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  1. I’m looking to get my 19” 351 wheels refurbed. Slight internal corrosion but no kerbing. Any good powder coating shops around inverclyde/ Glasgow area anyone can recommend??
  2. 1320Arbroath


    This has turned into a nightmare... I’m waiting on the full list of parts replaced but spoke to the guy at DP today and he mentioned an alternator and a wiring loom as well. TBH he didn’t know much as it was a courtesy call to let me know they have driven the car to Aberdeen and took the loaner mini back. I can’t blame DP but as for JC Aberdeen I’m fuming to say the least, and can’t do nowt as not home from work till next Tuesday.
  3. 1320Arbroath


    Latest. Asking my permission to fill the tank and add additives. I have now to pay for said full tank and £30 worth they put in during testing. Needed for extended test drive. I gave them the car with over 1/2 a tank... wtf!
  4. 1320Arbroath


    Update on the car ... 4 injectors, HP fuel pump... fuel line... then I got the old ‘ we drained the petrol tank and the fuels looking iffy’ told him to stop right there.. only fill with shell v and I said ‘ are you attempting to blame me? What do you want me to do -take sample before I fill up? Still not fixed.. So car has been in since 4th December- not had an update since the 23rd.. still got a mini convertible loaner and had to drive to Aberdeen in it to go offshore... emailed them expressing my disappointment and what I want on a way forward and was told - ‘ we’ll speak about what happens next after we get to the bottom of what’s wrong’ ..... unbelievable! Shame on you BMW...
  5. 1320Arbroath


    Was purchased / part financed in JC Bmw aberdeen - they have done the discs but it’s now in DP BMW in hillington... Is this the one you mean Andrew..:-(
  6. 1320Arbroath


    550i M sport 2012. Bought approved with 12 month warranty & care.Owned for 2 months & 7 days. Been into the stealership 3 times and still there now. First fault on motorway and all systems shutdown. Allsorts of drivetrain, brakes, transmission faults flagged up. Dealer couldn’t replicate fault so reset. Then when putting winters on noticed suspension boots split, when braking vibration issues. Warped front disc. Both fronts replaced. Then accelerating off roundabout and boing! Drivetrain error. Car shutdown some cylinders and was vibrating all over the shop. Assist came and checked and told me to drive to dealers. Now in had 3 injectors replaced and now waiting on a high pressure fuel pump being fitted. Currently driving a ‘courtesy’ Mini Cooper convertible. Mentioned to dealer about USA recall care bulletin on N63 engine and all 550’s having lots of parts checked and changed including engine parts I’ve just mentioned. Got a smirk and fobbed off. What’s goin on with BMW.? Not a happy Chappy as I was loving the car.
  7. 1320Arbroath

    Shock absorber boot

    Putting my winter wheels on yesterday I noticed the drivers side front shocker dust boot is split in half. Also the rears don’t have any boots at all. Is this normal on the rear? I have only had the car a month and have full Bmw warranty, would this be covered?
  8. 1320Arbroath

    Advice on winter wheels

    I’ve purchased the wheels I have on the thread - when I went on the Bmw website and picked the same alloys, put in my VIN, says they won’t fit!!! Haven’t tried on the car yet - but I put the VIN in first it brought up 5 sets of winter wheels but says only 1 naff set of 18” wheels fit! What’s goin on??
  9. 1320Arbroath

    Not a great start

    Had my 550i F10 for a month now - away for work for 3 weeks of that so really only drove it for 4 days. On driving back from Aberdeen got to about 10 miles from Glasgow when all hell broke loose! All the screens etc went off, the hud started showing transmission fault, brake system fault, steering fault - main screen told me to contact assist and get to dealer immediately! Took to Douglas park Bmw in Hillington, got a frosty reception as 17:30 on a Friday but assist sorted a enterprise hire 320 xdrive for the weekend. Had a call today to say they can’t ‘replicate’ the fault and will look again tomorrow. Anyone had this fault or dealings with Douglas park Hillington Bmw???
  10. 1320Arbroath

    Advice on winter wheels

    What months do you use? November to April?
  11. 1320Arbroath

    Advice on winter wheels

    Ended up getting a set of these...pick them up next week. on Dunlop Winter Sport 3D Tyres - 245/45/18. Anybody got these tyres on? Any good ?
  12. 1320Arbroath

    Would these fit?

    They are on gumtree in aberdeen £200 a corner.
  13. 1320Arbroath

    Deposit on engine...

    Hi, looking at a photo of my engine, (cant physically see as away working!) I noticed a strange substance next to the oil filler cap. Has anyone got a clue.? I’ll be driving straight back to the dealership when I get back from work in 2 weeks!
  14. 1320Arbroath

    Would these fit?

    I thought the aspect ratio (sidewall)was given as a percentage of the width, hence dividing by 100 then multiply by ratio, but I think I might avoid. Cracking price too with virtually brand new sottozero’s.
  15. 1320Arbroath

    Would these fit?

    I thought that might be the case... is this correct ? originals 275/100x35=96.25 new 255/100x40=102