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  1. screw this sensor and screw bmw, i bought a lexus rx 400h happy as a russian cucumber
  2. holy crap i heat up sensor and finally error gone plus fifty and now quickly dropping... so this is an issue with wiring girth and length... what length should be wiring and what diameter? if wiring is thin then resistance is higher? and if thick then less resistance?
  3. thanks. voltmeter shows 13.8 millivolts at wires when car battery is switched on. 1.32v when position 1 battery on. 1.38v when pre start on. 1.47v when switched off sensor reads ok aprox 25c at 4.8 kohms... how to check if cluster is dead? how to fix cluster? when i clear error car instantly beeps and gives same error back Date: 81/04/21 16:58:14 ECU: IKI JobStatus: OKAY Variant: IKI RESULT: 1 errors in error memory! 236 Outside temperature Error frequency: 40 Short circuit to U - Batt. Error momentarily present. why short circuit when it should be open circuit? when i short to car i get +50. like this https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1HSkzkQIkJCmIKvWiJwtbMehJ168-fy0S Date: 04/01/21 17:27:03 ECU: IKI JobStatus: OKAY Variant: IKI RESULT: 1 errors in error memory! 296 Outside temperature Error frequency: 45 Short circuit to ground Error momentarily present sporadic error ======== could it be because i made wiring longer and thinner wiring by 40 cm resistance got much higher and thus it shows minus 40? but why short circuit then?
  4. gearbox really does not like cold temps i can feel the pain
  5. what is the OEM code for this connector? ambient temp sensor
  6. 0C 15.5 kohms (iced water)6C 11.915C 7.525C 4.835C 3.145C 2.0850C 1.75 i am getting correct resistance from sensor matches range.... screw it... probably cluster done goofed
  7. screw it... i ll leave it at minus forty. webasto is needed these days. coolant circulation also depends on ambient? where could i see resistors ohms proper range? i paid 15 euros for this sensor from a decent vendor in Lithuania... don't think it's chinese
  8. weird stuff. short circuit test shows plus 50 reset gives minus 40 so there is connection. perhaps two faulty sensors... how unlikely... i really need to know resistance ohms range to test sensor drove for 26 km stays plus 50 when short circuit or minus 40 after reset webasto works off ambient sensor? ef it
  9. thanks will do. please tell me how many volts should be reading ambient thermometer? i am getting 3.85 volts at 15c . and it moves when heat up... seems alive how to test wiring for ambient thermometer what ohms and volts should be reading from cluster to sensor? and how to properly ping and ring wires? my cluster shows minus 40c
  10. by the way. started the car. but could not move it. breaks seized. had to Drive and Reverse with throttle for 2 minutes. now ok. is this dangerous? can car seize whilst driving?
  11. did that. thanks a lot. you are the best.
  12. good tip. i ll test leakage. thanks! this bulb is non removable? bmw... any tips on removing this bulb?
  13. who knew. awesome thanks for the tip!
  14. https://youtu.be/ercs86vkxZc
  15. swapped angel eyes bulbs. now it got weirder. right yellow off. right angel on. left yellow on. left angel off. https://drive.google.com/file/d/17z8m_u5SQNbFSaQf8xNqJfofs4IcRSj_/view?usp=drivesdk