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  1. Abbadon

    Honest Opinion Required

    Its ok, ive bought it back, the money from settlement is in my bank, and car and keys and paperwork never left my possession. So on that front i'm safe.
  2. Abbadon

    Honest Opinion Required

    Calypso, You are of course right. At the end of the day, really, I have too many outgoings (read children) to run a 5 series, but i was living the dream for a while. It was old, and because of that the balance swung to more cost over the 9 months in maintenance, than the purchase price, and of course that means that I have lost out due to the way they value cars (laughable Glass index or some such joke). I managed to push them up to £2200, and that has taken me all morning on and off. Still have the excess as they are still fighting each other over liability. So after excess I get 1900 or something, and the buy back is £176. So 1600 ish in the bank. Now I need to decide whether im salvaging it to auction, using it on scrappage scheme this week whilst I can, or breaking it....
  3. Abbadon

    Honest Opinion Required

    OK continuing on.... they came back with an offensive offer, which i refused. They have come back now with 2k, which im still pretty unhappy with, since there is still excess to pay, and then i've not broached the buyback yet. Anyone else got any advice how i should play it? Feeling pretty low right now :/
  4. Abbadon

    Honest Opinion Required

    Fair enough, maybe I should be looking at that as an option also.... I might be looking for more guidance if I need it. Is it worth thinking to put it on ebay as salvage?
  5. Abbadon

    Honest Opinion Required

    Thanks for the frank advice Annoyingly - there aren't any copart auctions here in Wales - there must be an alternative however? How can I tell if my bumpers are genuine? I guess I just need to hear from the insurance company now on the offer they will make both total loss and inc by back. Is it likely id find a private buyer if I advertise it just as salvage? Andy
  6. Abbadon

    Honest Opinion Required

    It was nice to drive, and cosmetically was pretty tidy too, which is making it all the worse. Put fair effort in to ridding it of all faults just to have it smashed up is pretty heart breaking. At least if Id crashed it I would have been enjoying myself! I guess I had listed in my head the following: Bumpers £100 each boot Spoiler £30? Wheels inc 2 very new uniroyals - £300?? after that im really in the unknown? anyone have a hit list? i really need guidance... I have the offroad space, I have tools, I have less time but I guess there is no time limit once I start... What id like to know is how easy is it to get a shell removed at the end? And what the best order to remove stuff would be? Andy
  7. Abbadon

    Honest Opinion Required

    My car was hit by another driver on Friday I need to decide whether to go total loss, or buy the car back to try and sell it to someone/break it myself. Mileage is 180k, 530d, 53 plate, engine was rebuilt during the previous owners stewardship as it ate the swirl flaps, so its de-flapped. Has a remap with EGR delete. Didnt ever have a DPF being a 53 plate. M-sport bumpers and 20" reps in the M5 style. Black Leather interior. The car was hit in the nearside almost centrally to main damage to both doors, and the pillar and sill, and because of the pillar. ripple to the roof surface. Likely floor as well. So the chassis is fooked. But because of the location, running gear and lots of the rest are untouched, and apart from the sill cover poking forward, its driveable. Is it possible I might find a buyer who would want it to break or at least buy for the engine/trans etc..? I've probably spent too much on it in last 8 months, I have a list of parts fitted, ill type that up later. I'm really just looking for opinions as I have to decide fairly quickly and I don't know the best way to go.
  8. I have scoured the forum, and my searches dont come back wih anything really good. I cant for the life of me release the panel on back of my drivers seat. I have read all the guides saying pull or push side to side whilst pulling rearwards, but i cant get it to release The car is a 53 plate pre LCI. All the photographs I can find are never quite good enough to truly see the form of the clip, so i can work out what im doing wrong Has anyone got a really good high res set of photos of the clips, and how they fit to the seat, etc..? To make things worse, I think all my attempts have affected the air bag connection as when i reconnected my battery my airbag light is on! This could be my wheel though as every now and again it comes on due to start check on drivers wheel bag .... but thats for another day!
  9. The guard that is under passengers feet (on outside of the car) that covers some pipes and other bits (and I think a fuel filter). Mine is not present anymore
  10. Just to be 100%, lie under the door, and look upward as you gently peel edge of the foam away from the door, you should have a solid unbroken bead of the bitumen material, if you have any breaks in this bead, you can get water ingress if the water is dripping from the glass or seals, on to the membrane and then running down and through the gap between membrane and the door metal. I thought I had re sealed mine well enough, but i ended up replacing the bitumen with new to ensure I had an unbroken seal 100 %, as I very occasionally was still getting a small bit of ingress in the worst weather.
  11. Abbadon

    poor running, another EGR thread

    When you say poor running, does it stall or anything, or is it just very down on power? Do you have a better description of symptoms?
  12. did you lie under the doors and check all along the lower edge and near the corners or the membranes to make sure there is no breach, and did you re-warm them to make sure they were really well sealed? - have you tried parking your car in different orientation to see if it stops the leak temporarily - i.e park it nose up rather than nose down? I assume yu checked all door membranes not just the passenger one?
  13. Abbadon

    Sudden MPG drop.

    that sounds like duff glow plugs regarding puff of white smoke on startup and slightly rough running for a short period. but that wouldn't cause you to have poor mpg during a run.
  14. Abbadon

    Real M5 ownership costs?

    Looks like its about 45p per mile in fuel alone, based on the 12mpg comment above. If your using premium fuel it will be more like 50p per mile.
  15. Abbadon

    2004 E61 525d Boot not opening

    Ridiculous! At least the button on boot should work with key in, if the car is stationary and the engine off? Means if you are dropping someone and they need to open the boot, you have to key off and out, totally stupid.... If you fit a button, does that work with key in? Or is it the same?