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  1. Marc_86

    E39 anti roll bar swap?

    IIRC...its 16.5mm. If you think the sport 15mm looked weedy...you should see the 13mm SE ARB. I had thicker braces at school as a bairn ha.
  2. Marc_86

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    No taxi but Free courtesy car though. I got a spanking new 320d with 6 miles on the clock.
  3. Marc_86

    E39 anti roll bar swap?

    Or you could opt for eibach ARBs which are even thicker.
  4. Marc_86

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Christ...was it hand delivered by sheikh on a gold plated camel?
  5. Marc_86

    Short shifter?

    Will do...although the one i picked in the images only showed the larger circlip...so chances are it wont have the small one...but i will simply re-use the original. The ones with both clips online - seemed to be double the price. no way was i paying double for the sake of a poxy clip ha.
  6. Marc_86

    Short shifter?

    I've literally pulled the trigger on this one too...same colour. Although some I've seen have 2 circlips/snap rings. The big one for the bottom of the new shifter and a smaller one for the selector rod. Looks like you didnt get the small one so I'm assuming we can reuse the original? Cheers
  7. Marc_86

    Some Free Bits

    Hi is the brace still available? If so, id happily pay postage if you would be happy to post it to me...i know you would prefer collection but as we say up in the north-east..."Shy Bairns get Nowt!!!"
  8. Marc_86

    E39 manual gear change notchiness ?

    Hi, No springs on the gear stick...chances are your original plastic bush/cup that the ball on the gear stick sits in...is worn out. The upgrade to the short shift should eliminate this slop/notchyness. You could also look at changing the gearbox oil - royal purple seems to be very popular and can smooth out notchyness. Also which short shifter are you getting - you going down the OEM 545 e60 shifter or an aftermarket ebay jobby? HTH
  9. Marc_86

    Axle Stands

    Smashing...that will do me. i do like draper as a make - but i think the ones i listed with the extra safety pin and 3 tonnes (same price)...these tick the box for me. Heard too many horror stories about the stands being knocked and the ratchet releasing. Cheers again
  10. Marc_86

    Axle Stands

    Cheers lads...so is it worth buying 3 tonne vs 2 tonne?
  11. Marc_86

    Axle Stands

    Hi All, Just thought id post this for some advice and opinions. For the past 10+ years ive had some trusty jack stands (the pin/hole type) from Halfords...rated at 3 tonne per axle. They are perfect and give me great confidence when under the car - although the adjustment and height is quite limited - i.e. either too low or too high where my trolley jack struggles to get them high enough. So for a while, ive been thinking of buying another set - but i like the look of the adjustable ratchet type ones - i think these will give me more control on the height of the car. Now for a double safety measure - ive even seen some on Amazon which also come with a locking pin too...you cant be too safe. Now my questions are: 1. Is 3 tonne per axle overkill and should i buy 2 tonne - as the beemer is certainly no light weight go-kart. 2. What are peoples opinions of the ratchet type ones? Here are the ones that caught my eye due to price, reviews and also the locking pin for extra safety. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Faithfull-3000Kg-Release-Ratchet-Ajustment/dp/B007P0YC7U/ref=sr_1_15?keywords=axle+stand+ratchet+and+pin&qid=1572434042&sr=8-15 Opinions welcome. Cheers
  12. Marc_86

    Are we now a dating site ?

    Pmsl...made my day that comment.
  13. Marc_86

    Short shifter?

    I'm looking at the exact same one. The normal route is the shifter off the e60 545 but new they are close to £100 plus plastic cup and washers etc. I've been watching a few YouTube vids on the one in your link...all seem easy and spot on. Mostly are e36 vids but the mechanism between different bmw models and ages are pretty much the same (e30, e36, e38, e39, e46 etc)
  14. Marc_86

    Are we now a dating site ?

    Yup got one too. Checked their profile and they had signed up for 8ish hours before spamming my inbox too.
  15. Marc_86

    First time 530i owner with query

    Most members on this forum (trying to be PC) - their balls are hairy and not crystal and without a proper question or any form of question - we cannot help, but instead will happily take the piss. ha