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  1. Phill20d

    Carbon Black

    Carbon black when clean is the DB you just need to clean and look after it properly.
  2. Phill20d

    Picked up today G30

    Car is 2.0d SE below are the extras fitted Metallic paint Mediterranean Blue Ivory white leather (not extra) Folding mirrors Reversing Camera Alloy wheels 663 19” Burled Walnut
  3. Phill20d

    Picked up today G30

    Bit better picture from the side
  4. Phill20d

    BMW recall extended.

    It’s states there are no recall for this vehicle
  5. Phill20d

    BMW recall extended.

    My G30 2.0d is July 17 I wonder if that’s at risk, and how do you find out. I had the recall letter for the F11 .
  6. Phill20d

    We buy any car price?

    They offered me £11200 for my F11 SE 2014 40k miles great condition on the website. Turned up at the office the guy had a look over then proceeded to offer £9350 he would have added the £250 he knocked off because I did not take the other key so that’s £9600. I did tell him to piss off I did get 12k in part ex from where I got the G30 from. Even if had gone in with no part ex there was no movement on the G30 so I did do OK
  7. Phill20d

    Connected Drive Question

    I suppose if I come to rely on it then I will keep it, I just love the tech and in general love this car
  8. Phill20d

    Connected Drive Question

    I will just see if it’s a gimmick in the real world I can live without Remote. As I get older the flashing light to find the car on a busy car park is appealing. Said very tongue in cheek
  9. Phill20d

    Picked up today G30

    I am from Cannock Mick but I do get up to Stone and SOT quite often
  10. Phill20d

    Picked up today G30

    It an SE with 3k worth of extras. It was the paint colour (Mediterranean Blue) plus the leather I wanted also wheels were bang, it also has rear camera burr walnut and best of all it comes £50 under the 40k threshold so no excess tax to pay i don’t do many miles now as I am semi retired, but do love a nice comfortable car and this fits the bill
  11. Phill20d

    Picked up today G30

    Hi guys Picked my June 17 G30 up today and well happy with it
  12. Phill20d

    Connected Drive Question

    Thanks for that .
  13. Phill20d

    Connected Drive Question

    Hi Guys Picked my car up today and need a couple of answers if possible. I have set up my account and paid £1 for a month trail on remote locking etc. Now when I started to look through the account a menu came up called booked service’s, there are a fair few items mainly saying booked till 16/6/2020. Have these items been paid for till then or have I to pay for them.
  14. Phill20d

    Awful car!

    My wife has a new GLC 4 Matic while it’s a nice car to drive, dashboard materials seem cheap not a patch on my G30
  15. Phill20d

    2.0d engine

    Hi guys Is the 2.0 d engine in the G30/31 the B47 carried over from the F11 /10 if so are there any significant improvements or is it as is. Paul