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  1. Sold - just in time for picking new car up tomorrow!
  2. Dropped price for a quick sale prior to trade-in next weekend.
  3. JimmE

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Agreed to replace it with an F11 next weekend. Both happy and sad about this!
  4. Bought it! Collect next weekend. F11 528i SE, 8 speed auto, in silver, with lots of extras!
  5. Many thanks! I've now updated the post with new photos taken today, and having confirmed purchase of the F11, this is available until next weekend. Would be nice if it could go to someone who will enjoy it as much as I have!
  6. So, I've bought an F11 528i which ticks all my boxes, but the trade in value I've been offered on my E61 isn't so good. So, I'd far rather sell it here for a fair price - below average value but higher than my trade-in offer - meaning both I and the buyer end up with a good deal. Would be a shame to see this end up at an auction as cheap stock. I think it's "one of the good ones" so too nice for that! BMW 525i SE Touring (E61) 3.0i 6-cylinder engine - 218bhp 6-speed automatic gearbox Averages 29-31mpg 126,500 miles Cruise control, parking sensors, climate control, i-Drive, bluetooth, electric windows/mirrors/seats, auto dimming mirror, auto wipers, auto headlights, etc. 2 keys MOT until November 2020 Removable towbar Smoke and pet free! £3250 for a quick sale before trading in - see below. I bought this in late 2017 and since then, aside from some warranty work carried out by the local BMW dealer, all maintenance and work required has been carried out by my local independent specialist. New MOT a couple of weeks ago. Impeccably smooth drive from both the 6-cylinder petrol engine and the 6-speed automatic gearbox. I've been vaguely thinking of changing the car for a couple of months, but haven't found anything else remotely as nice to drive, until today Condition inside and out is good. Only real mark you'll find is a scrape on the nearside front bumper corner - was a genuine surprise to find that when washing the car recently so no idea where that happened. Other than that, the usual stone chips on the front end (none are through to the metal) and one or two small marks here and there - but I'm nitpicking now. There are some minor marks to the interior door trim on the drivers side, which I suspect are from the previous owner wearing rings or holding keys whilst pushing the door open. My intention when purchasing it was to replace that piece of trim but to be honest, you only see it when you get out - and so I've just never got around to it. The alloy wheels on the car have been fully refurbed and are fitted with all-season tyres, with plenty of tread (5-6mm?) left all around. I am also including another set of identical alloy wheels with the original summer tyres on - these are in "good" but not "excellent" condition - they were previously been painted by the dealer I bought the car from, but without the proper prep being done, so some paint has since flaked off revealing the original paint underneath. Presentable, but not as good as the ones currently fitted to the car. The summer tyres fitted to the spare set have a little bit of life left in them, I've not checked recently but I'm guessing around 3mm, maybe a little less. Whilst I'll include both sets if the car sells on here, if I end up trading it in () it can go with the old, worn set on and I'll sell the nicer wheels with 4-season tyres on here instead. If you do your research and lookup the MOT history you'll see an advisory a couple of weeks ago for a nail in one tyre. Tyre has not lost any pressure since this was pointed out, but I'll get it removed, inspected and repaired anyway, before the car is sold. Removable Bosal swan-neck towbar, fitted in 2017, with 13-pin electrics (dedicated wiring kit, rather than bypass relay). Has only been used a handful of times, so no significant additional load on the car. It's also fitted with an (invisible) Parrot mki9000 bluetooth handsfree kit which I use for handsfree phone calls and music, as the car does not have built-in bluetooth. I don't like the visible aftermarket kits, so chose the screen-free Parrot version, with a remote control which I keep in the ashtray in front of the gearstick, but can also be mounted on the dashboard if desired. It's fully wired to the original BMW stereo/speakers with a dedicated conversion harness - including hooking up to the steering wheel buttons which is not a standard part of the kit. It can also be removed in around 30-45 minutes should you wish, with no damage to the original wiring. It has a full set of service stamps in the book up until I purchased it. Shortly after I purchased it there was a fuel system issue which was repaired by BMW themselves under warranty, and I believe involved a full set of injectors, spark plugs, pressure sensors and a fuel pump being replaced. Since then no further issues - it starts and runs flawlessly throughout summer and winter. All other servicing and maintenance has been completed by my local independent BMW specialist, (almost all local ex-BMW dealer staff), and I have all the relevant paperwork. Specifically, the work I've had done includes: Front ARB droplinks, trackrods & ends replaced Full AC service / recharge / leak test (OK, this was done by the local AC specialist, rather than the BMW specialist... seemed to make more sense) Gearbox sump replaced New battery & starter motor Oil & filters Brake fluid changed I purchased it at around 98,000 miles, and it's just ticked over 126,500 miles. It drives like a car of much lower mileage - and I've never said that about any of my previous high mileage cars! No electrical faults with the tailgate etc - the glass release button did fail at one point but that was the button not the wiring - I replaced myself with a genuine part, as posted on here I believe, and have had no issues since. I've now confirmed the purchase of the F11 and put down my deposit. I collect the car next weekend - 23rd/24th November, so this will be for sale until then - if not sold then I'll be trading it in at that time. If you're willing to commit with a deposit but can't collect before next weekend then get in touch and we'll see if we can work something out. It is also on eBay at a higher price but would rather sell through here if possible!
  7. JimmE

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    MOT yesterday at the local independent specialist - initially failed on front ARB link dust covers, but swapped and re-MOTd all whilst I waited, and at a reasonable price too - can't complain at that, would likely have taken me at least a day (including research!) to do myself. Here's hoping for a trouble-free year! I've been tempted to change the car a couple of times in recent months, mileage is creeping up and I do sometimes fancy something a little more modern, but everything else I've test-driven (at up to 3 times the price I paid for my E61) has been "just not so nice" - so clear reason to stick with it for now!
  8. JimmE

    Tilting mirror with R ??

    Heh, I've only ever had the one go - certainly something I need to spend a little more time with at some point. I found a guide to using NCS Expert (may have been one which came with the cable, combined with reading articles on here) and then a list of options in a shared google sheet - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JAi2aJAjQpUU-tGgMcbw7OtlX6Ja822-p5rHAm4qWcA/edit#gid=0 - and went from there. Was around 18 months ago I think, so memory becoming a little vague now I'm afraid! Still, need to have another look at some point as I'm sure there is more that can be done.
  9. JimmE

    Tilting mirror with R ??

    Yes - folding based on the button on the door console, and also (now, having coded it in!) by pressing & holding the lock button on the keyfob.
  10. JimmE

    Tilting mirror with R ??

    Hmm. I have an LCI E61 with no memory seats, etc, but was able to code in the nearside mirror dip (first and only time I've tried using NCS Expert) which now works whenever the mirror selection switch is in the offside position.
  11. JimmE

    DIY aircon recharge

    Same here. I used to go into Kwik-Fit and similar type places for a recharge, seemed simple enough, but they basically just hook up to an automated machine which does the testing (usually filling with Nitrogen or something for the pressure test, before refilling with refrigerant if all is good) but as soon as there is an issue, they are stumped. I've now used two mobile guys (different areas) and they have each only cost about ~£10 more than the drive-in type places, but actually take the time to do things properly, and can usually solve any issues found there and then.
  12. JimmE

    SOLD: 2006 E53 X5 3.0d Sport - new service & MOT

    Still available - price dropped to £4500!
  13. Pretty trivial request, but do you have the small removable flap/cover that goes over the oil sump drain as part of the undertray? Mine is snapped in half and they're £25+ new!
  14. Not quite a 5-series, but this is my Mum's car - she's selling as she's changed for a RR sport, which is nowhere near as nice as this, IMO! Well presented BMW X5 3.0D sport, 2006, 120,000 miles. 3 former keepers - owned by us since March 2015, maintained regardless of cost at local independent BMW specialist. Recent full service and MOT (expires Feb 2020) with lots of earlier receipts. Smooth automatic gearbox, electric seats with memory function, electric windows/mirrors, panoramic opening sunroof with electric cover, comfortably seats 5 adults, large boot with split rear tailgate. Excellent smooth drive. Some wear to drivers seat, otherwise excellent condition. Dog and pet free car! Any inspection welcome. Offers in the region of £4650. Car located in Bournemouth, Dorset, but may be possible to arrange viewing in Devon for someone seriously interested, if more convenient. Walkaround Video: Photos:
  15. JimmE

    Oil consumption e60 525i se

    I've had my 525i almost exactly a year. I've covered a little under 15,000 miles, and it had an oil change just before I bought it - meaning (I hope) that it was topped up to the correct 'full' level at that time. I was surprised to find no dipstick - find it odd that I can't "look" at the oil, but having spent 10 years driving diesels and doing very regular oil changes, I suppose I'm a little "over sensitive" to it. In the year/15,000 miles I've owned it, I've had the 'top up 1L' message 3 times - the most recent about 5-6 weeks ago. So for me that's 1L every ~5000 miles. Mine's an LCI/2009 - and I do mainly motorway miles, which may go some way towards accounting for the difference?