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  1. In the UK, try Tim Pollock, user @Tims on the Forum. All the best
  2. Munich1

    Price please Cotswold

    Hello Cotswold Yes please send over estimate via email, jrnsmart@hotmail.com. My thanks Nik
  3. Munich1

    Price please Cotswold

    Hello Cotswold vin 0660149, DC82 M535i I'm looking for individual prices and lead time for the following please; 16121178468, fuel feed pipe 16121177267, fuel return pipe I'm also in need of all hard brake lines for my car, are they still available? My thanks Nik
  4. Munich1

    M535 Bodykit Fitment

    Stock mtec front and rear kit mounts to existing metal bumpers, which in turn bolt onto bumper irons/mounts on body. There is extra strength and rigidity through additional brackets/reinforcement pieces for the plastic kit, most of which are still available from dealer with the exception of one front mounting piece I believe. Forum member Tims has a mtec kitted car currently in. If you need pieces make contact, hopefully he's still got them in stock. Below is realoem for my DC82, you'll find relevant pages for mtec kit. https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/partgrp?id=DC82-EUR-07-1985-E28-BMW-M535i&mg=51
  5. Munich1

    Nearside wheel well

    Hello Mick No it's neither, all mechanicals by myself, shell grit blasted by Sodatec in Halifax, welding by Trickett welding in Poole, body, paint and stonechip by Stellar Paintworks, Bucks Nik
  6. Munich1

    Nearside wheel well

    Stonechip complete, paint has been blown in arches. A long way to go yet
  7. Munich1

    Nearside wheel well

    Thanks for your replies gents, will post pics when next at bodyshop
  8. Munich1

    Nearside wheel well

    I'm beginning to put parts together for the project car currently in paint, didn't get a pic of the following and am wondering if anyone is able to take a quick look at their n/s wheel well behind strut. N/s wheel well, there exists two holes, one around 40mm, one smaller. I know a grommet goes into the lower 40mm hole for abs/brake cable but don't know what goes through the upper smaller hole. Holes are visible from engine bay as below, bottom right just above frame rail; I would be appreciate it if anyone was able to take a look/pic at what's there please Nik
  9. Munich1

    Antenna, power/manual

    Removed my old antenna, was wondering if the antenna my car left factory with was power or manual. Have decoded vin to no avail. Does anyone know if cars left factory with one or the other as standard? My thanks
  10. Munich1

    Price please Cotswold

    Thanks Cotswold, payment sent via PayPal Nik
  11. Munich1

    Price please Cotswold

    Hello Cotswold, VIN J999971 I need a price for a set of front and rear brake pad wear sensors please. Thanks
  12. Munich1

    C.V. joints

    It states it is correct on the Autodoc site Taffy. I've ordered from Autodoc previously, no problems whatsoever. I didn't order an entire replacement joint in the end just got the (very expensive) boot kits from BMW. They do just slide apart, no resistence.
  13. Munich1

    Price please Cotswold

    Hello Cotswold Can I have individual prices for the following please; 1off 11531274210, coolant hose 1off 11531272835. coolant hose 4off 07129952113, hose clamp 28-33 1off 64211368715, coolant hose 1off 64211368714, coolant hose 1off 64211363470, coolant hose 1off 41611955456, bonnet Thanks Nik
  14. Munich1

    C.V. joints

    Asked about this a while back, part no's in post
  15. Munich1

    Price please Cotswold

    Thanks Cotswold. Can I get a price for the following two clamps also please 1off 64531356622, clamp 1off 64503450202, clamp 6off 11621723851, exhaust manifold gasket Thanks