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  1. GoNz0

    E60 Scan Software

    ISTA P is next to useless and should never be used without a genuine ICOM. go on Amazon and get a switched dcan cable.
  2. GoNz0

    More problems

    Try the pressure transducer or just give up and map it out if the DPF has been removed.
  3. GoNz0

    Front brake squeak

    It's just red rubber grease but BMW and ATE say you should use this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261534699479?
  4. It should have a plastic guide on it?
  5. Check the alignment mark on the column, it's easy to go one out and push it out of shape, it's also easy to put it right
  6. GoNz0

    Rear Wiper Issue E61

    I'm going to guess the sleeves worn. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  7. It could be, the systems fussy on active steering.
  8. GoNz0

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    I had no idea you could get the twin sockets like that, I have the factory 13 pin one instead.
  9. GoNz0

    Cableshack K-Line Diagnostic Cable Set

    It will work
  10. GoNz0

    E60 stereo upgrade (twist)

    HiFi is inline with the subs, not optical. You have a MOST breakout box in the boot to tap and extend the loop to the L7 amp.
  11. GoNz0

    E60 stereo upgrade (twist)

    Used m8, 13 speaker ran via the optical loop driving all speakers, HiFi is the basic upgrade.
  12. GoNz0

    E60 stereo upgrade (twist)

    TLDR, the easiest upgrade for good sound is the logic7 retrofit, cost saving would be the HiFi amp that only powers the bigger subs but will add tweeters. I went up a level and fitted the individual but the price jumps from around £450 for the L7 to £1+
  13. GoNz0

    08 LCI petrol general jiggery pokery

    Part numbers for the Japan frequency, the case and battery fit them all.
  14. GoNz0

    08 LCI petrol general jiggery pokery

    Buy the battery kit off ebay, you get a battery and case. As it's the E61 you should check the tailgate wiring as that is usually the cause.
  15. Did you ever get this sorted? My mates just imported a bloody 550i from Japan and dropped this task on me...