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  1. wakey

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Fitted these I got from Mtec brakes. I'm pretty impressed as aside from solving my high speed/hard brake judder they look smart with the black e-coat and even taking it easy bedding them in; the difference in stopping power is fantastic. Great price too. I'm gonna do the rears next just for the aesthetics!
  2. wakey

    Buying an e39 M5.

    I agree totally. Luckily Ive owned one in the past that I did extract the enjoyment from. This one however is a different type of purchase
  3. wakey

    Buying an e39 M5.

    Hi Dennis Thanks - yeah agreed they are few and far between these relatively low milers aren't they. Ive no real plans either way tbh as I'm not too sure what its current worth is? I just happened to hear of it whilst not looking as such. I tend to buy stuff that's likely to go up in value (got a 1 owner 30k mile clio trophy and a 1 owner 20k mile Megane R26.R stashed away too) and when I saw it's condition I was luckily in a position to buy it. They are difficult to price.
  4. wakey

    Buying an e39 M5.

    I've got a nice e39 M5 tucked away.46kmiles and a real minter
  5. wakey

    GONZO - Highly recommended!

    No worries The big G has been over twice now and worked his wonders. Glad he managed to work things out for you too!
  6. wakey

    E60/61 exhaust tailpipes

    e60/61 535d exhaust trim/tailpipes wanted. Must be OEM and no dents Not fussed on condition of the chrome finish Let me know if you have a pair to sell and how much Thanks!
  7. wakey

    Please I need immediate help

    I'd contact 'Gonzo' on here. I use him for many E60 tasks and he travels. Work is first rate and his knowledge superb. Not bad rates either and worth every penny
  8. wakey

    <£50 DAB/USB/AUX Solution

    Thanks man thats great. Mine has it as standard but totally wasted on me and I'm not sure Ive even used it. Nor the rear auto blinds or lane deviation haha As long as Ive got nav and bluetooth I'm happy and easily pleased!
  9. wakey

    <£50 DAB/USB/AUX Solution

    Great write up and very useful for those wanting DAB Can I ask (as an out of touch 45yr old radio 4 bore) what's the big deal with DAB? What does it offer over standard FM? More stations? Better quality? TIA
  10. wakey

    Recycling/Disposing of car fluids

    Just pour it all on the neighbours lawn when they are out
  11. Is there a chance when doing this update that it may also include a VW esque software fudge to improve emissions, have the egr working overtime and generally ruining throttle response whilst reducing fuel efficiency? Many VW/Skoda etc owners wish they'd never bothered.....worth finding out.
  12. wakey

    My 400HP diesel

    Awesome! What work has been done to achieve that figure?
  13. Guys I feel compelled to recommend what is a 'come to you' expert that can complete work on your beloved (and sometimes troublesome) BMW E60/1 I contacted Gareth to ask for advice on a range of cetain jobs I was looking to complete as a preventative measure on my 2010 535d M sport - a few chats later and I was asking him if he'd consider me paying him to come to me and do the work such was his knowledge. Gareth came to me yesterday at the crack of dawn to undertake a long list of work - replacement of the following Update NAV/Maps Glow plug relay Glow plugs Turbo vac hoses Inlet manifold seals Main Stat EGR Stat Gearbox stat modification Full test When he arrived an unpacked it was clear I'd made the right decision - the chap is like a mobile BMW workshop differing only by the fact he actually knows what he's talking about! I'm someone who finds it hard to trust people to work on my cars as I always seem to find something lacking with many garages. That said, when peple do get it right and meet my expectations then I'm the first to voice up praise! So if anyone here needs any technical work completing right first time by someone with a thorough, methodical and sometimes frighteningly geeky level of knowledge then our resident forum member 'Gonzo' aka Gareth come highly recommended. Great price too! Hahaha just to add - it was after about an hour Gareth called me over to ask if I had any rust convertor liquid! Fearing the worst I raced over and asked why - he's undone a nut from the EGR valve that had some surface corrosion on and wanted it to go back treated!!! That made me smile with admiration and surprise!!
  14. wakey

    Price request

    Please could you price the following item for me?Many thanks!51117892575
  15. Hi I'm looking for a used DPF that fits the LCI 535d (the cylindrical type that is located close to the engine) and is a combined cat/dpf unit The part number would be 18308508523 I don't mind if its knackered of gutted as it's for a track build car of a friends. Many thanks!