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  1. nigeDLS

    LKM questions-The truth is out there....

    Just resurrecting this thread as I’m trying to get rid of my excessive fault messages. Did anyone have success with adding the capacitors on the headlamp adjuster wiring?
  2. nigeDLS

    Electric fan works suddenly at key ON position

    Probably coincidence. I think the fan switch works backwards, so if the fan switch is faulty the fan runs continuously
  3. nigeDLS

    MOT emissions

    Thanks Steven. All sorted now, plugged the car into Launch and the Lambda sensor was working once the car above 80 degrees, but the values didn’t seem quite right. Fitted a new sensor, took it back to the MOT sensor and was greeted by a screen of green boxes. Happy days
  4. nigeDLS

    MOT emissions

    Afternoon guys, Took my car for MOT today and the co reading was way too high (around 5.5%), hc about 250 and lambda about 0.9. First guess would be a dodgy lambda sensor but where do we go after that? cheers
  5. nigeDLS

    Handbrake warning light fault?

    Thanks for the link to wiring diagrams
  6. nigeDLS

    Handbrake warning light fault?

    The whole dash has been out, along with the wiring, so the plug in the centre console has been undone too car is a 94 saloon (facelift)
  7. Evening guys, bit of a strange one. My handbrake warning light illuminates with the handbrake off, but when I apply the handbrake, the light goes out. I have had a lot of the car apart recently (dashboard out etc), but would presume if something was incorrectly plugged in, it either would be on or off all the time, not work backwards!! help!!!
  8. nigeDLS

    E34 door cards- NO LONGER REQUIRED

    if Calypso-E34 doesn't want the whole set (it's all matching!) I'll let you know
  9. nigeDLS

    E34 door cards- NO LONGER REQUIRED

    I have a set of a 1994 525i Sport, black with black leather inserts and the black wood (cant remember what its called). I also have the matching dash inserts as well if your car is compatible? Also the auto gear change wood panel in matching wood.

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