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  1. Carrera77

    2017 touring rear hatch keeps opening fault

    webuyanycar.com ?
  2. Carrera77

    2017 touring rear hatch keeps opening fault

    That was a very quick car disposal. You must have sold it with a few hours of getting it back from the dealer
  3. Carrera77

    2017 touring rear hatch keeps opening fault

    Did you have the car from new ? A fault like this where a "command unit" needs replacing would showup else I think. But who can tell. Maybe when the G31 gets to be out of warranty the boot will start popping up on its own and nobody has a clue .
  4. Carrera77

    Help choosing a G30

    your dealer is supposed to sob and say "I'm losing money on this" for new cars, I think BMW gives them a bonus for how many cars they shove out the door
  5. Carrera77

    Help choosing a G30

    here is another 530i m sport with a slight different spec . 32K , 100 miles on 68 plate. It must have been sitting in stock and nobody wanted it reversing camera 20 inch wheels Comfort access M Sport plus package HK speakers Lumbar support Sports seats, electric with memory etc https://www.theaa.com/used-cars/cardetails/6-1442510
  6. Carrera77

    Help choosing a G30

    How could the dealer survive on a small admin fee? Those places need money to run
  7. Carrera77

    Help choosing a G30

    520d SE is an OK car. Unlike the base spec of some other cars, it has the same suspension, handling and performance. Its just the 17 inch wheels look a bit small. At the minimum I would get the sun protection glass and reversing camera. Probably the seats are crap but then some people here hate any BMW seats Other cars (like the VW Golf for instance) have cheapened suspension on the rear and other downgrades in performance and handling
  8. Carrera77

    Wheel Corrosion

    very true but that centre cap area seems to be a salt trap. There is no way to flush it clean without taking the wheel off Other cars / wheels seem to be a better fit. I had a look at an MB and the center cap appeared to be solid, part of the wheel
  9. Carrera77

    Help choosing a G30

    I was reading somewhere the G30 is the same size as the 7 series 20 years ago All models are growing bigger. The 3 is slightly bigger and with better refinement than the preceding model. It must be close in size to a 5 series a few generations back. I would definitely have a look at the 340i touring when it comes the time . Probably still end up with a G30 the mass market range car nowadays is some midrange SUV. They always give way
  10. Carrera77

    Wheel Corrosion

    I just checked the center cap and there are no marks on it whatsoever. So its not been done by wheel changing Looks like misapplication in the lacquer
  11. Carrera77

    Wheel Corrosion

    Never taken the wheels off. The car is due for a tyre change next month Its been to the dealers twice - once for a service for which I dont think they remove the tyres. The lacquer has been damaged but it could be anytime - even from new
  12. Carrera77

    Help choosing a G30

    530i is a good bet second hand, IMO. It has the virtue of simplicity with a promise of performance
  13. Carrera77

    Wheel Corrosion

    I have this problem on 3 wheels, only around the wheel cap area. The rest of the wheel is perfectly fine This pic is the worst. I noticed this problem for a while and sort of ignored it till now. . TBH its not something that I had expected to deal with the wheels are standard 18 inch 684 alloy
  14. Carrera77

    530e hybrid - long trip no plug in - how to do it?

    electric drive is so superior and efficient it doesnt really matter where the electricity is generated from . A premium car is about smoothness and quiet delivery, with instant torque. Now all electric cars will be like that I think BMW is a little lost with its future direction. They have about the best ICE engines, and with the ZF transmission its as perfect as you can get. Till the next iteration by BMW Now electric drive is gonna sweep all that away .
  15. Carrera77

    Run flat tyre choice

    Isn't Michelin Primacy 3 superseded by 4?. I need a new set of 4 and thats what I'm going for - they are all the same size fortunately The original set of Primacy 3's have only lasted 16,000 miles