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  1. Phill20d

    iDrive/Driver’s display malfunction

    Every now and again I lose some contacts on my phone list it drives me mad because it’s always the ones I want to call. If I delete and reconnect my phone all contacts go on then a bit later I may lose about 10 no
  2. Phill20d

    Joining the G30 Club (Hopefully)

    When it was rebuilt the engine was updated to 150 bhp as indeed from original it was 125bhp. You have to pay a lot of money now to get that Triumph straight six sound, modern cars just don’t have it
  3. Phill20d

    Joining the G30 Club (Hopefully)

    After driving this a lot The G30 std lights are brilliant.
  4. Phill20d

    G31 520d

    My F11 I had regularly returned 45 around town and 58 on a run. My G30 returns 36 at best round town
  5. Phill20d

    For Sale 17 inch Spacesaver

    Removed from Sale
  6. Phill20d

    SOLD Tyres 19" Runflats

    Replaced the Runflats on my car over the weekend and the fronts have a fair bit left on them 5mm even wear across and no damage whatsoever Size 245 40 19" Pirelli P7 Cinturato Runflats Asking SOLD the pair collected. Can courier them if you sort it
  7. Phill20d

    For Sale 17 inch Spacesaver

    It fitted my Z4 2008 model and my F11 I was told it would fit the G30
  8. Phill20d

    The BMW5 random picture thread

    He looks a mean bugger, but kinda cute
  9. Phill20d

    New 520i

    I love Med blue so much I bought one as well, looks fantastic in direct sunlight .
  10. Phill20d

    2.0d engine

    Mines is June 2017 and has Adblue
  11. Phill20d

    2.0d engine

    exactly what I was thinking
  12. Phill20d

    Space Grey F11

    Bloomin lovely that is. I loved my F11 especially from the rear
  13. Phill20d

    Mediterranean Blue Detail

    A few more
  14. Phill20d

    Warranty Question

    Never thought of that Andrew re the AUC you have a valid point
  15. Phill20d

    Warranty Question

    Hi Guys Is your BMW 3 year warranty void if you take runflats off and replace with conventional tyres