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  1. JASON635D

    suspension parts

    hi im refreshing the front and rear shocks and springs and would like a price for these parts to assemble all 4 corners please Front Suspension Items 2 – 11 https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=EA72-EUR-10-2007-E63N-BMW-635d&diagId=31_0678 Rear Suspension Items 2 – 6 & 8 – 10 https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=EA72-EUR-10-2007-E63N-BMW-635d&diagId=33_1170 last 7 of vin cz42550 bmw e63 635d 57 reg thanks
  2. JASON635D

    Auto box differences 530d Vs 535d

    you can flash xhp yourself with an android device that supports otg ,just buy the inpa cable and otg adapter , download the app ,purchase stage 1 2 or 3 or all with the super license and your good to go i really wanted the sat box retrofitted to my pre lci 530d but i dont think its possible :S xhp sorted that
  3. JASON635D

    Looking at a E60 530D again PY58BDZ

    yes at that mileage i would be looking for gearbox service receipts aswell im not sure if reliability is any different to a standard auto box if properly maintained but the sat boxes do change up and down quicker what you could do when you go to have a look is connect the xhp flashtool and read out for any transmission faults and also take a screenshot of the adaptions and im sure someone will be able to tell you what the figures should be roughly and also on the road test just slap it in sport mode, manual mode and see if there are any jerks when going up and down, make sure engine and gearbox get up to temp etc
  4. JASON635D

    Looking at a E60 530D again PY58BDZ

    looking at the failed mot its going to need front and rear brake discs and pads front dipped bulb rear numberplate bulb front drop links mine is carbon black and is registered as black on v5 if its had all of the above done and has good service history looks good mate just check gearbox is smooth etc
  5. JASON635D

    E60 prelci dynamic xenon to lci bixenon

  6. JASON635D

    E60 prelci dynamic xenon to lci bixenon

    Yes its possible you need the correct plugs then its a strait swap , also lm2 may be needed for wecome lights etc
  7. i want to do this aswell but i was told the 6hp28 will not fit unless you pair it with an lci engine? dont know how true this is though
  8. JASON635D

    bmw e60 530d parts

    hi i need new front and rear top mounts price please last 7 of vin cr86563 reg j15 ssn car will be fitted with softer sports setting shocks at the same time if that helps thanks jason
  9. JASON635D

    bmw e60 530d parts

    yes thats the one with screws aswell please
  10. JASON635D

    bmw e60 530d parts

    hi need a quote for plastic undertray cover for bmw e60 530d 2006 m sport with screws please last 7 of vin CR86563 reg J15 SSN
  11. JASON635D

    bmw e60 530d parts

    Preformed seal 59,0X67,2X6,2 11617790547 need 3 of these seals please for bmw e60 530d 2006 also need diversity antenna as my key range is bad and radio reception is not the best separate quotes please last 7 of vin CR86563 reg J15 SSN thanks
  12. could be the guides shot and allowing chain to rattle about , i do hear a chainy metallic sound in that video have you checked all the pulleys?
  13. JASON635D

    Pre and post lci auto gearboxes

    these seals perish which cause shifting and pressure problems i dont think it matters what box you have the 6hp26 are pretty good the best being the SAT version imo
  14. JASON635D

    Pre and post lci auto gearboxes

    i have a 06 530d it has 6hp26 i believe
  15. JASON635D

    gearbox parts

    hi need a price for some gearbox seals please for 2006 e60 530d last 7 of vin: CR86563 24107519314 24347571211 24107519315 24107520715 thanks