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  1. average of 26.9mpg over 13000miles. typically 36mpg driven sensibly on the motorway, 13-20 around town.
  2. It's the same for G31's, noticeably higher with VDC.
  3. First of all good luck with the job interview. Secondly, try a test drive in a car with comfort seats and nappa. It's a personal preference thing but I found the standard sports seats quite uncomfortable and having real leather makes a big difference. Standard LEDs are fine. ACC is brilliant, HK is okay but other than being louder I'm not sure I'd bother with it again and the adaptive suspension is unnecessary. If your dealers are just matching carwow, I reckon you might be able to push the discount a little further, I got about 4% better than carwow when bought mine in late 2017.
  4. Johnyboy

    Handing back

    If you're able to pick your moment I'm sure you'll see some good deals around again soon.
  5. Johnyboy

    G31 alloys

    I quite fancy swapping the 19s on mine for a set of 18s, there's often a G31 with them fitted in our carpark.
  6. Johnyboy

    G31 alloys

    I can't see any reason that you couldn't fit them, but expect the ride to be a lot firmer. It will still be fine though.
  7. Johnyboy

    Low coolant warning (G31 540i)

    No, this is the first top up, it's a bit disappointing (but reassuring at the same time) that this is a common fault.
  8. Anyone else had this yet? It's only lost about 500ml at a guess, but it's pretty poor for a 13,000m old car. No sign of mayonnaise so I'm guessing that there's just a little external leak somewhere. It could do with a wash anyway, so will be on the phone to bmw when I get a chance.
  9. Because it's a comfortable utility vehicle, it's looks aren't terribly important.
  10. Yes, they still look ridiculous
  11. Johnyboy

    online mail no longer works

    Has anyone else found that their online mail has stopped working? My registered email account disappeared from my car about a week ago and I'm unable to set it up again? This almost (a month later) with my connected+ subscription ending, resubscribed to see whether that was is the issue but it still doesn't work. It's only a gimmick that I rarely use, but just wondering why it's stopped. Cheers
  12. Johnyboy

    Auto Transmission Issue

    I'll ask the dealers to have a look at at when it goes in for a service, it's not worth making a special trip for.
  13. Johnyboy

    Auto Transmission Issue

    I had another event pulling out of a junction last week, hit the rev limiter before it changed up.
  14. Johnyboy

    Spotify on Android

    I gave up on android and just bought an old iPhone for the car too.
  15. Mine work okay to, they certainly have the feel of a cheap radio, but if I press them in the right place they do what they're meant to.