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  1. RightHandGoose

    Auto transmission specialists in NW

    There's a place in Preston that has been highly recommended..
  2. RightHandGoose

    Gearbox jerk from stop fixed!

    I hope that this has fixed your issues but unfortuately the highest of suggestions is to have the autobox fully serviced first. Then compliment that with the xhp upgrade...
  3. RightHandGoose

    E61 520D (LCI) Front Suspension Refresh

    Autodoc usually come up trumps but some folks might get a link to something. Some folks might may even suggest away from the Moog set up
  4. RightHandGoose

    Do you let your better half drive your BMW? :)

    Ha, I'll happily watch her do it in her own car.
  5. RightHandGoose

    Do you let your better half drive your BMW? :)

    I've been told and shouted at that I'm a terrible passenger driver... No idea why. It will always be an emergency only...
  6. RightHandGoose

    Textar Epad Brake Pads any opinions

    Textar, Jurid are Factory for E60 range and beginning of F range I think. Much talk of using Ate with Ate ceramic pads.
  7. RightHandGoose

    Textar Epad Brake Pads any opinions

    Std Textar pads and discs on my rear currently and happy with them from Autodoc.
  8. RightHandGoose

    Tyre pressures

    Every couple of weeks with air...
  9. RightHandGoose

    Tyre pressures

    I found out to my wallet and probable serious accident. E61 and I mucked about with the pressures particularly on the back. Only ever me innit usually and motorway. Had rears nearer 40psi and when checked after some scary wintry driving. They were going past the rubber. My guys told me off and 30 psi all round for 245/40/18. Like Dark Horse says and upto 34psi if required. All good now. But they do need regular air as I'm motorway driving.
  10. RightHandGoose

    Ford Parts - online suppliers

    Ford Formula F if they still do it. Castrol Magnatec Fully Synthetic is all you need.
  11. RightHandGoose

    Ford Parts - online suppliers

    Ha, since it's an older car surely 5-30w would be correct it's what everyone put in there mondeo St.. Think the castrol might have been A4??
  12. RightHandGoose

    Ford Parts - online suppliers

    For service you won't save much at all.. Ecp big sale will do or ebay. Usual Mahle, Hengst Mann for filters but probably bosch for fuel filter. Oil, only you will decide that one
  13. RightHandGoose

    Well gone and done it and purchased so help needed

    Think real. oem will tell you if that model has flaps. LL04 for dpf and any oil that has its specs including asda oil... BTool Expert App on android and Carista or Kowieg dongle. Great set up for the price or if your more proficient with computers then it's impa. Dis etc. You want to check stats temps straight away.
  14. RightHandGoose

    Interior LEDs [White] ? More modern?

    I would have a look on Carl's Facebook and if there is there is examples. But also message him for advice... Mention your on here too..
  15. RightHandGoose

    Brake fluid for 535d

    Unless your driving race track style. I think any dot 4 should do really. Especially if your doing a refresh regularly. Some might say even go dot 5.1 and specific brand.. Don't spend more if its really not required.