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  1. Carrera77

    G31: Rear Door Seals - water ingress

    yes could be linked to the road noise issue the op mentioned in another thread
  2. Carrera77

    Appreciating Asset?

    I was reading that with the introduction of Euro 7 , emissions control and management will become an order of magnitude more difficult. Thats in 2025 I think that would essentially kill the ICE power trains - thats less than 4 years away Does that make a Euro 6 car more or less valuable looking forward. It seems hard to say I think the B48 engine shows that BMW is ending it on a very strong winning streak. There aint much point in an electric BMW
  3. Americans are neurotic about oil changes but even they are coming around to fully synthetic oil.. Fully synthetic is man made oil for lubrication, it does not carry additional compounds that are the cause of sludging.. Its a similar in idea to efuels, what Porsche was talking about Frequent oil changes were one way of inspecting a car , getting it up on a ramp etc.. Its understandable that going two years without a cursory inspection is a cause of concern But we now have sensors that keep track of most things - like low tyre pressure etc
  4. But its fully synthetic engine oil.. Fully synthetic oil doesnt degrade.. It retains its multi-grade qualities while more conventional oils tend to become single grade after a while Plus I'm sure they know what they are doing
  5. maybe the owner ran on premium fuels which would help control oil deterioration .. Cleaner combustion , "enhanced cleaning power "
  6. ZF recommend changing transmission fluid for the 8HP at 150,000 kms. It should be running smoothly, once the oil oxidises it would be difficult to flush Its a guideline - Of course there are many factors that influence lifetime, so a relatively low powered car driven carefully would last longer https://aftermarket.zf.com/remotemedia/master-content/zf-services-portal/oils-data-sheets/pc-1/lifeguardfluid-8/pds-zf-lifeguardfluid-8-it.pdf
  7. Even if its motorway miles, at 100k plus there are additional service points that need to be done. These aren't necessarily included in the service schedule like change the auto transmission fluid, plus xdrive transfer box
  8. Carrera77

    Great - buckled wheels

    yeah I've noticed it too . I've pretty much stopped topping up .. Some tyres do leak . When I had Michelin Primacy 3 tyres on a G31, I did need to top up.. Or maybe there was something wrong ..
  9. Carrera77

    Great - buckled wheels

    any tyre which has to be topped up with air every 6 weeks ( or even 8 ) is probably buckled in some way at the rim, and the tyre and the rim aren't making an airtight seal . lots of them about
  10. Carrera77

    Scottish Police Abandoning BMW?

    BMW make cars ?
  11. Carrera77

    My BMW

    you can use an app like Dell Mobile Connect to mirror your phone to PC Its a bit slow though
  12. Carrera77

    BMW Stopping Wheel Storage

    the article seems to be suggesting that all -seasons are for SUVs. There is always a compromise With the popularity of SUVs, where sharp handling isn’t a priority, and our more extreme weather, there’s no ignoring the new-found importance of all-season tyres.
  13. Carrera77

    BMW Stopping Wheel Storage

    thats a neat, dedicated to tyres shed. Mine is multipurpose Its hard to say about winter tyres , it depends on how you drive. Possibly it doesnt get cold enough in this country I was thinking about Uniroyal Rain Expert 3 or Rain Sport 3, that provide both directional and asymmetrical tread patterns .. The biggest problem is the wet, and that may not always be in the winter How to fit your RainSport 3 tyres (uniroyal.co.uk)
  14. Carrera77

    Great - buckled wheels

    the Genesis winged logo resembles the Bentley logo which is no modernist abstraction.. Its supposed to be an ancient occult emblem showing the winged sun, symbolizing divinity, royalty, and power So yeah on the steering wheel it looks good - a discount Bentley offshoot perhaps
  15. Carrera77

    Thinking of going for a 530e from 530d

    @sjak92 I've had a 330e over take me on the motorway, going at an 'incredible' speed. Must have been well out of battery juice and really flogging the ICE. My guess was a frustrated company car driver hybrid doesnt really cut it.. You can be a hybrid car owning household though , by having an electric car for city, and a diesel for longer drives.. But then it is hardly 'green' becasue you now have 2 cars in place of 1