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  1. Phill20d

    Oil Change

    Hi guys What is the capacity for the oil in the B47 engine
  2. Phill20d

    Oil Change

    Thanks guys , I had better get the extra ltr to make sure
  3. Phill20d

    So what are you doing in isolation?

    It was completely restored about 4 years ago so like a brand new car of sorts. Chassis is first class, I would say the interior needs a little finishing and I may change the MX5 seats for some Moss specials but at £1400 ouch Value £25k tops. To take it to the next level would not be to difficult.
  4. Phill20d

    So what are you doing in isolation?

    Cleaning this till it sparkles And riding this till me nuts ache
  5. Phill20d

    BMW 7 series, Ugly!

    That’s horrible even the lower intakes are a dogs dinner
  6. Phill20d

    Depreciation in 12 months.

    I was given 12k in part ex
  7. Phill20d

    Speaker upgrade

    Hi guys i am looking to swap out the speakers on the std system just to make it sound that bit better. Not wanting to spend loads of money. Would tweeters help and a bit beefy rears. Not looking to swap the Subs or the Amp. Is it going to make much difference doing just those. Budget about £300 or less
  8. Phill20d

    New to BMW

    Nice looking clean car. I loved my F11
  9. Phill20d

    Speaker upgrade

    changed my front door speakers yesterday Eaton Twin coaxial, for what it’s cost I am happy. They handle more volume without distorting and a bit deeper bass sound and a lot clearer high frequency also that muffled effect with the std speakers, gone
  10. Phill20d

    Cherished Reg

    For sale and on Retention so it’s ready to go 348 LYD Asking £1450 Ono Paul
  11. Phill20d


    I have 19” with non run flats and the ride is fine, as said 20” you run the pothole gauntlet
  12. Phill20d

    G31 Rust

    Yes my first thought
  13. Phill20d


    Happy New Year to all
  14. Phill20d

    Out for a Spin

    Thanks Steve
  15. Phill20d

    Out for a Spin

    Took the TR6 out for a spin as it was really dry with no salt on the roads, started with the top down so I could hear that glorious straight six, but succumbed to the cold on my back, no heated seats in 74
  16. Phill20d


    My G30 2.0d