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  1. RightHandGoose

    525D Automatic - Injectors cleaner

    Archoil products once on a while
  2. RightHandGoose

    Start up problems/ERRORS.. Please help!

    Go into Coding section and ask there pal....
  3. RightHandGoose

    Automatic gearbox issues

    535i Andrew has some experience on the e clutch and the box...
  4. RightHandGoose

    Start up problems/ERRORS.. Please help!

    Stusmalls, ask on here who has Carly or ista that may live near you and can help out...
  5. RightHandGoose

    Car Mechanics E61 project car

    Ha, looking forward to this project as well... My box is flowing very well thank you.....interesting they have included the bridge seals. Have they said why?
  6. RightHandGoose

    M57 3.0D remap

    Canny beat a Scottish Boulder....hope you get him...I'm looking visit gain later this year
  7. RightHandGoose

    M57 3.0D remap

    Have you phoned the shop. I've actually been to the business but aye he's crap at answering txts
  8. Stay with 5-30. Some folks will say get any oil that is LLO4 that will include the oil Asda sell but that's better if you service the oil every 6k or so. Top end Mobil 1 is really good and IS fully synthetic as is http://www.valvolineeurope.com/english/products/engine_oils/synpower/cid(9497)/synpower_mst_c3_5w-30. These two are the very few oils that are actually really fully synthetic. Mann and Mahle filters definitely Bosch for the wipers at https://www.wiperblades.co.uk/ autodoc.co.uk and use their app have always got sales and sell a lot of bmw factory parts but it does help to shop around all the usual sites as you've mentioned but also ebay, https://www.buycarparts.co.uk/
  9. RightHandGoose

    M57 3.0D remap

    http://harperautos.co.uk/ This is where you get Mark....
  10. Might take you up on that as my demister is not working and radio not great.....
  11. RightHandGoose

    Glow plugs and controller

    I've just bought a set of bosch……...not heard of the contradiction. I know the Beru controllers don't seem to last long anyways. What do I do now...lol
  12. RightHandGoose


    ASDA has it at £15 for 5 litres if your on a tight budget etc
  13. RightHandGoose


    Hi folks, no probs at all. I'll send off the part, regards to assembly drawing. Would that mean glass lamp and bulb come as a complete unit. If so how much please..? Many thanks.
  14. RightHandGoose


    Hellooo, Unfortunately I've not given the correct info and it's arrived and not the right part.... The photo is what I'm after which is the assembly bracket and m-tec... Apologies
  15. RightHandGoose

    Service time....what oil?

    I was wondering we're you had been in this conversation..