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  1. Syemondo

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    My replacements have no scoring. Hmmm
  2. Syemondo

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    My handbrake has been pretty useless lately so it was time to sort it. New rear discs, handbrake shoes and spring kit, rear pads and wear indicator. As I've been checking this thread out I bought the front caliper guide bush and pin kit, fitted new pads and wear indicator. The front and rear pads had a few thousand left in them but it seemed daft not to change them. I too was getting the odd clunk at the front under certain braking situations and couldn't find the cause. I'm hoping this sorts it. The long pins on the front had a definite wear mark lightly scored about halfway. They all have to bed in properly so I'll see how it goes. It took us a easy going 3 hours to do it and £165 in parts. Not bad really.
  3. Syemondo

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    4 wheel alignment now done for £35 at my local tyre place. They know me well down there and the chap is very meticulous. Motorways are back to being a pleasure, nicely planted and straight as a dye. 214,000 miles and counting. I think the powerflex subframe bush inserts have accelerated the demise of the ball joints as they reduce the flexibility of the subframe bushes so transfer stresses to other suspension components. They are great when you tow though. I'll probably be changing more rear suspension components sooner rather than later but I may fit a full rear kit which is available for around £200.
  4. Syemondo

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    I disconnected the plug from the compressor and also the unit with the red and blue feeds to the air springs. The use a 10mm spanner to loosen the red and blue pies from there and let the air bleed out. With the spring pressurised we couldn't see or feel any play even with a tyre lever. Once the pressure was released it was more obvious as you could move it all a lot easier. We also disconnected the shocker while propping the wishbone with a big stick on a trolley jack so we could gently let it drop to it's lower extremety. Once the work was done I tightened the pipes, reconnected the plugs and started the engine. The arse end slowly came back to normal and job's a good 'un.
  5. Syemondo

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    The car was feeling a bit wallowy at motorway speeds. Had it on the lift and drivers side track rod end ball joint was easy enough to diagnose but we had to disconnect the air springs to find the nsr rear axle upper front arm balljoint and Osr axle front upper arm balljoint duff. All done. 4 wheel alignment and steering angle reset to do tomorrow. All part of the fun...
  6. Syemondo

    Cannot figure out issue

    Engine earth strap maybe? Not sure if it's relevant with your car but a jump lead from the body to the engine might be worth trying if it faults again.
  7. Syemondo

    Jeezzz, Look at The Size of These Kidneys!

    The kidneys have been upgraded to lungs.
  8. Excellent work. I love this type of modding.
  9. Syemondo

    DPF backpressure reading 0

    I ordered a new o2 sensor off ebay by part number and it also showed a heater fault code. The seller said that even though the part number was correct that the sensor was for a petrol engine and it wouldn't work properly which I found odd. I returned it for a refund and bought a bosch one from gsf for around £90 with their discount code. Fitted it and no more errors. Mpg has gone from 29mpg to 32mpg doing a lot of town driving.
  10. Syemondo

    SuperDave RIP

    Sorry to hear this. I met him just the once many years ago. A nice genuine bloke who was keen to help others. My sincere condolences to his family.
  11. Syemondo

    <£50 DAB/USB/AUX Solution

    If you stream from your phone there is a free android app called "Bluetooth autoconnect" You can set it to enable Bluetooth when the charger is plugged in and run an app. I use "radio player" another free app which starts and goes to what station you were on previously. You can set bluetooth autoconnect to turn bluetooth off when your charger is disconnected and it can also disable Bluetooth if it doesn't connect to any paired devices after so many tries. So when charging at home your Bluetooth will not be on all time.
  12. This is a long post so sorry in advance. Well the tool arrived and I got the bushes from gsf. £67 for all 4. All didn't go to plan for one reason or another. The tool wouldn't function as the plate you use to draw the old bush out was about 1mm diameter too big and kept getting stuck after a couple of mm. We had to bench grind it down to use it. After faffing around with that we got to work. The bushes came out easy enough and fitted the replacements. On either end of the bushes there are separate rubber stoppers so 8 in all. They stop the subframe hitting the chassis above or the clamping plate below. They are about 5mm thick and moulded to locate on the bush precisely. My upper ones were worse for wear the lower ones less so, I priced them up at the dealers. £36 each.. wtf! X 8= £288 for some bits of rubber. I used 4 which were in decent condition and used them for the front pair as they are harder to get to. I ordered the powerflex inserts for the rear ones for £55 for the 4 pieces. We fitted those today as well as both rear brake flexis which were £15 for a pair of pagids from ecp. Straight forward to change those but had to remove the drivers side microfilter and the moulding underneath to top up the brake fluid while bleeding. Another lambda was also fitted as I was getting errors from the new one fitted last week. A bosch one from gsf which was £97. The other will be going back for a refund. I also had to repair the right rear ride height sensor loom as we managed to snag it and rip the wires from the plug. No worries I'm thinking as wds give you the colour code of the wires and which number on the plug it goes to. The only thing is that all my 6 wires were white ffs. 3 are for the ride height and 3 are for the xenon headlight auto levelling. So, arch liner out and separated and dissected the loom back to where a previous repair was done earlier in it's life and find the joins, which to be fair was done properly and looked factory, soldered and heat shrink insulation used and back in it's protector. Anyway opened the plug up, chopped a bit away so I could get my 1.5mm tip soldering iron in. Did that insulated it all and re-bound the loom. Put it all back together, cleared errors and job done. 5 hours today for the stoppers, lambda, rear flexis, bleeding and loom repair. 5 hours the other day grinding the tool and replacing the subframe bushes. I reckon if I had to do it again you'd be looking at half that. The powerflex inserts do firm up the rear suspension a little bit but obviously this is compared to worn stoppers. It's not uncomfortable and it feels more sure-footed on side to side weight transfer. I hope to just drive it now.
  13. Syemondo

    oil level increase e60 525d m57 strange?

    I'd change the oil, for the sake of £50 it's not worth risking the engine. Find out when it last regened and check error codes, back pressures, soot and ash content etc. 5 mile journeys are the likely cause as said previously.
  14. Syemondo

    Oil additives, worth it or not?

    I've also read that additives can increase the ash content in DPFs. A good quality oil the right spec should be all you need.
  15. Syemondo

    Oil Change

    I used opie. Guaranteed the correct oil, filter, associated gaskets and sump plug washer. All comes delivered with gloves and a funnel.