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  1. Didnt even know there had been a change. Bought this E60 on 02/10/2017 so that must have been nearly the end of that particular document being used. At my age I doubt I will have any need of the new one.
  2. This is the V5C still used in N.I. Everything comes via Swansea so strange if they are different for the mainland. Pretty handy this for checking with the last owner if you have any queries.
  3. I would be concerned if he was not given the V5C document at the time of purchase. The previous owner and address is listed on the front page so that will indicate where it was last registered.
  4. oldjohnny

    RIP HRH The Prince Philip

    I fear it is the end of a chapter in this Royal Family, and the Queen, without her 'rock' will, after a short period of time say, enough is enough, and pass the reins on to Charles. Characters are few and far between nowdays and Phillip certainly was one of them.
  5. oldjohnny

    Sabine Schmidt Tribute.

    Lovely Top Gear tribute to Sabine Schmidt available on BBC i player. Only half an hour but I could have watched it for ages. Describes her to a tee and well worth a look.
  6. Even fairly 'recent stuff, like my all time favourite, the 1994 Ford Granada 2.9i Scorpio is rarely seen now. When I owned this one, ebay was full of them but rarely now. The demolition derby lads put paid to loads of them. I sold this for a grand. Big mistake. Somebody must have put something in my drink, like water or something!
  7. oldjohnny

    Power steering pump/pulley

    When it says discontinued it should also state 'replaced or superseded by' below or beside it.
  8. oldjohnny


    Look like they have just got their bill for an e60 gearbox rebuild from BMW!
  9. oldjohnny


    Just like Yuri84, I bought my 530d ( late 2003 ) over three years ago and after about six months was cursing the day I ever saw it, as something else seem to go wrong every week. Roll on to the present and I wouldn't part with it. Spent overall over the years about exactly what I paid for it and I really appreciate the car now for its build quality, soundproofing and overall comfort. Yes it's still a pain at times but it will be here as long as I will, although without these forums it could well have been long gone. Just did a quick breakdown of all repairs over the three plus years and would you believe it works out at about £25 per month on average. The only thing not working is the navigation, but at my age I am pretty sure I know exactly where i'm coming from, and where i'm going to so no dramas there.
  10. oldjohnny

    Mannol oils and peoples thoughts

    I used it for the gearbox overhaul and it has been fine. They have been selling oils of every description for about 20 years and have these approvals. Just like any oils on the market be sure that if it's too well priced, it is probably not authentic. Nobody makes oil. It all comes out of a big hole in the ground or sea bed. Its the refinement process that counts.
  11. oldjohnny

    Ford Granada Scorpio Tryke!!

    Couldn't agree more but 28 others are bidding on it, now at £4700 but reserve not met. I fear the boys in blue would be forever pulling you over with this, probably just to get a good look and see just what the hell it is.
  12. Further to my earlier post I confess that I only get an almost constant 26.6 mpg tottering about nowdays as old men tend to do. But this is an auto 3.0lt, one and a half ton leather lounge so that will do for me, safe in the knowledge that my last 200 miles round trip in this 17 year old leviathan returned 42.8 mpg from zero via a mixture of road conditions. 'Try telling that to young folk nowdays and they won't believe you'.
  13. Whilst the above equation is no doubt true, there is still a certain big grin satisfaction in driving a 1.5 ton 5 series diesel on a long journey in quite luxurious surroundings and seeing the mpg sitting around the 50 plus mark. Considering the size of these cars It is quite remarkable to me. Could say, four people squeezed into a mini clubman type vehicle even come near this?
  14. Possibly my most favourite car over the years was my 2004 2.9i Ford Granada Scorpio. Could never have imagined it being converted into a tryke though. Currently on ebay at £5000.