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    2003 E39 530D Touring Sport

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  1. chewy7

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    How's the car running now mate? Love your thread! Its been a great read!
  2. chewy7

    2003 E39 Touring 530D Fuel Pipes

    Hi, it's Gk53mfu, thanks
  3. Hi, I'm after the three fuel lines which run under the passenger side of the car. Mine are currently corroded. Kind regards,
  4. Always good to ask when buying used parts mate. Assumptions can turn out pear shaped. Would you be interested in splitting the set mate? I only need one set of 15mm and one set of 20mm. Thanks
  5. Hi, do you have the driver side front wing?
  6. Hi mate, Are these still available? Thanks