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  1. Carrera77

    Just buying a 530e, my first BMW.

    to be fair cycling is as green a mode of transport as you can get. And its dangerous e-cars are deflecting the problem elsewhere. And you get to be virtuous with heated seats
  2. Carrera77

    520d/530d conundrum.

    I get 550-600 miles for a 530 d xdrive with an average of 39-40 mpg. I have put on a set of new Pirelli p7s last week, and they seem to have bumped it up to around 41-42 mpg so maybe was a bad setup
  3. Carrera77

    520d/530d conundrum.

    yeah that was a *bit* of an exaggeration I was thinking of the Tesla model 3 extended range, but that has apparently been discontinued (in favour of a higher spec all wheel drive) It claimed around 300-350 miles, but I suspect that was driving pretty cautiously , like a 520d driver. If you add another 100 miles thats closer to an "energetically driven" 540i I dont see many electric cars been charged at service areas ( the stalls are usually empty) so its still not a motorway car :).
  4. Carrera77

    520d/530d conundrum.

    ^ 540i/530d is a conundrum for me on the next car. I currently have a 530d. We have described it in glowing terms so no need to repeat, but the 540i might have an extra zing. Only downside is the shortened range (100 miles less compared to 530d). Its getting into electric car range
  5. Carrera77

    520d/530d conundrum.

    agree with Carlton and boba. The 530d is the BMW experience, thats what you buy this "brand" for. The ultimate driving machine (of sorts) . Its not a smartphone or laptop .
  6. Carrera77

    Just buying a 530e, my first BMW.

    yeah I'll have a look into getting one in January
  7. Carrera77

    Just buying a 530e, my first BMW.

    very impressed .very green. It is ridiculous to fire a up a big lumbering car / SUV to just to buy a pint of milk. Alternatives do exist
  8. Carrera77

    Adaptive Icon Light - switching on

    failure in Kafas Camera setup for some reason. Or very bad weather, heavy snowfall etc this is where traditional companies like BMW falls behind Tesla. The default should be a High Beam Always On, but there should be a toggle switch in a configuration screen that reverses this
  9. Carrera77

    iDrive/Driver’s display malfunction

    @sjak how did you get £4500 negative equity for an early trade in . Does that mean the market value of the car was dipping. I guess if the initial depreciation is steep and non linear it can happen My car has been OK, no faults in it whatsoever. I was pretty apprehensive at first as this is the most complex car I've driven. The only complaint I have is with the front dash trim - it occasionally feels like its been assembled with double sided tape. But even the panny roof works flawlessly. Overall its a great car I'll keep this for three years . Interesting point regarding laptops. I used to buy a new one every year, and now my current laptop has been with me for 2 and half years. And it could go on. Its basically due to a better quality screen and flash memory instead of a hard drive
  10. Carrera77

    Just buying a 530e, my first BMW.

    while I beleive you, how did you manage 12 miles in that thing?
  11. Carrera77

    Tyre Pressures

    the salesman should be sacked. Tyre pressures do get ignored, but if a car is sitting in a lot for some time, the TP should be set to 40 psi. Just good practice
  12. Carrera77


    apart from looks, I would definitely get staggered with 530d rear wheel drive. I think staggered is a carry-over from their rear wheel drive heritage Xdrive does sort it out, never had any issues with spin or loss of control with just 18"
  13. Carrera77


    the higher the tyre pressure the more likely it will follow contours on the road if you have 18 inch tyres ( which I have ), I set them to something like 33/35 psi as per door pillar Q: do you really need staggered tyres with X drive ?
  14. Carrera77

    About to pull the trigger on a new G30 530d

    they are on carwow
  15. Carrera77

    Tyre Pressures

    27/27 how is that possible? I get low pressure alarm when TP falls below 31 psi anyway dealer should set tyre pressures much higher than that. If you set pressures on the low side and the car is sitting around, the tyre will develop flat spots, which may not be immediately noticeable.