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  1. Biotoxic

    JBL MS-8 configuration

    Hi, anybody had this DSP before? Got some questions regarding the configuration as I have three amps connected to it. It's sounds ok for now, but I am pretty sure I can do better in sound quality wise. A bit of a long shot, I know...
  2. Post the adaption data. Looks like a worn torque converter.
  3. Biotoxic

    Bluetooth not working

    Check if there is a light min one of the fiber optic cables. If there is, check that you have plugged it correctly and the cable is not damaged. It is easy to bend it/damage it over there.
  4. Biotoxic

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    If there is a lag, when you are about to stop at the traffic lights and without stopping you start driving the revs shoot up nothing happens, then TC engages and you shoot off.. if it is like that, then it's a bad TC . Friend of mine had that. It happens at speeds below 20mph..
  5. Biotoxic

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    Really good listing you found there on eBay, comes with everything needed. I don't suppose you check the resistance of the soilenoids? Do you have few pictures of mechatronics? I forgot to take more pictures of it... Rpms will start to move(but not so often as before) a little in about two weeks time.
  6. Mtec indeed. I changed the brake pads and disks a few months ago, now its all bedded in properly.
  7. A bit of introduction to a ZF gearbox range: Adaption explanation for the ZF 6HP26 nominal/stock/default adaptations are: before the gearbox oil and seal change my adaptations were: readings are accessible through ISTA in EGS module at the module tree tab, that's the fastest way how to access them, haven't bothered with inpa, but adaptions can be seen over there as well. So according to the Adaption list above, I have a problem with B & E clutches. After I changed the oil and seals adaption values as of two weeks ago are: So filling pressure for the A clutch has increased, from 110.00 mbar to 186.00 mbar(still within limits) and B clutch it was decreased from 468.00 mbar to a 427.00 mbar which is still above the normal operating pressure. Better, but not good.( 427.00 mbar: Not great, not terrible....) yeah........ clutch E..... it is the worst one. I will have to change bushings and seals with new clutch plates and some other stuff as I have already changed mechatronic sleaves and 4 rubber seals so this is/must be the culprit: I will make some pictures along the way if I decide to change the clutch packs with seals and bearings. I also want to note my torque converter needs to be changed as the rpms gauge still moves when I am driving on the motorway, but not as much as it did before I changed the oil and mechatronic seals. Just to recap. If somebody decides to buy(or check your own) car fitted with a 6HP gearbox, you can tell the ''overall health'' of the gearbox by looking at the adaption values. Clutch A, B, C values should be from -400 - +350 mbar clutch D -300 - +200 mbar clutch E -300 - +300 mbar figures listed above are optimal values of a healty gearbox, This is what I learned over a year and a half since I have my first car with an automatic(Steptronic) gearbox. ZF now recommends a gearbox oil change every 70k miles. Mine has done 217k so far, oil has been changed twice as I could find out, I changed it the second time... According to the ZF recommended interval for the clutch(pressure plates), change is only 50k miles...... Don't forget to reset adaption values once the seals and oil have been changed so the gearbox can adjust adaptions.
  8. Had to change the brake disks due to vibration when braking. Opted for performance brake disks(high carbon content) with a Mintex yellowstuff pads It's called the C-shape aka as few my friends call them, the fish hooks front brake pads weren't too bad but the rears definitely needed changing. Also bought an undertray/mudguards as the old ones were damaged Experimented with a marine grease on the wheel hubs and brake disks where the alloy attaches to it to stop the oxidation and be able to remove the wheel easier next time it needs to be removed. Marine grease on one side, WD40 on the other. I will update this after next winter whats better in the long term. Also changed the diesel fuel filter and cut it open just to see what's inside... The filter element is made out of paper with a plastic insert to stop it collapsing on itself when the pre-pump/pump is activated. It was previously changed more than two years ago, no visual debris or dirt was on the filter. BP ultimate diesel is worth it.
  9. Biotoxic

    Ncs expert error in reading ecu cappl

    You won't be able to access the Mulf2 with K/Dcan cable, you need icom for that. Once you code and save the Mask2 .man you don't need to make FA changes as it won't affect the rest of the modules besides mulf/mulf2 Bluetooth connection. Leave the original date as if you would connect Ista/P or ista it will make more problems to your car modules. Changing the dates are necessary if you are upgrading/installing/retrofitting them.
  10. Biotoxic

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    Using a large suction pump/syringe and fallowing ZF procedures. 6hp26 needs almost 7litres of oil if torque converter isn't changed.
  11. Biotoxic

    Ncs expert error in reading ecu cappl

    Try to change the build date temporary to a #0308 or #0508 Firs two numbers are month, last two are year. Same as before remove 609 and add 606 but also delete your #0906 and add #0308 or #0508 whichever works and try again.
  12. I will post my own readings before and after oil change with a short description what problems I have regarding the gearbox. The plan is to make a thread with a information and possible alternatives if it is beneficial to fix the gearbox, swap it or get the new car depending on simptoms, labour and price in order to fix the problem or prevent it.
  13. Biotoxic

    Ncs expert error in reading ecu cappl

    Double check that you have deleted 609 and added 606. if it doesn't work FA_write to CAS and LMA then close the ncs and leave the car alone for about 16 minutes or half an hour (until the yellow indicator near the gearstick is off) then turn on ignition and read the VO again, it should be there.