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  1. Cobanstine

    So I been caught speeding :(

    West Yorkshire seems to be at 86 mph limit for the course https://www.westyorkshire.police.uk/sites/default/files/files/policies/traffic_offences.pdf
  2. Cobanstine

    TV guide....

    Ah i remember the good old days when i was younger, use to get the xmas special edition of TV times and highlight all the movies i'd want to watch over xmas. Use to look forwarded to a movie ..Now days we spoiled for choice with on demand, netflix etc.
  3. Cobanstine

    So I been caught speeding :(

    Ha, I think i might just trade my 535d for a Nissan leaf and be a good little boy from now on lol
  4. Cobanstine

    So I been caught speeding :(

    Yep it was pretty dead at that time and i just eager to get home. Looks like i will have to take it on the chin, learn and move on. It seems like an cash exploitation tactic to covertly activate the cameras. But for everyone else I can confirm even with the lights off now they likely to be active or will be active in the future. The simple truth is a lot of people break the speed limit. I remember speaking to someone who did data analysis for the highway agency and the average speed limit by motorists was above the national speed limit on the motorway. To me it seems quite tactical to enable them with out warning as it exploits drivers nature and habits. Normally we're use to seeing warning signs and big yellow cameras..
  5. Cobanstine

    e60 android 4.4.4 8.8 ccc upgrade

    Yep, I agree touch screen seems counter intuitive..From what I seen on the videos it is compatible with the centre wheel and steering wheel. I've got factory aux so i might give it ago when the weather is more forgiving.
  6. Hey All I was allegedly doing 90 mph (i still think i was about 85) on m1 north bound between j39 -j40 at 2am. No excuse really was just stupid of me. Lesson learnt There was no enforced speed limits or lights on and the gantry camera flashed at me. Didn't expect it to happen because it wasn't enforced but it is! Got the NIP through. Looks like i'll have to take the hit. Couple of questions can't understand why it's enforced with no notifications of speed limit enforcement (i respect that the motorway limit is 70mph) Also the NIP states "For variable speed limit offences only. the speed limit at the time was 70 mph" but the limit wasn't enforced Do you think i should appeal for the course (first offense)? Or will i just straight get slapped with a penalaty Thanks
  7. Hey All Has anyone had any experience with these devices? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AUTORADIO-8-8-DVD-GPS-ANDROID-4-4-Player-BMW-5-Series-E60-E61-E62-E63-EW963A/282741232967?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144 They all seem the same 8.8 screen, a version of android 4.4.4 PX3
  8. Cobanstine

    Hello All

    Sure doo . Here's a couple on my work machine. I'm just downloading tapatalk. My phones full of them. Got a few mods (not to everyones taste) still stock on bhp . Future mods are custom interior trim and audio system refresh
  9. Cobanstine

    Hello All

    Hey Guys Been reading along time thought i'd sign up! and find ways to contribute and join the discussions My names Sat - I work in IT and designing vehicle technologies for a very large car hire corp. I own a BMW 535d LCI e60. I'm from Yorkshire and just enjoy the usual stuff