia, but they're not cheap! Seeing as I have to do both sides, this may end up being a more cost-effective route than fabrication for both sides, etc. Once again, your thoughts are welcomed!
  5. bmboy

    Project 520i

    One important job which I know I will need to address early on with this project is the dreaded rust underneath the bottom corners on the windshield and cowl (both sides). I'm aware that this is a common issue with E12's, and despite my best efforts searching for pre-formed repair plates, I've had no luck! Some of the methods I've seen for this involve patching in good sections cut from donor vehicles, however this isn't an option for me due to the scarcity of these cars here. What has everyone else been doing? I'd be very interested to see some examples of fixes! I've been wondering whether the E28 would be a suitable match...part 1 on the schematic. Any thoughts?
  6. bmboy

    Project 520i

    Thanks Tim, they're a great engine and was chuffed to find it complete and original. During my brief pre-purchase inspection I could see some new'ish hoses, clamps, oil filter, and general signs of maintenance which gives me hope that it mightn't take much to get it up and running. I'm keeping my expectations at a realistic level for now and assuming the worst for every scenario though! A few years after selling my first E12, for reasons unknown I decided to buy a workshop manual for one which I found in an obscure bookshop for $2. I've kept it safe after all this time, so something inside me must have known I'd eventually get another one. I remembered that I've also got the original genuine keyring, owner manuals/books from my old one too...jackpot!
  7. bmboy

    Project 520i

    Hey everyone! 17yrs ago I bought my first BMW, an E12 520 which I loved and have always regretted selling. To my amazement I saw an E12 520i for sale recently (E12's are nearly impossible to find here in Australia), had a look at it and decided to buy it. This is one sorry basket-case of a car, neglected, some rust, not running, etc, but it's complete and unmolested. Yep, a completely stupid idea, devoid of commonsense and have let my heart rule my head, but I'm really excited!!! As you can see from the pictures (best I have atm), this is going to a long-term project...and it's a good thing I still have an awesome old workshop manual for the E12's. The car will be delivered later this week, and the first job will be to clean/detail it thoroughly and start writing a gigantic to-do list. Wish me luck, hahahahaha!!!