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  1. GoNz0

    No fuse card. Dipped headlight

    The light module controls them, no additional fuses. Sent from my Pixel 6 using Tapatalk
  2. GoNz0

    Rear demister E61 Issue

    I think the demister power line runs into a suppressor in the right rear speaker area, check for voltage before and after?
  3. GoNz0

    Changy 1 Pinch bolt 0

    I think you need to be an engineer to work on these, I even have accomplished mechanics come to get stuff done
  4. GoNz0

    BMW e61 key problem

    The red going to the DA is main power, always on.
  5. GoNz0

    Restraint systems faulty.

    You can code it out after disconnecting it.
  6. I have a bag of repair washers, aka penny washers. 30 to 50mm depending on the job but they work well
  7. TLDR: but loosening and tightening an inner arm bolt throws the tracking out.
  8. GoNz0

    Tyre choice

    Pilot sport 4s
  9. GoNz0


    It's called condition based servicing, it isn't just distance like a 1990 ford escort
  10. GoNz0

    Seized strut pinch bolt removal!

    I paid £315 so, yes it's a good price. I got it mainly for bigger jobs, stuck wheel bolts, hub nuts etc. I have the 12v one for general use, it still packs a punch for most jobs. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/253899305026
  11. GoNz0

    Seized strut pinch bolt removal!

    Low level would be enough to jar it, I wouldn't even dare put my big one on that blot as it'd snap the head straight off, it's something daft like 1860nm release torque.
  12. GoNz0

    Seized strut pinch bolt removal!

    Persistence is key, I've spent a couple of hours on one once, plenty of penetrating oil, force it both ways trying to judge that snapping point, lots of heat and a tin of freeze spray. Eventually it will (should) give. If you do snap the head off then put the nut back on and try to draw it through, washers will be needed to do that so you have clean thread to go at.
  13. GoNz0

    Axle stand positioning?

    It doesn't matter if the sill mounts look shit they will still work, if you want extra then put more stands under the subframes and leave the jack on the front subframe jacking point
  14. GoNz0

    Aux coding in

    Sent you a message.