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  1. Gavin Sever

    Are CIC Idrive controllers interchangeable?

    Actually, i can't see how 65829267955 would be compatible because it's a 4 pin connector and I need a 10 pin connector. The hunt goes on....
  2. Gavin Sever

    Are CIC Idrive controllers interchangeable?

    Awesome, thanks. I like a good history lesson. The connector on that other unit was totally different - 4 pins vs mine which is about 10. I'll see what's available at a decent price. There's no major rush to sort (first time in years I've used voice commands on the car so much!!!!)
  3. Gavin Sever

    Are CIC Idrive controllers interchangeable?

    Track pad? What is this feature I've been missing out on without realising!? It looks the same as mine externally though, I can't see a track pad on it?
  4. My 2011 520d F11 has an (almost) dead CIC iDrive controller. 75% of it doesn't work. My fault entirely (liquid damage). The part number on it it 6582 9206444-01 . I can get a working replacement on eBay for a decent price but the part number is different. 6582 9286699-03. It's from a 2015 F10/F11. Logicially I think these should be interchangeable (same car, both CIC). But where does being logical get you? Does anyone know if I can use 6582 9286699-03 in place of my 6582 9206444-01 please?
  5. Gavin Sever

    2011 F11 side indicators not working

    OK, cheers for the heads up. If it's not a fuse issue (which as you rightly point out, it can't be because everything else is working) then it's a bit more than a simple tinker. Especially because *both* sides don't work (so it's unlikely a bulb issue either). I'll save this for another day I think.....
  6. Gavin Sever

    Help! F11 Park Brake switch cover - manual car

    Nope, I got that (I gave ebay links in my original post). The most important part of my question was But don't worry about it, I've got the answer now
  7. On my 2011 F11 MSport 520D. I noticed yesterday the side indicators (the ones in the wing) don't work, on both sides of the car. Here's the thing, I've had the car for over 2 years, over 100,000 miles and I can't hand on heart say I know the side indicators have EVER worked. My car is pre LCI so has standard wing mirrors (i.e. without indicators built into them) so this mean my wings should have functioning indicators, right? First thing to check would be fuse box but GOOD GOD the front fuse box is fiddly to change fuses on. So rather than just pulling out a few potential culprits and hoping I get lucky, does anyone know the exact fuse for the side indicators please? Or am I missing something obvious here? Cheers, Gav
  8. Gavin Sever

    Help! F11 Park Brake switch cover - manual car

    Perfect answer, thanks. I've just splashed out on the princely sum of £7.99 on one
  9. Gavin Sever

    Help! F11 Park Brake switch cover - manual car

    Yeah, I know *how* to do it, I just don't know where to get a non-auto-hold switch from. Unless you're saying the auto-hold switch will fit onto a non-auto-hold version?
  10. So to tart up the interior of my 150,000 mile old 2011 manual F11, I want to replace the park brake switch. It looks tatty. I know you can buy replacement switches (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Car-Parking-Brake-P-Button-Switch-Cover-Fit-For-BMW-5-7-F02-F07-F10-F11-2009-17/183950904589?fits=Car+Make%3ABMW|Plat_Gen%3AF10&hash=item2ad4540d0d:g:GscAAOSwxfJdeKCA) or covers (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Car-Styling-Park-Brake-Button-Cover-Sticker-Decortation-For-BMW-F10-F15-F16-F25/322873147165?hash=item4b2cbd3f1d:g:tq4AAOSwHYpaBKa1) on Fleabay, but they all seem to be for the auto car, with 'auto hold' feature. Mine's manual and just looks like the attached. Are the 'auto hold' and the 'manual' switches the same dimensions? (I suspect not). Anyone know where I can get a replacement switch or cover for mine please? Gav
  11. Gavin Sever

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Job done yesterday - removed misted up front left headlight (yes, by removing the bumper and good god is that last screw on the headlight hard to get to). It was causing errors in the car (turn left indicator failure, auto-leveling lights failure and about 4 more). I poured out maybe 30ml of water, baked it slowly in the oven, refitted it and now we're all working again. I must admit I'm proud of myself. Then today I removed the rear left LED (built into the lid) which was flickering. I thought it was serious, turns out it was a dodgy wire connection. And that's all good again now
  12. Gavin Sever

    Trouble adding phone to Bluetooth

    Just wanted to add a thankful +1 to this solution. 2011 reg BMW F11, and my BT died yesterday in exactly the same manner..... when I tried pairing my daughter's phone so she could control the music. Baffled me all day until I found this. Got home, killed the emojis in the BT name (which I didn't even know where there) and suddently everything worked again. Hurrah!!!!!!! Life without 10 year old daughters would be so much less complicated.
  13. Gavin Sever

    Can't find air spring solenoid!

    Thanks for all your help. I took the plunge yesterday lunch and did the job. I did it as per Arnott instructions (albeit with the missing bit about the compressor cover!). All now sorted! For those people scared or doing this, it's just about the only job I've done myself on my car and it went fine. It was a bit fiddly getting the old unit out and the new one in (the gap is small and you don't want to damage it). I reckon it took me a tad over an hour but I was being really cautious. Next one will be maybe 30 mins. I released the air at the compressor end but it did occur to me that this seems a pointless step, and next time if there's any pressure left in the system I'll release it at the bag end. I've been scared of doing this for about 8 months, and the local mechanic told me the bag looked fine so I believed him. The holes were minute. I'm SO glad I bit the bullet here
  14. OK, I'm probably being thick. I'm not normally one for getting my hands dirty but there are so many people saying how easy it is to change a leaking air spring that I thought I'd give it a go on my F11. I followed Arnott's intructions. Car jacked up, wheel removed, plastic panel removed in front of the rear bumper. But then I can't find the illusive solenoid. I can see the red and blue air lines which are in front of the exhaust heat shield, and the pass under the heat shield towards the rear of the car, but then I'm totally stuck. Maybe it's because I've got a tow-bar fitted and something's blocking my view? I've attached three pics. One shows under the car, looking from the back to the front, so you can see I've removed the plastic cover. Another shows the heat shield pulled back slightly to reveal the air lines - this photo is looking from the ground directly up. And the last photo (also looking from the ground directly up) shows the tow bar bits. Help please. Do I need to remove the other black plastic cover to get to the compressor and the solenoid? Arnott instructions don't mention it, and it looks a bit fiddly to unscrew so I'd rather not do it 'just to try' unless someone tells me I'm on the right lines. Thanks in advance, Gavin
  15. Gavin Sever

    Bonnet rattle woes

    Thanks for all your help. Engine cover now clipped in properly and the rattle has completely gone!