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  1. Cheddarbell

    MPM Failure

    Hi guys, i seem to have opened my boot boot the other night with my keys in my pocket. We had a fair bit of rain and water has made its way down to the spare wheel well, which unsurprisingly in turn has meant my MPM looks as though it’s died in a watery grave! The PDC is ok luckily but I’ve disconnected everything to be sure and to let everything dry. I’ve added a few pictures with a quick question below: This is the connection from the wires leading to the MPM, the wire itself is rather wet too...is this something that will need replacing along with the MPM or should it be fine once dried out? this is obviously the buggered MPM Thanks in advance for your help! Ollie
  2. Cheddarbell

    Rear Restraint and PDC failure

    Quick update, figured I’d give replacing the sensor a go first seeing as this was the cheapest option. Lucky for me it seems to have fixed the PDC error! Only issue is that the read out from the sensor on my screen is significantly less sensitive than the original sensors, I assume this is wha I’d get for buying a 8 quid sensor off eBay? Either way it seems a small price to pay. Next is to replace the rear right restraint system...I’m assuming that is simply replacing the bit where the belt is plugged into? Attached to the seat base? Cheers for the help Ollie
  3. Cheddarbell

    Rear Restraint and PDC failure

    Cheers, had a look and everything seems ok. I had read elsewhere that if I had a listen to all the sensors the one that I couldn't hear a ticking sound from would be the one that needs replacing and would be causing the whole system to fail? I had a listen and found one of the rear sensors isn't making a sound and all the rest are. Should I just go ahead and replace that sensor? If so, is it an easy enough task? Is there anything I should know when buying one? And is there any chance of getting it in the colour or would I need to do that myself too!? thanks again mate
  4. Cheddarbell

    Rear Restraint and PDC failure

    Hi, ive got a bit of a unique question as my issues have come about through my own stupidity. I have an e60 530d (2004). A warning appeared one day telling me there was an issue with my rear right restraint, shortly after my PDC started failing intermittently and then all together (flashing light on PDC button). I decided to take up the rear seat to see if there was any obvious issue...there was. I had a large container of liquid in the boot that had leaked through to the back seat and into the spare wheel well. I think I know the answer but wanted to confirm before I go out and try and replace parts and what not. Is it likely the two issues have come from this one leak (I read somewhere that the PDC unit is in the spare wheel well) and what is the best action I should take to sort these issues out? cheers in advance