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  1. amazighman

    Regular e39 Power Folding Mirrors

    I run out of upload space, However my mirrors are factory fitted although they are more found on E38s. Have a look on this link , these are exactly the kinda folding mirrors i have got on the car https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E38-drivers-door-mirror-/263510477920
  2. amazighman

    Regular e39 Power Folding Mirrors

    Yes, mine are auto fold and not rectangular shape. Mine are also available of the 7 series of same age
  3. Defected to Mercedes but i have still got my E39 and not happy with Mercedes .... Have you got a touring now?
  4. I have always thought that you had a saloon m sport not an estate
  5. amazighman

    Best brake pads?

    Yes mate very easy.
  6. amazighman

    Rust fix

    By the way did your car repairs turn into a full restoration? Have u sorted your engine problems?
  7. amazighman

    Rust fix

    The best way is Sand down affected area and remove all loose rust to see how much sound metal you have left. If metal underneath is sound, you can buy some citric acid rust remover, apply generously on affected area and cover with a cling film and tape the edges so it doesn't dry out, leave for couple of day , repeat process untill bright shiny metal is left. Fill , sand prime and top coat( i did mine with an artist paint brush and looks fine
  8. amazighman

    Vanos issues

    Morning members. My car is running little unhappy under 1200rpm when warm so i decided to turn my attention into the vanos and unplugged it, it seems to run good, just what i cant understand is that i refurbished the vanos few months ago without noticing a difference as i had few vacuum leaks which are sorted now. I cant think of any element of the rebuild that may have gone wrong as it is only seals. Could it be the vanos solenoids? I did change the vanos oil feed hose to a braided one and it seems thinner that the old one, could it be oil feed issues? Thanks
  9. amazighman

    New Cats

    https://www.qp24.de/parts/catalytic-converter-and-soot-particulate-filter/bmw/5/328685 I used this site before and they are good but cats are 360 euros or so
  10. amazighman

    New Cats

    Did u try eurocarparts?
  11. amazighman

    Help removing stuck inner tie rod from rack

    Remove the rack from the car, keep it upright somewhere and keep spraying it with WD40 for a day or so and then put it on a bench vice to undo the inner tie rod
  12. amazighman

    What size swirl flap blanks

    https://x8r.co.uk/stainless-steel-tube-egr-valve-delete-bypass-removal-kit-for-diesel-engines-353 EGR kit
  13. amazighman

    What size swirl flap blanks

    I think if you look on the right side of the engine as you stand infront of it and look under the cover u will see a metal rod going through the length of the block, if you see that then ur swirl flaps are still there. Pre 2005 cars like yours need 22mm flap blanks X8R do a swirl flap kit.and they are of a very good quality Check their website also has a PDF instructions and a video https://x8r.co.uk/bmw-diesel-swirl-flap-blanks-flaps-repair-with-intake-manifold-gaskets
  14. amazighman

    Injector removal tool?

    They should come out by hand if you warm the engine for a long while and then do the method clavurion said
  15. amazighman

    Injector removal tool?

    273649498281 Try the item above on eBay. Have you tried running the engine till is very warm and then wiggle them with smth