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  1. G Whizz

    G32 First Service

    I picked up the new car yesterday - . I asked about the service pack, and they said BMW is dropping it in it's current form, which is why it's not on the website anymore. I saw the email announcement briefly, but didn't get chance to read it properly, but it looks like it'll be removed from the next run of price lists as well. Instead, they're being told to "push" the pay monthly option. It'll be curious how many go for this - an X5 is £35 per month for three years is £1,260. The salesman said "...and that's why we didn't mention it to you."
  2. G Whizz

    G32 First Service

    Many thanks. I think it'd make sense for me. Just struggling to find anything about it on any dealers pages, let alone a price. Found it on the price list. Bugger - something I could have negotiated on!
  3. G Whizz

    G32 First Service

    Curious. A service pack has never been mentioned, in any of my discussions. I'm picking up the new car tomorrow so will ask as plan to likely keep it pretty much the full 4 years. Looking on the BMW website, I see "Value Servicing" and Fast Lane" but no prices. I assume the former is what is being referred to as service pack...? The dealers website is down currently.
  4. Interesting! To be fair, I think it does look better in real-life - I also chose a pic to show how different it was. I found it more flexible than the current as you can configure it, clearer to read and provided far more information at a glance. I guess (I'll find out next week) than you can probably get it to emulate the old style to an extent.
  5. G Whizz

    GAP Insurance

    Many thanks guys! @BobaYes, I believe I'll get a new car, just checking exactly what that means. It looks to be 1st year only, but its not clear whether it's exactly the same. We struck a good deal and got better spec'd car than we'd initially gone in for - don't want to stuck with a lower spec car for 3, 4 years while paying for a higher one! @sjak92 Thanks. That was my thinking - a big sum and on a 4 year plan means there will be a sizeable gap in yrs 2 & 3 at least. Thanks for the suggestions where to look! "New baby" Ok. Confession time More new baby elephant. Ended up ordering a G05 which is approximately the size of Wales! An expensive weekend - after a flight delay, we ended getting 4 hours sleep. Then got up and had bought the G05 and a house by lunchtime!
  6. G Whizz

    GAP Insurance

    New car ordered, on it's way - wahoo! Should be here in a couple of weeks hopefully. Two things have changed - we're spending a fairish chunk more, and our new house is down unlit, narrow country lanes.... We wondered whether it was worth getting GAP insurance as we're paying on PCP. I obviously need to recheck what my insurance covers (Admiral), but any top tips or thoughts...?
  7. G Whizz

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    If we're listing our Please Improve This BMW In The Next Update, mine would include the following. As someone said, far from unhappy with my experience - more that some of these are so simple to have got right initially, just makes me grumpy that they didn't! 1) Bluetooth/audio. I just don't understand how this is so pants considering it's not exactly new technology?! 2) Aircon. Never gets really cold, and never seems to be quite right 3) OTA Map Updates. It's managed it once in two years... 4) The app. It just seems to lose more functionality everytime I use it. Now it only says I have a car, and 32 litres in the tank 5) The app. Not a typo - same thing, different issue. Do occasionally use it to send a direction to the car. But when I do, it wants me to go the same destination every journey for the next few weeks and no way of stopping it 6) Not being able to set my default mode ie eco pro 7) Responsiveness of swapping driving modes.
  8. G Whizz

    530e hybrid - long trip no plug in - how to do it?

    The X5 hybrid will be the most expensive petrol and only the M50D is more expensive in the current UK range. Definitely need to do sums!
  9. G Whizz

    530e hybrid - long trip no plug in - how to do it?

    The argument there is that the generation centrally is more efficient, when you factor in the enviro cost of also distributing the fuel to stations etc My mpg varies on a 50 mile plus trip between 44 and 56mpg, depending on weather, conditions and speed
  10. Another +1 for the HUD though note (unless it's changed) the speed limit info is only shown if you but an additional (quite expensive) package.
  11. G Whizz

    530e hybrid - long trip no plug in - how to do it?

    Thanks guys. That's what I'm trying to figure. OH's commute is c12 miles one way. However, I don't think that there is a charging point at the other end. If she could do round trip on a charge, then perhaps it stacks up. I'd need to do a spreadsheet to do the math properly though
  12. G Whizz

    530e hybrid - long trip no plug in - how to do it?

    How should I read this? The hybrid is good if your trip is under 20 miles (e.g. effective distance on a charge), but not really valuable over a longer trip...? As in, my 20D over that distance would be doing nearer 55mpg. I'm looking at the new X5 and they've just released a hybrid.
  13. I wouldn't just pick carwow, but do the lot - broadspeed, coast2coast, autoebid and uknewcars. (Have I missed any..? Drive the deal don't seem to do bmw any more). Last time round, coast2coast were cheapest, and carwow most expensive. With the X5 I'm pricing up, Broadspeed is highest (but still 7.7% off list price), while auroebid are over £1,500 cheaper than the next nearest. Finally, good luck with the job!
  14. G Whizz

    AirCon creaks & pops

    Just been looking. Two things on this post: https://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=977208&highlight=creak&page=2 1) that eases off over time 2) that in the US at least the dash was replaced, and one European had no problem getting it swapped. YMMV of course!
  15. There have been a number of threads on the H&K, and a couple of us have noted that the difference is not always apparent for some reason, but one set up, broken in, etc does sound markedly better. The question about PCP is a good one - I found that going for an msport meant better residuals so the monthly was about the same as an SE. Given the big engine, I wonder if people would expect an msport more...? And it's worth shopping around as well - with broadspeed, carwow, etc, you should/could get c.19% off relatively easily. THere was a thread earlier where we compared what we saved.