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  1. if i can adjust high beam up and down but not low beam then this means link is broken between them right?
  2. can i use dsp android unit on a non dsp car?
  3. this plastic is fiber glassed.... very hard to melt and cures very rapidly :[
  4. what do you think about qbond?
  5. is it holding good this double epoxy? what about winter?
  6. maybe found native plastic.... melted plastic then don't know if it will last effin ze germanz
  7. works great now after an hour of suffering and surgery but i have a bit of a pickle now... can't glue back melting plastic did not help it cracks when cooled any ideas how to fuse two plastics together nicely? how hot do these headlights get? also in winter.... damn not easy eh
  8. from 2003 headlights are not oven compatible they are permanently sealed
  9. is that optic fiber.? there should be at least one thread to work?
  10. well you look at that https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1SLtr24YMTH1uNHFG9J96xpF-qsih5Pdi
  11. this is nazi Germany you have to butcher their engineering and it seems to me you have not done it yourself?
  12. gine39530d

    Lights on always? How to

  13. gine39530d

    Lights on always? How to

    sorry, Clav my apologies it seems to me lcm was not coding new settings properly now i tried again I put europe setting on and lights far right on. heard confirming gong. and now i don't get this error that lights are on when engine is on and off so if TAGFAHRLICHT_ECE is active and lights position is far right on and engine is on and off then lights on error is suppressed right? thanks!
  14. i cut here and will get access to two adjusters right? is there a wiring on top ceiling that could be damaged? or should i just cut two holes? i would love a bigger hole for easier access but a bit scared