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  1. oldjohnny

    New E60 530D owner

    Yes, the early pre LCI models with downward pipes mean they are Euro 3 emissions which means no DPF. so no need to follow my lead as a newbie when I first bought my October 2003 530d, and spent £24 on Archoil Max Professional diesel engine turbo, CAT and DPF cleaner. As you do when you first get one of these and want everything right. You soon learn! By the way, my headlights were ten times worse than yours and I also assumed it was on the inside. Not So! Due to limited funds I bought the Meguiars Headlight Restoration Kit, and although it took three goes and a bit of time and effort to remove all the haze it turned out just fine in the end. Damn sight cheaper than replacement units so worth a try at £15.00 and a sore arm.
  2. oldjohnny

    Endoscope Smart Cam.

    Cheers. Guess I will never know the answer anyway. Must have been about a dozen for sale as they are sold out about two hours after emailing me with the 'Offer Of The Week'.
  3. oldjohnny

    Endoscope Smart Cam.

    Anyone bought and tried this little gadget out yet from euro car parts? At £6.99 would it be worth having it in the tool box?
  4. oldjohnny

    Your retro Fords

    I posted this similar beastie on another thread recently. Never did find out what the 'Concept' was.
  5. oldjohnny

    Playing music through phone?

    When I first bought my 530d, the glove box was broken and no-one had opened in in ages. Managed to do this after much fiddling and was pleasantly surprised to find this lot where the cd changer should have been. No idea what it is all about but I can play my itunes library via a used ipod from ebay through the idrive. I don't have an iphone anymore so this cosmetically damaged ipod did the business on the cheap. Wouldn't mind a bit of info on this set up if anyone knows what it is as i'm sure it's not being used to it's full potential.
  6. oldjohnny


    Anyone heading to the sea shore for a nice relaxing swim? Have a nice day.
  7. Seems this is all down to the individual garage. They are either genuinely helpful or a shower of barstewards. As stated earlier, my car is booked in for 21st and it was my local main dealer who told me to bring my licence just in case it would take longer than expected and they would supply me with a courtesy car, even though mine is coming up to 16 years old.
  8. Reference the previous topic, they are everywhere! A green 'walkway' has been developed here in Belfast to the east of the city. It runs for many miles and for use by pedestrians with pets but also cyclists. Needless to say the Tour De France brigade consider it to be for their sole use, riding 2-3 abreast. they get very annoyed when they have to slow down when you do not get out of their way, not considering for a moment that as your back is to them, you cannot hear them coming. I had a recent altercation with one of them who was very aggrieved at having to stop. Being older now and not afraid of getting punched I said to him would he do me a favour when he got home and take a long hard look in the mirror to see just how f.....g ridiculous he looked in all that lycra get up. He simply stormed off.
  9. oldjohnny

    Drilling straight

    As above, a small pilot hole helps make things much easier. If you want an assistant have a look on Amazon at the mobile drilling aid 4685000 by wolfcraft at £11.95. I had one of these back in the day when I really cared, before I stopped giving two f...s if the holes were level or not!
  10. oldjohnny

    What warning is this?

    Wheelspin at my age would be as rare as rickets.
  11. oldjohnny

    What warning is this?

    The following warning symbol has appeared briefly three times in the past couple of months, but goes out after switching off and on again. Is it a warning of a pending failure?
  12. oldjohnny

    Yet another recall !!!

    Hi Changy. I discovered an Open Safety Recall on my Oct 2003 E60 530d. Recall code 61070500. Just phoned the main dealer who confirmed that is correct. The guy was a bit vague but it seems it relates to the battery area regarding transfer and retaining screw. I take it that it is the red cable that travels through the car. He was very attentive about it though and booked me in there and then. Said it should be a ' while you wait job ' but to bring my driving licence with me, as if something else turned up that was more time consuming, they would supply me with a courtesy car. I thought with the car being so old they wouldn't really care but the opposite was the case. Forgot to add, I have to take it to a ' mini ' workshop opposite the main dealership which they have opened to deal with this sort of thing. Shows how many there must be.
  13. oldjohnny

    What were you doing when Chernobyl blew up?

    It was a brilliant series but after the real thing happened I was out buying more toilet rolls
  14. After being caught out by black ice and having a close call with the grim reaper in my youth, I am surprised that the new driving tests and theory are not preceded by some form of anti skid instruction. ABS is incredible but some hands on experience would not go amiss.
  15. oldjohnny

    Your retro Fords

    Why so many Granada models were scrapped was mainly down to the rear arches being a water trap and rusting the back end if not cut out and replaced. This was a serious problematic design fault on these otherwise seriously good value for money luxury saloons. If not scrapped then they met their fate in a 'demolition derby' somewhere, like this sad mark 2.