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  1. oldjohnny

    Sending Parcels, courier recommendations

    Tend to use collect + myself due to the costs with parcel-force. Only ever had one issue which was a parcel delivered to a shop for collection. Shop had signed for it but it 'disappeared'. The company were excellent and a full refund including postage was issued quite quickly. Just make sure you take out the extra insurance which is cheap. As someone mentioned earlier a lot of the delivery problems are down to the drivers. Also don't go by the delivery times, i.e. two days, as the pick ups from where you left it in will not be every day.
  2. oldjohnny

    Strong petrol smell on cold starts.

    Correct. See edited post.
  3. oldjohnny

    Strong petrol smell on cold starts.

    Hi. Had this problem when I first got my old E60 530d two years ago. It was fine until the cold weather came, then the fuel smell at start up appeared accompanied by ever increasing white exhaust clouds and needing to be cranked over for about 10 seconds before starting. Everything cleared up as soon as it was running. Mine was down to unburnt fuel via glow plugs and controller which cured this. Obviously not the source of your symptoms but worth checking what may be causing any unburnt fuel in the mornings. This is the first car I have ever owned that hates frost.
  4. oldjohnny

    Food porn

    Or How About This? A meal, a drink and a laxative in every pint. What more can a man ask? It's also good for washing down your buttered shredded wheat!
  5. oldjohnny

    Food porn

    A truly luxury snack for the working class. Buttered Shredded Wheat. Simples!
  6. oldjohnny

    Insurance Bull****

    "Every Little Helps", (As the actress said to the Bishop)! Give Tesco Insurance a try. I have recently found them to be very competitive. Come renewal time of course they are little different to the rest so the annual 'shop around' has now become the norm.
  7. oldjohnny

    Smoke+lumpy idle cold start

    Your symptoms reference the white smoke and temporarily lumpy start are identical to mine during last years cold snap. Controller was suspect but took the plunge and replaced glow plugs as well while in there. This resolved the problem completely. I am also getting the occasional 'surge' you mentioned so come the spring it's the full gearbox service kit next.
  8. oldjohnny

    Help Please

    To be honest I seldom use this but a few weeks ago the messages that you have shown earlier started to appear even though I had neither used or removed the disk. It is an old 2004 business disc but I have tried a borrowed newish one with the same messages coming up. I will try a good cleaner first but at my age I have a fair idea where i'm going so if that dosen't work then my phone will do the job if i'm stuck.
  9. oldjohnny

    Help Please

    That's exactly my problem too Mikey. Jason, would you know the best laser cleaner to try first before going down the replace/repair route please? I tried one that I have had for years but it may be useless now.
  10. oldjohnny

    Trump, like him or loath him?

    Jeremy Corbin as Prime Minister and Donald Trump re-elected. Every parents wish for their future of their children.
  11. oldjohnny

    Trump, like him or loath him?

    Way before that. This was an old Monty Python barb aimed at Richard Nixon, but I think it fits Trump to a tee, though obviously not a very good fit as it rejected him!
  12. oldjohnny

    Trump, like him or loath him?

    It is being reported that Trump recently had an arse-hole transplant. Update just in. The arse-hole has rejected him!
  13. oldjohnny

    battery charger/trickle charger what to buy

    Stevecvo. Is this the Lidl charger you referred to? £14.00 today.
  14. oldjohnny

    Here's A Cracker!

    On ebay at present. Parts easily available as already dismantled.
  15. oldjohnny

    Navigation fault.

    Many thanks Jason. The car is so old now perhaps I will just ask for directions!