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  1. D22DJ

    Grooved caliper slide pin

    On my 535d, original pins are same length, i bought new one check by VIN number and , i found the are different size.
  2. D22DJ

    Grooved caliper slide pin

    Sorry for bad English, but I again not understand why pins are with different length?
  3. D22DJ

    Grooved caliper slide pin

    Understood that, but why slide pins is with different long size?
  4. D22DJ

    Grooved caliper slide pin

    Why both pins are with different size? I change pads and make mistake - short pin down , long up, its a problem?
  5. D22DJ

    Mashed Potatoes Is A ECU Map Guru

    You will not be wrong. A colleague is a professional who does not refuse support, even as it can be seen, for files not made by him. Respect