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  1. Phill20d

    Cherished Reg

    For sale and on Retention so it’s ready to go 348 LYD Asking £1450 Ono Paul
  2. Phill20d


    I have 19” with non run flats and the ride is fine, as said 20” you run the pothole gauntlet
  3. Phill20d

    G31 Rust

    Yes my first thought
  4. Phill20d


    Happy New Year to all
  5. Phill20d

    Out for a Spin

    Thanks Steve
  6. Phill20d


    My G30 2.0d
  7. Phill20d

    Speaker upgrade

    My mate is going to put my new twin coaxial speakers in the doors on the 8th Jan I will report back after
  8. Phill20d

    Phone Contacts go missing

    IOS 13.3
  9. Phill20d

    Phone Contacts go missing

    It’s a pain having to restart your phone and you really should not have to, never had a problem in the F11 l will ring the stealers after the hols to see if it’s a known fault. Never had any music go missing
  10. Phill20d

    Phone Contacts go missing

    Hi Guys i have loaded my i phone X on the Idrive all is ok then after a day or two I get down to L on the contact list and they are not there, reloaded and all is well then later gone again. Any ideas G30 July 17
  11. Phill20d

    Speaker upgrade

    Will do
  12. Phill20d

    Speaker upgrade

    This is exactly where the Pro guy said to go the front door speakers are junk and best results for the money is to change for Twin coaxials which is what I am going to do
  13. Phill20d

    Speaker upgrade

    Totally aware it’s not going to be B&O std but it will do for what I want, it’s just that little lift that’s needed
  14. Phill20d

    Speaker upgrade

    Had a chat with a professional ICE guy and he is going to fit twin coaxial speakers in the front doors and according to him it will improve the sound no end, I will report back. I am not expecting the earth I know I am not going to get top notch sound but all I am after is that little bit more clarity top end.
  15. Phill20d

    G31 Touring - rear bumber protectors

    I had a SS one which lipped on the face of the bumper on my F11 dunno if they make them for the G31 it was EBay but top quality. It covered the whole of the top face of the bumper also This is the one I had you could inquire if they make a G31