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  1. Biotoxic

    Torque Converter troubleshooting

    By the looks of it the engine is not up to the temperature. Does it happen when the engine is warmed up? P. S. Adaptions looks good, service has been done or a full rebuild?
  2. No need to change, if you want to be sure do a dyno run. It's usually 3 runs for about £50 Torque limiting is mostly on first and if something slips you can change the torque individually. Could you please check if you can access the "activate line pressure bump" is accessible under Custom settings. It's where you activate a gear display.
  3. Update: Did a Stage 2 with custom settings two days ago. Gears changed a bit rough 2-3 at first but yesterday it was really smooth. There is a bit of difference between 2 and 3 so I will stick with stage 2 V.20 for now. As per xHP recommendation adjusted the torque in 4th to 750nm might have to change it to 700nm to get rid of the TC slip. Will do another dyno run within a month. Adaptions: They will change as this is after stage 2 but before I reduced the torque settings If anybody else is using xHP could you check if "Activate line pressure bump" is available as mine is grayed out. My build date is #0305 If it is available on later dates I might change the date on my box and maybe it work...
  4. Biotoxic

    Automatic Transmission Code 4f86

    Go back to Inpa but use gearbox module and under Read values(I think F5) read adaption values and post them here.
  5. Dyno guy said it looses grip, its like a slightly pressed clutch on manual, car still moves forward but doesn't have full potential... It was ok without resistance setting on dyno so its TC slippage..
  6. Did a dyno run.. TC starts to slip at 2.7 - 3.0k rpm.. On a good note it made 729Nm before it started to slip.. That's with sport button engaged. Not happy with a "uprated TC" will speak to the guy who makes them. On the positive note: Gearbox itself works better than I thought.
  7. Fine for me, can't feel gearshifts. Don't know the stock gearbox feels with stage 3. eventually it would adapt anyway to some degree.
  8. Yep, I have a pre-lci. Can be done through Custom section in Xhp to display actual gear. Stage 2 would be less aggressive than stage 3. I've only had Stock on it and stage 3 so can't comment on actual difference between stage 2&3
  9. Biotoxic

    Torque converter queries

    Does it sounds like you are driving over white line on the motorway(it's making a noise throughout the car) but a lower note. Does the rear view mirror shakes when it does it? Does it happen when slightly accelerating or at specific rpm/speed range? If yes, then it's a TC judder. There is no definitive video on YouTube(yet) I had it. Since the gearbox was new I got a uprated TC. I have two tubes LUBEGUARD AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION INSTANT SHUDDER FIXX in short it thickens the oil and the slippage is eliminated. It's a cheap short term fix. Search on YouTube. Apparently it's a good stuff. If you need them PM me.
  10. Biotoxic

    Charged air temperature sensor

    If the resistance reading is 0 it's bad.
  11. Biotoxic

    DPF. Never re-gen'd?

    Regen works when If I remember correctly coolant temperature have reached 72 or 75 °C + other conditions have been met. Usual issue with clogged dpf/regen not taking place is a bad thermostat. Check the temperature when you are driving on a motorway. Anything bellow 70 is a bad thermostat... If its ok, do a regen request second time as the first one might not work.
  12. Biotoxic

    Window anti trap

    Did you tried the "10 seconds" one? When window is closed press and hold down button for 10 seconds then press and hold up button for 10 seconds? After it it should be calibrated.
  13. Biotoxic

    help help problem

    I am not 100 % sure as it was before I got my E60(3 years ago+-) , but I read about rising oil level on diesel engine. It was something to do with injectors and service bulletin suggested a test to be performed... One of the two fixes were replacement part of something and other was to try to Update car's ilevel or DDE/DME software if it's latest then re-flash it.. Definitely needs a diagnostics done with ista.
  14. Biotoxic

    Gearbox temp

    Probably a month too late but in Ista once you see the module tree left click on EGS and then on the bottom left corner there will be an option Call up ECU functions. You will find it there.
  15. Delete the codes, check them again about week later.