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  1. Phill20d

    Leaving the G30 fold

    The 2.0d it’s the one that will fit our needs. We are both retired and want to do some traveling in Scotland and into France when we get back to normal
  2. Phill20d

    Leaving the G30 fold

    I am picking the X3 up next Thursday so will report back at the end of the month as we will have done a few miles long distance and local
  3. Phill20d

    Leaving the G30 fold

    The beauty of the latest X3 creation is it does share some 5 series materials and tec Ie MHT it drives really nice and with the Adaptive Suspension which I will have, the car rides beautifully. I think I will be happy with the X3
  4. Phill20d

    Leaving the G30 fold

    Don’t even contemplate the X1 we both sat in it and jumped out. Horrid I will give a full run down end of Sep as we are going up north so I will have done a variety of journeys
  5. Phill20d

    Leaving the G30 fold

    That’s exactly what I am hoping
  6. Phill20d

    Leaving the G30 fold

    Now I have retired and we only need one car, my wife needs a mId size SUV for easy access, so last weekend we put a deposit down on a March 21 X3 M Sport with loads of extras, and got a great trade in price on my car which meant I only lost £3,400 over two years of ownership. Going to miss the G30 a car which does everything well. Stay safe guys
  7. Phill20d

    BMW Sytner (Leicester)

    Exactly that. I got £19k part ex at the weekend for my 2017 G30 2.0d SE also means in two years of ownership I have only lost £3.5k. Ordered a GO1 X3
  8. Phill20d

    Ivory White leather & kids?

    Mine is 3 years old I fetch the two grandkids from school most days and the leather still looks good, as said dead easy to clean with a good leather cleaner
  9. Phill20d

    Upgrading alloys to 19 inch?

    Hi it is Mediterranean Blue it’s beautiful when it’s waxed. Mine is an SE with the following options ticked Folding Mirrors Rear Camera folding rear seats Walnut wood trim and 19” alloys I think the buyer decided he did not want to pay the increased tax as the purchase price was £50 under 40k
  10. Phill20d

    Upgrading alloys to 19 inch?

    I have a G30 SE that came new with upgraded 19” rims no problem
  11. Phill20d

    Upgrading alloys to 19 inch?

    My 2017 came on 19” as an upgrade
  12. Phill20d

    Space Saver Tyre

    I have only done 4500 miles since Oct 19
  13. Phill20d

    Space Saver Tyre

    Here you go a few pictures of the wheel in the boot. As there is only me and the wife it’s not an issue with space. We go down to Spain and hate the thought of not having control over my ability to get to a garage myself.
  14. Phill20d

    Space Saver Tyre

    Will do in the morning Matthew. Don’t have a bag at the moment waiting for it to be delivered, but you will get an idea with the pic
  15. Phill20d

    Space Saver Tyre

    Did a dry run yesterday and all good. I have a bag with a good quality jack and telescopic wheel brace that I keep in the TR6, just means I need to remember to swap them over, not to much of a problem as the TR is not a daily.