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  1. johnnymad

    Anyone remapped their F10 518D SE?

    Could you give some details of who did it and the power difference please? Sounds interesting...
  2. I purchased a 2 and a half year old F10 520d Msport 29,000 miles with lots of extras from an indepent dealer last September. £17,990 bargain. It had loads of extras even heated rear seats. I do about 30,000 miles a year so by January it needed a service. Imagine my delight when I picked it up from Stratsone BMW Chesterfield and they said no charge! The previous owner had taken out a service plan and I inherited it. Check that out! When the warranty ran out I took out the full warranty cover and a new 2 year service plan. Total peace of mind.
  3. johnnymad

    Removing handbrake "auto-release" feature

    My 2016 F10 520d does the same. Without auto hold activated, flick the handbrake on, it releases automatically and allows you to drive away if you press the accelerator. It doesn't need much throttle either. Just a touch.
  4. johnnymad

    Rear diff seals - common?

    I've just had mine done as part of the end of warranty check. 3 years old and 43,000 miles. So I'd say yes it's common.
  5. johnnymad

    What do you all get on full tank?

    2016 520d msport. I commute 100 miles a day: half motorway and half country roads. I get about 750 miles per tank.
  6. johnnymad

    Eco Pro and heated seats

    I have 16 plate 520d msport and commute 100 miles a day - mainly motorway. It's mostly smart motorway in rush hour and the limit is always 60mph and it's busy but flowing. On a good day Eco Pro gives me 58mpg and according to the conputer figures saves me about a gallon of diesel per tankful. Agree with Johnny Grabble about the unresponsive loud peday though.