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  1. Munich1

    Antenna, power/manual

    Removed my old antenna, was wondering if the antenna my car left factory with was power or manual. Have decoded vin to no avail. Does anyone know if cars left factory with one or the other as standard? My thanks
  2. Munich1

    Price please Cotswold

    Thanks Cotswold, payment sent via PayPal Nik
  3. Munich1

    Price please Cotswold

    Hello Cotswold, VIN J999971 I need a price for a set of front and rear brake pad wear sensors please. Thanks
  4. Munich1

    C.V. joints

    It states it is correct on the Autodoc site Taffy. I've ordered from Autodoc previously, no problems whatsoever. I didn't order an entire replacement joint in the end just got the (very expensive) boot kits from BMW. They do just slide apart, no resistence.
  5. Munich1

    Price please Cotswold

    Hello Cotswold Can I have individual prices for the following please; 1off 11531274210, coolant hose 1off 11531272835. coolant hose 4off 07129952113, hose clamp 28-33 1off 64211368715, coolant hose 1off 64211368714, coolant hose 1off 64211363470, coolant hose 1off 41611955456, bonnet Thanks Nik
  6. Munich1

    C.V. joints

    Asked about this a while back, part no's in post
  7. Munich1

    Price please Cotswold

    Thanks Cotswold. Can I get a price for the following two clamps also please 1off 64531356622, clamp 1off 64503450202, clamp 6off 11621723851, exhaust manifold gasket Thanks
  8. Munich1

    Price please Cotswold

    Hello Cotswold vin 0660149 I need an individual price for two drive belts please; 1off 11221706788 1off 32421718953 Many thanks Nik
  9. Munich1

    Price please Cotswold

    Hello Cotswold, vin 0660149 I need 1off gasket , situated on the rear of cylinder head. Realoem shows part no 11121726725.4 Also 1off M8X35 bolt, part no 07119913676 Thanks, Nik
  10. Munich1

    Engine gasket sealant

    Am in the process of reconstructing my engine and wondered what the best methods are for achieving a good seal between block/sump/timing covers/head all gaskets are new and oem. Sump gasket; as it’s cork and should compress when bolts are torqued, is it wise to apply sealant, and what has been tried and tested? is sealant usually applied between lower timing cover and sump where the gasket is cork? Timing covers; I have Loctite 5926 for gaskets between timing covers (upper and lower) and head/block, is there anything better suited? I’m assuming there is no sealant necessary between upper and lower timing covers where the head gasket is sandwiched, can anyone verify? rear crank seal housing; is a bead of gasket sealant necessary between block and housing plate?
  11. Munich1

    Price please Cotswold

    Hello Cotswold, individual prices for the following please; vin - 0660149 1off 11121730227, head gasket +0.3mm, 2.07mm 8off 11220616143, flywheel bolts 2off 07119902998, m6x35mm bolts 1off 11142249533, rear crank seal Thanks
  12. Munich1

    Price please Cotswold

    Hi Cotswold I'm looking at no1 on the below page; https://www.etkbmw.com/bmw/EN/search/selectCar/E28/Lim/BMW+M535i/ECE/33_0485 Output shaft, 33 21 1 226 667 Nik
  13. Munich1

    CV joint

    Stripped down half axles for new boots today, Once degreased, I noticed one joint was rattling due to above normal wear and had a nightmare with ball bearings falling out of a second during the struggle to remove the inside joint covering cap. I remade the dismantled joint but with 720 possible combinations of six ball bearings, it's likely they're not all in the right place. The remade joint feels a fraction tighter than the two that came out intact. There is no wear to the ball bearings. I understand the joints are machined at factory and matched to ball bearings for each of the six grooves in the joint. My questions are; Would it be ok to put the remade joint back into use? Are single joints available to buy? My searches lead me to SKF VKJA 8810, can anyone tell me if this is the correct part? Many thanks
  14. Munich1

    Price please Cotswold

    Hello Cotswold Parts vin 0660149 Are half axles for rear subframe still available? Is this an exchange only deal? Can I buy a cv joint separately? Many thanks Nik
  15. Munich1

    Price please Cotswold

    Thanks Cotswold, can I also have a price for replacement fog light units please, whole units left and right. Nik