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  1. oldjohnny

    Mask or no mask - what's your choice & opinion

    Germanys' health minister put it in a nutshell. The future is this. You will either be vaccinated, cured or dead! If you are ever unfortunate enough to witness someone close to you dying from this invisable evil, then wearing a mask will seem like the least anyone can do to assist in preventing its spread. Covid doesn't give two fiddlers about anyones personal beliefs or fundamental liberties. Give it half a chance and it will be in. Please don't assist it in it's brutal quest.
  2. oldjohnny

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Car service displayed change the microfilters. I couldn't do this as there were none!!! Vacummed the inners of both out and replaced with a Bosch set. Wonder what else is not there which should be?
  3. oldjohnny

    BMW parts not the dearest.

    Dave. Just like you I have experienced cheaper parts from main dealers over the years which was why I checked with MB Belfast first, but with a resulting mild heart attack in this instance. The prices on ebay etc reflect, (no pun intended) that these mirrors are still in high demand despite their age.
  4. oldjohnny

    BMW parts not the dearest.

    I always smarted at the cost of large and small items at BMW but Mercedes have just taken the cake. Her indoors drives an old but reliable and mint 2004 C class estate and the drivers side wing mirror glass is foggy on the upper half. It's a heated, self dimming jobbie so rang Mercedes for the cost of a replacement glass only. Holy Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey!! £320.00 plus vat. I didn't quite catch the guys name but I think it was Dick Turpin. There are replacement types on ebay but although they are adequate for heated set ups, none of them will fit due to the dimming element on our one. Can't even put a 'stick on' in its place as the thicker rubber surround won't allow it. Hens teeth search on ebay for a used one but will keep checking.
  5. oldjohnny

    Is ebay quieter now?

    Reference my £8.00 purchase from ebay, there was no mention or indication of a 20% vat surcharge in this instance. It simply appeared in my email notification confirming the purchase, quoting it was collected based on applicable laws. I have noticed vat indications on other items I have viewed but not in this instance. Between gas, electric, food and fuel etc, every man and his wee lad seem hell bent on further depleting what funds I still have. Shower of BARSTEWARDS the lot of them!
  6. oldjohnny

    Abrupt downshifts

    I had exactly this problem last year and had the full service carried out including all seals. Fault disappeared and gearbox much more responsive and 'feels' much better. My car is Oct 2003, (18 years old this week) and I was advised not to have the adaptations reset due to its age.
  7. oldjohnny

    Is ebay quieter now?

    There is also a glitch in the ebay system at present. I have purchased a few items in the past week and one of them, which was for all of £8.00, had 20% vat added. It appears this is happening with sellers who use the ebay postage system and the address is anywhere outside the mainland, in this case Belfast. I queried this and was presented with legions of waffle but it boils down to a glitch. I won't wait up in expectation of getting it back.
  8. oldjohnny

    Space saver wheel size.

    You must be psychic. (Had to look that up to spell it right). I was indeed looking at a 3 series space saver. Cheers.
  9. oldjohnny

    Space saver wheel size.

    My wheels are 18". Does a space saver need to be the same or can I use a smaller diameter as a 'get me home' job?
  10. oldjohnny

    Space saver wheel size.

    Many thanks Keliuss. Good to know exactly what I am looking for.
  11. oldjohnny

    xenon to halogen

    Managed to obtain a really clean sensibly priced o/s xenon adaptive headlight unit, being fitted and programmed on Monday. Both of my current ones are a bit faded and the eyebrows useless so the problem now is that this one will will make the passenger side unit look like F.A. squared, so now on the hunt for another. I was just congratulating myself on how little i've spent in the last eighteen months. Here we go again!
  12. oldjohnny

    xenon to halogen

    Drivers side headlight need replacing. Dipped and main beam is shaking and cannot be repaired. It is xenon, adaptive and seriously hard to source for this late 2003 530d. I can get halogen units in good nick for much less money and my query is this. Apart from all the coding required and the lighting being much reduced, what other perils could be encountered. I drive very little at nights nowdays. (usually in bed following an afternoon in the company of Arthur Guinness) .
  13. oldjohnny

    Xenon adaptive headlight.

    Trying to source a passenger side xenon adaptive headlight for a pre lci 2003 E60 530D to match up the Hella unit I have managed to get for the drivers side.
  14. oldjohnny

    xenon to halogen

    Many thanks GoNzO. I will copy that for the garage who will be doing the work, as I would know more about my next fish supper than anything to do with all this coding. . Intend to wait for a week or so in the hope that one turns up and if not, proceed with the changeover.
  15. Loads of great sunny weather here this year but when driving the 2003 530d the dash reflects like an arc on the windscreen. Was this ever discussed before on the forums?
  16. oldjohnny

    Dash Reflection On Windscreen.

    Many thanks. Washed it down, dried off and applied Simoniz matt dashboard cleaner. Seems to have done the trick although it will take a few goes to get an even coverage on the dash, but thankfully the giant arc has gone. Cheers.
  17. oldjohnny

    Adaptive headlight.

    The BMW guys tell me, (phone call to book it in) that the adaptive unit is almost certainly gone and has probably been replaced before. They agree with you that bulb and ballast could be the culprit in the headlight, or possibly, (hopefully) just improperly fitted. I have access to an adaptive unit which is working so I can get it fitted and pay later if it works. I will keep the post updated.
  18. oldjohnny

    Adaptive headlight.

    I have the green light flashing on my late 2003 e60 530d lights switch. The drivers side main headlight section is vibrating after ten minutes or so when headlights are on. Questions are as follows. Are the two related. Is there a control unit for the adaptive headlights and where does it live. Can I replace adaptive pre lci xenon headlights for non active units? Many thanks.
  19. oldjohnny

    Adaptive headlight.

    Many thanks GoNzO. Through mot and no advisories, not bad for 18 years old. (The car. Not me). I have watched a you tube video replacing the ahc unit, part number 6934837 as above. It was located under the glove compartment. Can you let me know if this is correct, as the car will be going into a local garage that specialize in BMW and I want to get a used unit for them to fit first.
  20. oldjohnny

    Adaptive headlight.

    My Micky Mouse diagnostic unit says communication with stepper motors one and two impaired. Also adaptive headlight control unit part number 6934122, superseded by 6934837 is faulty. Even if I can pick up a used unit, would it need de-coded/re-coded as opposed to a simple switch over, and where does it actually reside in the car please? MOT tomorrow so may the force be with me.
  21. oldjohnny

    Bubbly Eyebrows

    Did anyone ever find a way to get rid of the internal bubble bath in the headlight eyebrows? Mine look like a Christmas globe minus the snowman. Doesn't seem like condensation as it never appears to move.
  22. oldjohnny

    Dim angel eyes.

    Many thanks. I think, from memory that mine is just a single bulb. I will give that a try before visiting the auto electrician. (After cleaning off the blood from my knuckles )!
  23. oldjohnny

    Dim angel eyes.

    N/S angel eyes are dimmer than the O/S. Don't think it's the bulbs as when replaced some time ago they still were not equal and have now worsened. . Do the eyes themselves fade with time? Intend to take the car, pre lci xenon 530d, to auto electricians if I am unable to find any any obvious faults as it could also be an earth problem, but any suggestions welcome.
  24. oldjohnny

    Air filter replacement.

    Thought my 2003 E60 530d must be due a change of air filter and watched a tutorial by Autodoc for guidance. In the name of Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the the wee donkey, removing an appendix would only take half the time. Open heart surgery would be simpler! Whatever happened to the black box and a few clips to change the filter in seconds. Best left to someone who has done this before methinks. Only good thing about the video was it reminded me that when I bought the car, the front transverse bar was lying in the boot. It wasn't replaced after the turbo was rebuilt due to either the threads and/or bolts being stripped. Just another wee task to keep life interesting.
  25. oldjohnny

    Service - Am I missing anything?

    I have a late 2003 E60 530d and had the full gearbox service carried out about six months ago, using Mannol. An obviously very thankful box has been running perfectly ever since. I get a supposedly 'high quality' engine oil when getting the oil and filter changed by my indy, but I wouldn't hesitate to use Mannol for this. I think it all comes down to a matter of personal choice and the age and value of your vehicle that dictates the type of lubricants that folk end up using.