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  1. Big Will

    Ignition Coils

    I think that this is one of those cases where the Bremi parts that get the BMW stamp are made to a higher quality control standard than the parts that get sold through their aftermarket. Sometimes this isn't the case - for example when you buy bushings from Lemfoerder that clearly have the BMW logo ground off so you know they aren't making them to different standards. I was willing to take a risk because the cost of either the BMW stamped coils or the Bosch ones is exorbitantly high and it's easy enough to carry an extra coil pack in the trunk. I'm pretty confident that the Bremi coils I bought were not counterfeit because I contacted Bremi to ask them to confirm that they were real and they had me photograph each of them and then confirmed that they were not fakes.
  2. Big Will

    Ignition Coils

    Hi all, Just wanted to see if anyone else has had less than positive experiences with Bremi ignition coils recently? My touring had what were probably the original ignition coils (marked with the BMW symbol and "Beru Germany" on them) and after having a few slight misfires here and there at hard acceleration I decided it would be prudent to replace them before a long trip along with a new set of NGK plugs. In retrospect, I probably should have just replaced the boots but I found a good price on a set of Bremi coils, confirmed they were not counterfeit and installed them. Already had one die on me within the first 5,000 kilometers! Just replaced that one with an NGK. I keep a couple of the original Beru ones in the car just in case.
  3. Big Will

    hids are confusing

    EDIT: Thought about this a bit more and it doesn't make sense.
  4. Big Will

    Odd electrical gremlin

    Thanks Duncan - always appreciate your ideas. Just drove the iX from Berlin to the French Alps. Aside from the occasional phantom Check Control warnings the car drove nicely and averaged 10.1 L/100 with mostly Autobahn driving and some twisty mountain roads.
  5. Big Will

    Odd electrical gremlin

    Thank you both for the suggestion. I will try unplugging the adjusters to see if that makes a difference. Just a note - my headlight adjusters do currently work properly. My understanding was that if one or both weren't working and that caused the symptom of the warnings then it would indicate an issue with the LKM. Is that consistent with what you all have also experienced?
  6. Big Will

    Odd electrical gremlin

    Hi Mick. Thanks for the thoughtful reply. With regard to the welding, that's interesting. I don't actually know if a wiring loom runs through/nearby under the carpet but I suppose there's a chance of that. I don't know what route the wire bundle takes from the CCM to the rear lights. Theoretically at least, this shouldn't have been a shade-tree welding job and at least the final product makes it hard to tell any work was done. I'll check all of the bulb sockets this evening and see if hitting them with some contact cleaner makes for an easy fix.
  7. Big Will

    Odd electrical gremlin

    Hello all. A few months ago I had a small hole welded approximately in the middle left side of the car roughly under rear seat's foot area. This was in preparation for a Dinitrol rust protection treatment (done by a reputable shop in Sweden as was the welding). I'm assuming the timing was coincidence but thought it's worth mentioning anyway. Shortly thereafter I began to occasionally get a warning that all of my rear lights were out (brake lights, tail lights, and license plate lights) although they all still worked. The problem began to happen more frequently recently. Based on what I've read, it seemed like a problem with the CCM. I swapped it out for a used one of the same vintage but the problem re-occurred. This weekend I tried a third one that was working fine in the car it had been in but after a short drive, the same thing happened. Any ideas or pointers? All of the warning lights seem to go on at once or at least the tail lights and license plate lights and about 75% of the time also the brake light warning. The lights all still function despite the warning. Thanks for any ideas.
  8. Big Will

    525ix engine swap

    Neat - that's one I haven't heard of regarding the Hartge. So would the 525iX's oil pan simply bolt onto the rest of an M54?
  9. Big Will

    525ix engine swap

    The Alpina B10 3.0 Allrad had 231 bhp. I would think something like an M54 3.0 would produce about the same as that Alpina version of the 525iX.
  10. Big Will

    Headliner fabric source?

    Unfortunately BMW no longer sells most of the pieces for the headliner (at least for the tourings with dual sunroof) in silver gray. BMW had only one of the four pieces available (right side, middle). I think it's the same for the pergament color. I had a local upholstery shop make a new one and also cover the pillar trims so it looks original albeit with a slightly more textured fabric.
  11. Big Will

    Which Exhaust?

    Yes indeed the Eisenmann is very expensive. Fox definitely has a system for the E34 525i/iX as I'm using it on my wagon (see photo). But as said below, custom can also be a great option and if folks on here have personal experience with a shop that makes stainless steel ones then that adds some confidence.
  12. Big Will

    Which Exhaust?

    I use a stainless steel exhaust made by Fox. The quality is very good and it sounds great without being too loud - actually very quiet at low speeds. There's also Eisenmann but that's quite pricey too.
  13. Big Will

    Rareness of the Bmw e34 525ix

    Yea they were good for their time but compared to modern headlamp technology they aren't great. In Germany we really can't upgrade them because of the approval process. In theory you can use the E32 Xenon headlamps but they're not really obtainable anymore and the few sets that do exist are priced in the thousands of euro for 25+ year-old xenon technology. Maybe in the UK the rules are a little different regarding upgrading?
  14. Big Will

    Rareness of the Bmw e34 525ix

    Very cool. Nice to know more iX owners on here Mine has a September 94 build date. You and the OP have the locking rear differential. That must be even better in the slippery conditions.
  15. Big Will

    Rareness of the Bmw e34 525ix

    That's neat. You must have one of the very first that were produced. I only have the production numbers of iX Touring models: 1991: 18 iX tourings produced in total (9 manual, 9 automatic). All 18 appeared to be LHD. 1992: 2165 iX tourings (1333 manual, 832 automatic) 1993: 897 iX tourings (455 manual, 442 automatic) 1994: 736 iX tourings (402 manual, 334 automatic) 1995: 637 iX tourings (319 manual, 318 automatic) 1996: 130 iX tourings (69 manual, 61 automatic) Total number produced: 4,583 We also know that they only made 4,783 iX sedans between '91 and '96 and if they only made 18 tourings in that first year, it would be logical to think the number of sedans built was pretty similar so you have a very rare one indeed. Here is a vin decoder where you can put in the last 7 of your vin and get the production date and original options etc. https://bimmercat.com/bmw/en/vin/decoder/online