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  1. I didn't realise the foam was so thick under the carpet! It has taken a while to driy out properly. Anyway should be sorted soon.
  2. So car is just about dried out now. The membrane is off from 1/2 along the bottom of the door and up one side. Should I just stick it back on or would you remove it altogether and do the full thing. I'm thinking remove, prep and stick it all back down.
  3. I will give this a try mate cheers. Fan heater on also.
  4. Carpets pulled up, this could take a week to dry out so I have plenty of time to prep!
  5. Cheers Dan, I never thought about a tape before. For that price I'm having it for a try. Thanks
  6. Hi Folks Had my e39 for 13 years and I have had the usual water in the rear foot well problem twice. So she is leaking again, door cards are off and everything is drying out. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good product on the market I can used to stick the membrane back on. Thanks in advance folks Cheers
  7. jc1

    How Long Have You Owned Your E39?

    I have had my 2002 530 Touring for 13 years. She has 160.000 on the clock 100.000 are down to me. The NS wing needed replaced and the rear arches were showing rust. The Mrs thought it was time i changed to a newer car! Didn't happen new wing and all rust sorted out. I absolutely love this car! She looks as good as new now and I don't mean the Mrs!!
  8. jc1

    plastic headlight lenses

    Cheers Dan, I have done the wet and dry and it worked really well on one side. However the other the other side really needs replacing.
  9. I have been searching for some replacement plastic headlight covers for my 02 E39. Found some on fleabay price around £90. Can anyone recommend a good set? I did try searching the forum but couldn't find a thread tho im sure there must be one. Thanks in advance guys.
  10. jc1

    newbie in scotland

    I'm in Bathgate Andrew. Don't see many around here mate.
  11. jc1

    newbie in scotland

    Cheers lads, I have had her for 12 years now and still love driving her.
  12. jc1

    newbie in scotland

    I only use the toe bar for my bike rack but I leave it on, i call it my bumper protector!
  13. jc1

    High mileage e39 530d yes or no

    My 530 manual Touring is on 160k. I have had her for 12 years. I did have to change a metal part that connects to the actual gears stick on top of the box. I can't remember what it was called now! Apart from that FSH and she has been brilliant.