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  1. amazighman

    Buy cheap buy twice???? CCV

    Shall we say that the CCV had it and needs to be changed again? I can only assume that the valve itself is defective.
  2. amazighman

    Buy cheap buy twice???? CCV

    Was from a parts supplier on ebay called RTG group , they said it comes with 5 years warranty. Ebay item number 173502661923
  3. amazighman

    Buy cheap buy twice???? CCV

    Afternoon After thinking that my CCV was refreshed and car was running good now again my car is gutless especially in low revs and there a lots of hesitation when warmed up.... I checked whether the new CCV is functioning properly by removing the oil cap and hey presto loads of vaccum and a loud whislte coming from the CCV valve itself. I am fairly certain that this new CCV is kaput but any other inputs welcome. I will claim a refund for this CCV as it had 12 months warranty...
  4. amazighman

    530i CCV leaking

    Its more likely badly fitted as the previous owner was using the same garage for many years... I cant expect much from a garage that replaced the rocker cover gasket and lost one of the bolts so replaced it with a normal bolt and washer no grommet= vaccum leak
  5. amazighman

    530i CCV leaking

    Parts on order and will renew the lots. Just been checking the service history and this CCV ( Meyle) has been on the car for about 2 years and it is failing , another meyle was fitted before that one and failed in same amount of time. The car is mainly driven to work 17 miles away via motorway so has enough time to warm up and prevent mayo buildup...
  6. amazighman

    530i CCV leaking

    I removed the top hose from the rocker cover and oh boy its full of mayo... I guess the CCV is clogged up. I will have to remove the dipstick tube before fitting the new CCV and will make sure it is clear although l checked it few month ago by attaching a tube where the CCV drain hose goes and blowing through i could hear the sump gurgling....
  7. amazighman

    530i CCV leaking

    I couldn't see any obvious damage however access is very limited and visual inspection is quite hard. All i know is the bottom hose had split in the tipical place where the plastic head joins the rubber , so i had that one replaced, i made sure it clicked in and seated properly. However its still leaking oil between the black mesh insulation and the rubber hose itself, i dont know if the CCV was badly fitted , could be it is cracked or one of the hoses is damaged . Is it normal to have these oily residues around CCV hoses? All i can think is that if oil can get out means air can get in causing a vaccum leak,.maybe worse when engine is warm as plastic gets softer.
  8. amazighman

    530i CCV leaking

    Hi guys. I have been looking around the engine bay and spotted that the bottom ccv hose to the dipstick is wet and oil seems to be coming under the insulation material. This hose has been replaced few months ago and checked today it is not cracked and is plugged in firmly in place. Other hoses seem to have a misting of oil around them too, this CCV is Meyle and has been fitted couple of years ago. My car runs a bit sluggish under 1200 rpm when warmed up, i presume some sort of vaccum leak related to the CCV as all other vaccum leaks have been dealt with. Could it be the CCV valve has failed? I couldn't feel any excessive vaccum at the oil cap. Car isn't smoking however i had a low oil warning and topped up around 1/2 litre of oil. I know C3bmw do a kit for circa 80 quid but is there any cheaper source? Cheers
  9. amazighman

    What's going on with my headlights?

    Worth spending the money if the car is like yours mint. Mine probably the new headlights will be worth more than the car itself
  10. amazighman

    What's going on with my headlights?

    Cheap fix only need patience and determination. Adjusters cost few quid on ebay.... Few hours swearing and u ll be good to go
  11. amazighman

    What's going on with my headlights?

    I have done this job before. Your headlight have manual adjusters at the back plus a leveling motor which you can adjust from the dash. You can replace those adjusters without baking or separating the headlight assembly. Took me 3 hours to do the first one, subsequent ones took less that 1 hr each as i did 4 of them. You need small thin hands , long torx screwdrivers , tape , pickup magnet tool....and a lots of swearing , you gain access to the adjusters from the back of the bulb holes after removing the rubber boots.
  12. amazighman

    Key fob battery died, alarm keeps going off.

    Hi. I had the same on mine.... It turned out at least for me , if i use the spare (non.fob) key to start the car and then lock it with it then alarm will not be triggered. Because you locked the car with a fob and you unlocked it with a key then the alarm goes off. Get the battery changed, few on ebay offer a key service for 20 quid or less , you post it ,they repair and send back
  13. I think Gine is trying to re engineer the car.... He has got a lots of problems with it to be fair but most of them are because he is looking for perfection- like with his transmission... I was in his country a few times and cars there ain't that expensive....
  14. Has anyone heard of German reliability?
  15. amazighman

    auto gearbox repair guidance

    How many KMs on your car?

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