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  1. Many thanks Clavurion. I saw these but wasn't sure if these were axle to subframe bushes or subframe to chassis as I couldn't find the sizes. Your help is much appreciated.
  2. I'm trying to find a suitable tool but coming up blank. Does anyone know of a suitable kit for this job?
  3. I think my rear subframe/ axle carrier bushes on the left are starting to deteriorate. Has anyone changed them themselves and if any special tools were required. Light bumps it feels slightly skittish with a slight knock. Other than that it's quiet. Had this many moons ago on an e39 and got a specialist to change them but would rather diy at my mate's on a lift. Couldn't find a diy for an e60/e61 so thought I'd ask.
  4. Syemondo

    Mulf2-hi without Bluetooth

    I use one of these. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F222447950255 It will give you bluetooth, audio streaming, USB and sd. I coded with ncsexpert Bluetooth options on and it works off the steering wheel and you can dial the idrive wheel. Mine's an early mask one so won't list all the tracks but later ones with newer updates that are ipod compatible will do. Cd1 is a2dp from my phone. Good for tunes and watching the odd YouTube vid etc.. Cd2 is usb stick Cd3 is sd card. I use amazon music and radio player in the car and it works great.
  5. Syemondo

    530d btool app lambda readings help

    Well just to update those readings must be ok as my typical mixed driving today I've averaged 34.8mpg which is better than the 28 to 30 I've been getting lately. It runs nice and is keener to pick up from low revs. Happy days. The btool app is handy for forced regens on the go. It keeps clearing error codes as it requests the regen. It's handy if it is clogged up beyond normal operation.
  6. Syemondo

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Fitted new o2 sensor to my 530d. It seems to be doing it's job but that's another thread..
  7. Syemondo

    DPF/Glow Plugs

    With a cheap Elm327(£5) and Bmtool android app(£10) you can do a forced regen which keeps clearing errors so you should be able to start a regen.
  8. Does anyone have any info regarding live data using btool and an elm327 and what values to expect in normal running? I recently changed my exhaust manifold due to the usual cracks and while I was at it I cleaned the o2 sensor as it did cause an error. Since then I've been monitoring the lambda readings and when warming up it stays at 1 then goes to 1.12 in normal running at 85 degrees+ coolant temp. The dpf was getting sooted way too quickly and and regening every other day which I assume is overfuelling. Mpg has suffered a bit and as the o2 sensor flagged and error I changed it today. Now in btool it is still 1 until warm then it goes up to over 20-30-40 depending on engine load and settles around 3 to 5 on idle. I thought the reading was a stoichemetric value but these figures were a bit surprising. I wonder if anyone else has experience with this app and the readings I'm getting. Just to know if the values are OK from this app and my brand new o2 sensor is doing it's job. Or do I need to do more testing. Thanks
  9. Syemondo

    E6x Mileage Register

    2004 e61 530d Manual. 210,000 and counting.
  10. Syemondo

    E61 boot light.

  11. Syemondo

    E61 boot light.

    Item 1 http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=NJ72-EUR-12-2004-E61-BMW-530d&diagId=41_1618
  12. Syemondo

    E61 boot light.

    The part I'm talking about is in the tailgate. There is a sprung solenoid unit attached to the lock. I opened it up and the spring flew out like a jack in the box. There is a sliding switch with 2 or 3 contacts. These are the ones that operate the load area lights. They are not a direct switch as such, more contacts which send signals to the ecu. It's the timing of when these are triggered which controls the lights. Let me check on realoem..
  13. Syemondo

    Rear Parking Sensors

    I had to code with NCS expert. I think it's in one of my old posts. It was a bit of a faff but can be done.
  14. Syemondo

    520d e60 boost hesitation and bad mpg

    Could be a sticking vnt on the turbo. Variable vanes could be sticking on full boost and also when the vanes are reduced to promote faster airflow at low revs. Can you see the actuator moving freely when you rev it? You should be able to see it down by the side of the air filter underneath bolted on the side of the turbo. If it is sticking they can be cleaned with Mr muscle oven cleaner but you may have to remove the turbo to do it. Someone else might know if it's doable on the car. On a vag 1.9 tdi engine you could spray it down the egr port on the exhaust manifold so it goes down into the turbo, leave it to soak for a couple of hours and then take it out for a blast to clear the crap out.
  15. Syemondo

    Wiring diagram?

    If you are on android go to the play store and search for "WDS for android free".