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  1. Not to advertise anybody, but Sussex auto parts had a good deal on ebay. Bolts, metal sump+gasket and seven liters of ZF oil for £149 you could buy a sealing sleeves all 6 of them on eBay for about £35-50 but if you want to be sure stealership sells those parts as well. Just get the part numbers handy. Not going to help much if the rpms are fluctuating, but service by changing the oil and filter would be done. Just to mention,if you decide to go for metallic sump(not available for 6HP19) then when you have to do a next service, you only need to change the sump oil filter as metallic one has separate unit. I think it costs just £15 or so.
  2. Biotoxic

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Managed to get the phonebook working on the MULF2HIGH also AUX IN function is working through the mulf using AUX in wire(sound over the MOST). Managed to play youtube with an aux in connected to the phone and when the phone is connected to seperate bluetooth unit. Now a bit more coding to do so that USB is shown in CCC, currently its greyed out...
  3. Biotoxic

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    When I got the car Bluetooth wasn't working, sounds cut out randomly and CCC restarted on its own at least once a day. Removed the old mulf from the loop by fitting a bypass and it sorted it. Found out I can upgrade the module to a more up to date one so I went for it. Easy to do on a LCi, but problematic to do for the Pre-lci. Went for the hardest option..
  4. Biotoxic

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    so.. after about a year of randomly reading through the threads at different forums and about half a year after I get my hands on a mulf2high basis(28.09.2010) I finally managed to get it working with my #0305 E60 pre-LCI .... Still needs to do a bit of coding done, but getting there. So $644 and $6FL has been successfully retrofitted and the CAT S61 is connected to the car now. Happy days.
  5. Biotoxic

    Pre and post lci auto gearboxes

    Friend of mine has a 06 530d it has 6HP19 gearbox real OEM showed it came with two gearboxes when he typed in the vin. Can't be sure what month he had but he actually had a 19th not the 26th. To be really sure you need to take a look at the LHS of the gearbox. The actual number will be there. I can confirm the bridge seals makes a lot of difference while shifting between the gears, but it's not going to cure the alternating rmps in 6th gear. Adaptation values have improved, but it's not top notch...
  6. Biotoxic

    Multiple Errors - All ideas welcome!

    Calculate test plan and follow the steps, its going to diagnose the fault, I think its because the sensor is not sitting correctly..
  7. Biotoxic

    Multiple Errors - All ideas welcome!

    Deal with the sensor first, remove the cover and see what you can do about the sensor not sitting correctly. I am starting to think that you might not have the Full beam assist as the camera is needed for it to be working.
  8. Biotoxic

    Multiple Errors - All ideas welcome!

    Yep, fix it and it should be ok.
  9. Biotoxic

    Multiple Errors - All ideas welcome!

    BL Blue GE Yellow Mistake by me saying about the black& yellow wire. Pre-lci it's for can-hi and can-low signals. You have only 3 wires there. Positive, negative and LIN cable. Check connections with multimeter. You should have a round type rain/light sensor instead of pre-lci square one. Someone might have tried to retrofit full beam assist by adding code for the beam assist to the VO as well...
  10. Biotoxic

    Multiple Errors - All ideas welcome!

    It's not communicating with Light module. Check the wiring at the mirror but it's not the black and yellow wire, it's the other one(can't remember from the top of my head) It is working as such but it doesn't transmit/receive signals to/from light module. If you tur the light switch to A position and when you turn on full beam at night time it should display error message. I will get you the wiring diagram once I get home.
  11. Biotoxic

    Multiple Errors - All ideas welcome!

    RLS. You have additional wire going to the LM since it's LCI. Pre LCI doesn't have it. Searched this when I found a thread about FLA that's the camera where the mirror is. Supposed to switch on/off full beam when it detects headlights or tailights then it switches off it automatically. I think it was option $524... Not sure. Somewhat easy to retrofit. Also it pops if I tried to make the car think it's LCi not pre LCI model... Basically it does no harm but the Full beam assist won't work automatically.
  12. There is an option in Ista to sync it. Maybe some Forum member is nearby and could help you..
  13. Since you made a new topic. You can unplug the "butterfly valve" if that sound is coming from there. You will still be able to start the car without it unpluged, it will just show another error. I know it doesn't start but also it could be a stuck starter motor... But it wouldn't even crank then...
  14. Biotoxic

    Please I need immediate help

    Good thing you made a video. The exclamation mark at the dash, did it said at the panel what it is? If you hold the BC button down it should display faults and if you keep pressing it should circle back and show them again but since your battery is flat you won't see them as they are usually displayed at the CCC. The next thing.... The CCC/mask screen is blank as also a indicator at the gear change controller. It should be lit as soon as you unlock the car. Google BMW sleep mode for more info. It should be lit. You won't be able to start the car if the light beside the gear shift is NOT lit. This might be expensive. I am starting to think your EWS is acting up thus forbidding to start the car. It needs to be synced with the CAS if it is out of sync. The other thing you could do is to check the fuses once you get the battery (also buy a charger) High pressure fuel pump is at the front rhs if you look at the engine under the ATF fluid tank driven by a ... (forgot a name of it) belt. Low pressure fuel pump is under the car, roughly where the passenger feet would be.
  15. Biotoxic

    Please I need immediate help

    Low pressure fuel pump is electric, if your dashboard lights up and the fan is blowing the battery should have enough juice to power the low pressure fuel pump. Just try if it works or not.