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  1. Biotoxic

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    Post the adaption figures before and after the oil change, if you can
  2. Biotoxic

    Removing this sensor/Switch?

    I used a Dremel to cut them off, then jubilee clip but with a long screw in it(forgot the name of it) if you use normal jubilee then it will damage the hose, If you use the one above it's perfect. The sensor you mentioned earlier... Remove the electric connection and then turn the sensor itself to 45° can't remember what way but it only turns one way. Insert at the same angle and turn it back into original position. If you have multimeter and if resistance reads 0 ohms then the sensor is bad. Edit See the image
  3. Biotoxic

    Playing music through phone?

    Oldjohnny. The unit in the glove box is a Dension gateway 500 I think, google it. I had it as well.
  4. find a coder near you, should be a straight swap since you had a mask, but it needs to be coded to work properly. If you have bmw toolset installed I could help via the Teamviewer, but to do it properly, it needs to be coded with ICOM
  5. Biotoxic

    Do you keep your E60 technically original?

    Torque tronix. Tested on rollers. I was told at first I might hit a just 330 up mark due to the mileage, I guess sticking to no more than 10k mile oil change and looking after it generally pays off in a long run. Dunt know the service history after the last BMW service and before the previous owner, but the next car I have I will keep it from new hopefully for a years to come. This might be ok for next 5years at least if I upgrade the gearbox....
  6. Biotoxic

    Do you keep your E60 technically original?

    Got 346 on mine. Custom (powerflow) 3" exhaust and K&N air filter. Cleaned the air intake manifold. Made sure the intake valves are clean using a inspection camera. Terracleaned and aftermarket boost pipes fitted due to a failure(split and generally worn). Could do more, just the gearbox with 218k+ miles on it and with E clutch adaptions @ 750mbar is a limiting factor. Once it's done then...... We'll see.. Chu has removed the dpf as I can hear the turbo whine and it's sounds different.
  7. Biotoxic

    Whining noise from turbocharger area

    Remove the engine acoustic cover. You should be able to see where it's coming from. By the looks of it, it comes from the area near the exhaust manifold......
  8. Biotoxic

    Whining noise from turbocharger area

    Check the boost pipes. Sounds like a air leak or a bad jubilee connection. If this is going on for a few days then you should be able to see a oil mist near where it's leaking from. Most likely the top boost pipe at the engine side.. Most likely there will be a black smoke under heavy acceleration at higher rpm's.
  9. Biotoxic

    Playing music through phone?

    Thread and video guide coming soon...
  10. Biotoxic

    What is this thing?

    It wouldn't explain why there isn't a bypass loop attached. Theoretically your CCC shouldn't work if there is a break in a optic loop. There must be bypass somewhere. Most likely the CCC unit is changed and somebody hasn't coded in the TV module, or the module is faulty.
  11. Biotoxic

    com port new inpa kline cable cannot connect

    Reinstall the drivers that came with a new cable.
  12. Biotoxic

    Errors coding new SMC module

    P.s. load NCS Expert profile to default code the 2LSMC and 2RSMC. Profile you chose above is for enabling functions and code them to the car. You need defaults at the moment.
  13. Biotoxic

    Idrive versions

    Go for a Android unit and save some money. More connectivity as well. Check previous pages, there was a good thread about Android units including the feedback.
  14. You should change the seals as well when you change the oil and fallow ZF instructions to the letter. Its always good idea to check the adaption values before you reset them.
  15. Biotoxic

    How to reset all modules in e39?

    Deppending on the module