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  1. Marc_86

    M sport/ sport

    Yup - it had sport suspension and shadow line trim and 17" wheels - the rest looked like a normal SE.
  2. Marc_86

    E39 M57 Auxiliary Belts

    Never seen so many pulleys on a car before ha.
  3. Marc_86

    E39 diesel and EML

    Cheers chaps. Nice to know I'm not going mad.
  4. Marc_86

    What's going on with my headlights?

    Tell me about it. Just recently replaced my adjusters in facelift xenons - what an absolute PITA!!! Never again.
  5. Marc_86

    E39 diesel and EML

    Thanks for confirming. Im always a bit wary of telling my local indy on how to do his job when MOT testing ha Any more takers - diesel owners of course.
  6. Marc_86

    What's going on with my headlights?

    This may be only related to factory xenons. Dan is correct - there is a pivoting arm for both front and rear suspension arms - which adjust the light angle depending on how the car is pointing. Or if you have a full load in the car and boot - it will drop them down slightly so you dont drive around with big bat signs pointing to the sky. May be different for non-xenon though.
  7. Marc_86

    The E39 First World Problems thread

    Meh, Rip it out and pop a sub in the boot and use the ski-pass to port the bass into the cabin. That's what it should have been made for...unless you ski of course
  8. Marc_86

    E39 diesel and EML

    Would love for a facelift diesel owner to come along and confirm.
  9. Marc_86

    E39 diesel and EML

    Hi all, This has been bugging me since my mot and I'm just after 100% confirmation. On my 03 525d the EML has never illuminated since I bought it. After my recent mot my local indy tried to fail it until I argued after a bit of googling to say they don't light up on the diesel e39s...its actually the dde light...and he took my word for it. Now on doing various cluster number 2 checks...it doesn't light up on that too. Am I right in saying it's the dde light which cycles on ignition...which it does. I always thought this was the glow plug light. Car runs brilliant and has plenty power so no faults I can think of. 100% confirmation would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Marc_86

    Radio modules and head unit etc...

    I'd of thought some OEM purist may have them off you at a price. No harm in trying to sell first before binning them.
  11. Marc_86

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I've done this before but swiftly changed back to normal. Due to the shape of the diamond key - the boot release button kept getting pressed and when i came back to my car later on - the boor was wide open ready to be pilfered by some local scumbags. Also - i had to buy new boot struts as the e39 oem ones - the end joint cannot come off...the e36 must be slightly different. Admittedly it is a really cool feature - but the risks outweighed the coolness.
  12. Marc_86

    Damp front carpets

    +1 for this. My old pug 306 was notorious for this.
  13. Where have the list and prices gone mate? What mileage was on the turbo, any play etc? Cheers
  14. Marc_86

    D2S bulb holder

    Yup...very strange. Checked them all. Looks like I'll have to order from overseas and pay more in postage than for the items.