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  1. G Whizz

    How do I stop the navigation? No, really

    I'll double check, but I don't think it's getting that far - it's asking to start so there is nothing to stop. That is, the route box isn't ticked. Pressing the menu button above the idrive dial removes it. It just doesn't stop it happening next time I start the car.
  2. G Whizz

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Thanks! Oh well! What kind of things typically appear on an LCI then? Just minor cosmetic tweaks then?
  3. G Whizz

    How do I stop the navigation? No, really

    Thanks! I *think* i have but need to be a little bit methodical I think!
  4. I've never got the wrong mode, but yes, somewhere between often and frequently have to press 3 or 4 times to change. Generally it doesn't seem to like going into Eco unless stationary.
  5. Happens occasionally, and I can't figure out why... When I send the destination to the car from the app, it can be a little hit and miss whether it picks it up - quite often have to go to messages, open the message and start that way. My question though is how do I then stop it trying to send me to that destination for the next (so far 8) trips in the car? It's no longer in messages. It doesn't show in Navigation. Just keeps popping up saying "start now", often overriding and cancelling the new destination that I've entered. What am I doing wrong? I figure the problem sits somewhere between the seat and the wheel
  6. G Whizz

    Time to Change the Company Car

    My dealer would agree - apparently deliberately kept the launch back to sell as many M5s as possible, and why they had so many M5s on deep discount last few months before they launched it. Which seemed to be doing the trick as there were 4 M5s being collected on Saturday while I was there!
  7. G Whizz

    Time to Change the Company Car

    I took the new X5 out on Saturday - very nice indeed. Obviously not an apples and pears comparison, but certainly is in terms of luxury and comfort I think. One thing I'd have to get used to is the "wafting" - air suspension means the ride is a little wallowy at times (though didn't get chance to see if I can alter). Hoping the LCI G30 (is that the right term ....?) has the new dash - very nice indeed. The centre console now looks less like an ipad glued in as an afterthought, and is tilted towards the driver - makes a big difference. How you can lay it out is very clever too. And the dashboard itself is wonderful. Didn't get chance to see how it can be configured but the map underneath the dials seamlessly looks great imho. A large step up from the current iDrive.
  8. G Whizz

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Spooky. Spent the weekend in a few dealers... I posted on another thread a few months ago that the dynamics of what cars we have, and need and their life cycles, means we're trying to figure out what the options are. OH finds the G30 a little hard to get out of and a bit low (she's used to driving SUVs) so I think her vote is not to keep. Or do we replace hers? Or change mine, she uses it to go to work, and I get something small for popping to the shops? Or etc etc. The Not list is growing: Jaguar - perhaps just the ones on display but felt cheap and naff, and had lots of broken bits in it....at both dealers!? Volvo - the 60 was underwhelming and back seat space poor. The 90 compared to the new X5 felt cheap Merc - but largely down to the ridiculous arrangement car park at the dealer . Range Rover - need to look at real life prices, but what I think I could afford I don't like and are just small in the back The 6GT. OH has vetoed any discussion! The frameless doors, and they also make it quite hard to get into. The Like List G30. Still the nicest interior. I'm debating the 30d New 3 series. Massive step up in quality of the interior The 8 series. Apparently though I'm not allowed to sell the children to afford it/negate the need for back seats X5. Yet to drive - seems everyone else was this weekend! - but the ones we've sat in, very very nice. There is an X7 doing the tour of the UK country at the moment and all the dealers say how huge it is, and that they don't see the point over the X5.
  9. G Whizz

    Is my car G30 or G31

    I think there lies a potential issue. The X5 & X7 have the same space for the front and the 2nd row (albeit the X7 has slightly greater headroom). The extra length is for either the 3rd row or a larger boot. Is that going to be too little for too much more - I think the X7 is about 20% more, at least in the US...?
  10. G Whizz

    Is my car G30 or G31

    Just a taste thing - to each his own and all that! I'm a grumpy old git after all :-) No, did look to see if anyone was discounting and couldn't find anyone at all when I looked. I'm hoping that now the X7 is here that it'll ease up the pricing of the X5 over the next few months. I'm probably swapping cars Q3 or Q4 this year so awhile yet. Not seen the X7 yet but am curious. The X5 is so nice, I can't decide what they'll do to the X7 to justify the even bigger price.
  11. G Whizz

    Is my car G30 or G31

    I half looked at the 5series GT years ago, and I wasn't quite sure about its looks. I thought the 6 looked better, and had added it to my list to look at. The roof is slightly lower, and the roofline a bit "curvier". Till I opened the doors. I get frameless doors on sports cars and convertibles, but I just don't think they work on the 6. I'll go back and look again but not sure I can get past them at the moment. The new X5 on the other hand...
  12. G Whizz

    Does my car have swirl flaps ?

    Others will know better than me, but I don't think so. I had to google what they are, and in doing so found a BMW specialist garage that says that they haven't been fitted on BMWs since 2008.
  13. G Whizz

    A little change

    ooooh. I may have to do something just to irritate/alarm the OH/children OH often asks "which side of the road?" when she drives my car - she's not English to be fair! - and so a big arrow on the bonnet saying "This side" may be in order :-)
  14. G Whizz

    A little change

    It's a definite no from me I'm afraid, but to each their own! Out of curiosity (whole new world for me!), I assume these come off simply enough? As in, for when you return the car?
  15. G Whizz

    I wonder how much..

    BMW had to pay to have the M5 reviewed on TGT and TG in the same week...? :-) I think it made me decide (like I have the cash - not!) that I really don't like much of the Alpina's badging, but I assume it can debadged. It just looked cheap plastic badging you'd get from Halfords imho.... I didn't like the Merc visually, but did prefer it's sound!