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  1. Marc_86

    Turbo Comparison and Specs

    Will do. Was like a kid at Christmas opening the box...but now it's going to be like waiting for christmas to come again all over waiting for the day of fitting.
  2. Marc_86

    Turbo Comparison and Specs

    Im in the same boat - absolutely nothing wrong with my current turbo - pulls very well with the remap...zero issues. Im just on the quest for more power again and at this price decided i couldn't pass it up. So far...the service and communication prior to purchase with the ebay seller has been faultless. Ive conducted a fair bit of research on the company and 99%+ is great...and its a fully re-conditioned/re-built OEM Garrett too - not one of those dodgy looking "chinese" style ones with no part number/turbo spec plate and no Garrett on the casing. Clearly im not associated with the company involved but here is the link to the one i bought. They did also advise they had lots in stock ready to ship. HTH https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Turbocharger-BMW-530d-730d-135-142kw-11652248906-11652248907-Gasket-kit/320946268942?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649
  3. Marc_86

    Turbo Comparison and Specs

    Turbo arrived already...very well packed, including warranty, gaskets and even instructions. All looks great and everything is spotless and shiny. Getting booked into garage in 2 weeks for fitting. Cant wait...
  4. Marc_86


    Well done...glad you got sorted in the end.
  5. Not familiar with the petrols but ask if the timing chain or guides have ever been changed. Also if you do buy it...get rid of the m5 badge on the back lol Edit...looks like dan beat me to it
  6. Marc_86

    Eibach Sportline springs - who's running them?

    TBH - looks perfect as it is...but the second image (photoshop im guessing) also looks brilliant.
  7. Marc_86

    Turbo Comparison and Specs

    Trigger pulled!!! Couldn't resist and the watch timer was counting down. Another has been re-listed at a higher price - so ive saved a little buying it today. Will keep this thread updated on the status, delivery, goods received (quality, packaging etc) Then fitting and outcome...
  8. Marc_86

    Turbo Comparison and Specs

    Company have come back and advised that all turbos they deal with are fully tested on flow machines. Think im about the pull the trigger. Any other opinions or thoughts people? They certainly give me more confidence than the chinese copies on ebay.
  9. Marc_86

    Turbo Comparison and Specs

    Thats the one mate. Seems promising...especially since they dont mind taking my old turbo for exchange. At this price it's hard to pass it up.
  10. Marc_86

    My Norwegian E39 With Many pictures

    Credit due and all that. Wish i had the time/patience as i would do the same. I used to in my youth - any new part on the car always got painted so i knew over the years what i had changed/replaced (wishbone arms, drop links, roll bars etc - basically anything that would take the paint) oh and well done on the competition win - everyone loves a freebie.
  11. Marc_86

    HID dim beam aim too low

    Its not that bad to be honest - just time consuming . Once you get over the shear rage and stress of doing it the first time...the second time (next headlight) will take half the time.
  12. Marc_86

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Coming together smashing...wish i had the know-how when it comes to electrics.
  13. Marc_86

    Turbo Comparison and Specs

    I didnt ask that - but will quickly fire over a question. Anything else you think i should check/ask? The company are based it Latvia but have a UK warehouse...99%+ feedback on ebay and any negative feedback seems to refer to postage of the wrong item. Also seen their name pop up on various other car forums all of which seem to be positive feedback.
  14. Marc_86

    Turbo Comparison and Specs

    Happy days - ive found a supplier of an OEM Garrett unit (refurbished) with 12 months warranty who will accept my GT2052V turbo on exchange. £170 + £60 surcharge then £60 refund once my old unit is returned. Cant really complain at the above. Saves trying to do the above suggestion - albeit it was a cracking idea.
  15. Marc_86

    Turbo Comparison and Specs

    Good shout. cant believe i didnt think of that. 1. Buy knackered 2256V 2. Buy reconditioned 2256V and exchange knackered 2256V 3. Sell my fully working 2052V to re-coup costs. Now away to search for knackered 2256v's. Cheers