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  1. Johnyboy

    2 days in and enjoying it!

    My G31 (Dec 2017) has just started doing this too, I think it must have had a software update or something, didn't do it at all for the first 2 years of ownership.
  2. Johnyboy

    Real World mpg 530d v 540i

    My G31 has done almost 19,000miles, average is about 26.6mpg. On a long trip I get 34-35mpg, short trips between 14 and 24mpg. I'd go for a 530d just to avoid a few trips to the petrol station.
  3. Johnyboy

    Ride, Noise, RoF Tyres And All That Stuff

    I have the same setup on a 540, and I find it to be quite noisy and anything but smooth, but it's a BMW MSport and I'm yet to drive one that doesn't have quite a harsh ride with a reasonable amount of road-noise (and I've been driving them for 20 years)
  4. Johnyboy

    New 520i

    That looks lovely,I think I should have gone for med blue and that wheel design is really growing on me. Enjoy.
  5. Johnyboy

    540i M-Sport touring with m sport plus

    There have been plenty of threads on this before. Consensus (with photos) is that 18s will clear the blue brakes on a 540i. I keep thinking about swapping mine from 19s to 18s, but haven't got around to it.
  6. Johnyboy

    BMW Roadside Assistance

    I had the extended warranty on my previous 535d, it cost a little more than it saved in claims (pretty close), it's quite reassuring to have though.
  7. Johnyboy

    V-Power for 540i?

    You're being generous.
  8. Johnyboy

    Depreciation in 12 months.

    Unfortunately it doesn't surprised me, and at least it's helped you decide to keep it. Don't worry about the speed, it doesn't make the least bit of difference other than meaning that you visit the petrol station more often.
  9. Johnyboy

    Help choosing a G30

    I tried all manner of permutations when I was spec'ing my 5 series, not one of them resulted in the reduction to the monthly cost. Options appeared to be worth about 20% of their new price, when it came to a GFV after 3 years.
  10. Johnyboy

    Help choosing a G30

    Nope, it's absolutely fine, it's got a few niggles but nothing to do with the engine. I wouldn't call it a fast car, but it's not bad for an estate that averages 26mpg. It's just that a 2ltr diesel would be equally as good for 95% of my journeys, I seem to be spending quite a lot of time at the petrol pump. It probably hasn't lost 21k in 7 months, the first owner would have got at least a £10k discount, but £11k in 7 months is still a nice loss that you won't have to face.
  11. Johnyboy

    Help choosing a G30

    If I was pcp'ing, I would have gone for a base spec. Adding a few options does increase the GFV a fraction, but it was tiny. But hindsight is a great thing, I would probably buy an ex-demo 520d over a new 540i if I were choosing again today.
  12. Johnyboy

    18 v 19 wheels msport ride

    Personally I think the G31 looks significantly better on the 18" msport wheels, I'm still thinking about swapping the 19s on mine for some. Not sure it'll impact the ride much, BMWs are meant to be a bit bumpy compared to most cars, part of the character.
  13. Johnyboy

    Wheel size on 540 SE

    Thanks, that’s good to know, I’ll keep a look out.
  14. Johnyboy

    Wheel size on 540 SE

    I'm wondering about changing the wheels on my 540 MSport from 19" 664M to 18" 662M. I'm pretty sure that the 540 SE came on 18" wheels, anyone know if they're a staggered setup, or same width all round? On the tyre settings on the idrive it looks as though both options are available.
  15. Johnyboy

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    Maybe there's something wrong with mine, it's due a service soon, i'll ask about it.