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  1. 1, it has a text search that works, really well in fact. 2, an ABL is a diagnostics for whatever it says. This allows to to test various things. 3, REP is a repair guide, FUB explains things, SSP are wiring diagrams, AZD are torque settings. After you do a complete ident or just a scan you get the tree module list, obviously green is good, red is no communication and amber is a stored fault. You can create a plan after displaying the fault memory to work though, ie run a test and then follow a repair guide or click a module and bring up the ECU function where you can view various parameters or activate stuff. That should get you going
  2. You may need to click the spanner in the top right and tab to vehicle interface and select "Ediabas" as the default interface then the com1 settings should be fine but check the port speeds maxxed out or it will take ages to scan, (sorry pics in Russian as my cables in the car so I can't bring it up) When you run it pick complete identification and it will do a scan of all the modules and show you what's going off
  3. GoNz0

    E61 tailgate boot wiring

    Left side I think does the main boot latch.
  4. GoNz0

    Diesel fuel filter replacement

    I think you may have a damaged screw from a previous filter replacement.
  5. GoNz0

    Drivechain - Drive Moderately

    No m8 even ISTA/P is very limited with only a few retrofits to offer, you use standard tools https://www.bimmergeeks.net/downloads NCSexpert reads and writes the config files and NCSdummy is a user friendly interface to edit them to enable said features. http://codinge90.com/getting-started/
  6. GoNz0

    Drivechain - Drive Moderately

    Slimmed down works fine m8.
  7. Get ISTA, problem solved. https://mega.nz/#!a1wUmYCD!G0C3_Hsg9qFvrqQwC764h4CQML7ECo9uQ4EpxjI8oZs
  8. GoNz0

    Charging a new battery

    Lets not forget that would not be the resting voltage, these cars use a lot of amps when unlocked and fiddling about with stuff so it drags the voltage down.
  9. GoNz0

    DIY service

    You can't knock either company when they get it right
  10. GoNz0

    DIY service

    I know m8, It's my go to fluid now, buy it in 5lt tins as I get through a fair bit. Going to have to get me that Sealy catch can rather than my length of pipe and old 5lt tub FYI if you can wait a few days for free delivery it's £6.43 from carparts4less (item 524770042) with the summer15 code My backup brand is VAG fluid, or Quantum as they brand it, you can get that under a fiver at TPS trade counters, also LV rated and got me out of a scrape when I used up the local ECP stocks
  11. GoNz0

    DIY service

    Can I suggest ATE SL6 from ECP as an alternative as you get twice as much for the same fluid in the manufacturers tin rather than a BMW one https://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/p/car-accessories/auxiliary-fluids/engine-oils-and-car-fluids/brake-fluid/?524770042&0&cc5_179 £7.24 per litre with the discount code.
  12. GoNz0

    Front suspension wear

    What hasn't been changed yet?
  13. GoNz0

    BST (Battery Safety Terminal) Bypass

    I coded it out on a car a few weeks ago but also bought 150 2.2 ohm resistor for £1.69. I think you paid a bit over the odds? Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk