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  1. G Whizz

    Best comparison site?

    I found it varies each time you search (as in brand & model, and quite when), but auto-ebid and uknewcars were generally the best deals for me for the times I've shopped. Broadspeed generally came out worst (but still a fair discount), and car wow varied between very good and very poor, but never best. I end up searching them all, and then go to my local dealer armed with the evidence. Each time he's more or less met the best deal within a couple of minutes. I say more or less as while I could have pushed harder, I'd have lost time I'd never get back and soured our relationship - knowing I do my homework, their opening price was pretty close to what I was aiming for.
  2. G Whizz

    G30 LCI

    I actually don't mind that look. I think my (very mild) dislike about the X5 grill is more that it doesn't look quite right rather than the size. I think I'd perhaps prefer a taller grill, but a smaller/shaped lower vent like above. Sort half way between the Q7 and X5
  3. G Whizz

    Keyless access break in

    I now have visions of you sat in the boot, alongside the dog...!
  4. G Whizz

    Keyless access break in

    But would it also start the car?
  5. G Whizz

    Keyless access break in

    I may have confused things with my title! I don't have comfort access, just the standard keys. I more meant that I didn't have to physically stick a key in the door to open it. Thanks for the links - I think there is a real gap in the market for something a little more practical and a lot more attractive! I don't want to fiddle around trying to prise off a lid to then fish out a set of keys - I like my Chinese bowl that holds them all and my coins!
  6. G Whizz

    Keyless access break in

    I thought I'd read in the forums that once the key is stationary, after a few seconds it, for want of a better phrase, turns off. Someone broke into our car last night, and I can only assume they boosted the key. Thankfully nothing taken, and no damage. What do you do - do you put their keys in Faraday cages inside the house? Is there a "safe" distance? I thought to be honest the keys were far enough away. Any recommendations for a nice looking cage?
  7. G Whizz

    What you planning to change to ?

    Sure. And others will be better placed than me to explain! I think a few things that stand out, some of which maybe down to when I got my G30. iDrive - the new, full version. Just a significantly better experience all round. That said, still a few little things they could have done to make it even better! More options for "free". There are all sorts of bits and pieces that come as standard that you have to spec on a G30. I chose not to on the G30, and I'm not necessarily sure I would do on this car, but collectively makes it feel a little more loaded, and therefore more luxury. ACC, wireless charging, being able to connect two phones, SLI on the HUD, etc. I thought the build quality and the layout on the G30 were better than the competition - I think the G05 is even better. Only main irritant is the cover over the cupholders - just awkward to use.
  8. G Whizz

    How efficient is the coasting function?

    I'd never realised CC was so bad. I assumed it would be sufficiently clever to figure out most efficient use of fuel.
  9. G Whizz

    Tilting wing mirror

    Same as @Carrman2018. When it went in for its first service, they did a software update that various things, but for me the two main things were the mirror and a different feel to acceleration. I did a post about it c. 2 years ago - I'll see if I can dig it out.
  10. G Whizz

    What you planning to change to ?

    I would have happily gone on to a new G30 for the moment (though would have enjoyed testing everything again!), but circumstances changed, and have upgraded to an X5. And I do mean upgrade. I think there is as large a difference in quality & tech between the G05 & the G30 as there was between the old 5 and the G30. That said, given the price increase, there bl%$£^& should be
  11. List is c£5k between a 30d msport and a 45e msport. At the time, the dealer wouldn't go very far on discounts on the 45e as it wasn't yet on sale, but we easily got a big discount off the 30d. Can't honestly remember the numbers but I seem to recall it was well over 10k difference, perhaps even close to 15k. We didn't get as far as PCP quotes tbf, which would have narrowed the gap I suspect.
  12. We went through the same calculations. OH daily commute would almost be possible on a single charge, though nowhere to charge at the other end (there's barely anywhere to park!). Then we looked at what the costs - we could get a lot more for a lot less on an ordinary X5 than just the base X5e. Don't get me wrong, the base is pretty well specc'd but coupled with the wait time at the time, it just didn't add up. I think that's then issue - at the moment, it was a fair bit cheaper to stick with diesel, even after you took into account the savings, and you get a significantly nicer car. While I'm pro electric (believe me, I tried to make the sums work!), pragmatism outweighs principles. For us, either the prices need to be a bit more comparable and/or the range improved. The closer the range is to, say, 100miles the more the running costs start to make a bigger impact.
  13. G Whizz

    Real World mpg 530d v 540i

    More a thought triggered by your comment. I know we don't get much snow in the south, but my 520D m-sport failed miserably to get up the mild hill we lived on the last time we had a few inches. We couldn't even get it off the drive, so it blocked in all our other cars. Lesson learnt - snow forecast now equates to car shuffling!
  14. G Whizz

    Just buying a 530e, my first BMW.

    No - but it is fully air conditioned
  15. G Whizz

    off to pastures new

    Interesting. I didn't think people went for them these days - this is the first car since c1995 that has had one. I note my dealer only has a handful with sunroofs, with the vast majority without. Anyway, whether it has an impact or not was already built into the PCP so somewhat academic!