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  1. wishicoulddriveit

    Breaking E39 528 Sport, manual, 1999, moon roof

    hi tim. what price would the pair of door mirrors be . thanks
  2. wishicoulddriveit

    early E39 pillar trims

    "A","B" and "C" upper pillar trims in light grey.(these are for for the earlier model of the E39 saloon (ie the "A" pillar trims do not have the "window" for the air bags) also available are the lower "B" pillar trims also in light grey. Offers
  3. wishicoulddriveit

    Winter tyres and wheels

    please remove topic. thanks
  4. wishicoulddriveit

    Winter tyres and wheels

    price reduced again to £220(anyone) make me an offer?
  5. wishicoulddriveit

    Winter tyres and wheels

    price reduced to £300 ono
  6. wishicoulddriveit

    Winter tyres and wheels

    4 off style 138 wheels fitted with pirelli sottozero 210 serie 2 winter tyres. the wheels(7.5inch x 17inch) are in very good condition. the tyre tread depths are 2 off @5mm and 2 off @ 6mm. £400 ono. i am located in guisborough(north yorkshire)
  7. wishicoulddriveit

    E39 Front & Rear Door Card Foam Blocks

    i replied to your pm but got this reply from my mail server:- forum@bmw5.co.uk all hosts for 'bmw5.co.uk' have been failing for a long time and were last tried after this message arrived
  8. wishicoulddriveit

    slide/tilt armrest

    success. cheers mate. easy when you know how.
  9. wishicoulddriveit

    slide/tilt armrest

    could anyone tell me how to remove the metal part of the armrest from the armrest pad. i have remove the two front screws and the two plastic plugs and thought there would be two more screws under them but there is nothing, is there something i have missed? i need to remove it because the handle has snapped off(i have a replacement) any help would be appreciated.
  10. wishicoulddriveit

    E39 Front & Rear Door Card Foam Blocks

    i have a set. 4 off square and one octagonal
  11. wishicoulddriveit

    E39 passenger side wing mirror cover.

    ok they are the same as mine. i would be very interested in the drivers side mirror if available. thanks
  12. wishicoulddriveit

    E39 passenger side wing mirror cover.

    ref door mirrors what do you mean sports mirrors, are a different shape to the "standard" shaped mirrors. thanks
  13. wishicoulddriveit

    dash cam

    i am installing a dash cam to my e39 i have fitted the camera and the wire to the area of the fusebox. i am using a piggy back type connector but i am unsure which fuse to use and also where to connect the earth wire any help would be much appreciated
  14. wishicoulddriveit

    wheel fitment advice

    i am interested in the mv2(style 135) alloy wheels for my e39. the majority of wheels advertised for sale have been for the e46 model. will they fit the e39?, would spacers be required? if so how wide? is there anything else i would need to be aware of when choosing these wheels? any advice would be much appriciated. thanks
  15. wishicoulddriveit

    BMW E39 530i facelift breaking.

    ok i will have it please.