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  1. THe39M5

    BMW 645i V8 Auto.

    Yep, you didn’t know how quickly it would turn in from one corner to the next. The Dynamic Drive anti-roll bar system was good but best avoided as expensive to fix.
  2. THe39M5

    BMW 645i V8 Auto.

    Crikey, I took one look at that 6er on nice, clean looking block paving and thought noooooo!! Best lay cardboard down under them. For what it's worth (not a lot), I do miss my 645ci. The cream leather with panoramic roof made it a really special place to sit. For burbling around the place it sounded far better than my M5. The M5 is more visceral on full chat and a totally different animal but at low revs around town and cruising country lanes the 6 sounded lovely and felt genuinely special. The basic servotronic steering is also nicely weighted and has the best feel of any BMW I have driven. Avoid those with Active Steering as it takes all of the good things away and makes it dead feeling and unpredictable (I test drove one of each). I too had to work through constant gremlins and unbelievable oil leaks, and it has left a big dent in my confidence in owning anything related to it ever again. It's a shame but they do seem disproportionately prone to expensive horrors. When a 645 gets down to £1500 I will buy another, put cardboard on the driveway and drive the hell out of it with my fingers crossed!
  3. THe39M5

    V8 Drag Link / Centre Tie Rod.

    They are different. One of the two joints (for the pitman arm or the idler arm) only rotates, whereas the other one is free to move around like a typical ball joint. So they aren't symmetrical (hence left and right hand drive versions) and need to be fitted the correct way around. The TRW one on my M5 is conveniently stamped L and R, as was the old one I took off.
  4. THe39M5

    Dashboard display control not working

    I remember the 'high' specification OBC (the version that displays complete messages, usually with pixels missing) can be programmed to step through selected items. You press and hold the stalk button for several seconds and once in programming mode you go through the buttons on the MID that select the features you require. By default it lists everything such as the stop watch, arrival time, distance to arrival etc. which is mostly of no use so with a bit of button pressing (all in the owners manual) you can restrict it to a few items. Perhaps it has been accidentally put in programming mode at some point and only one item got selected?
  5. THe39M5

    Why I've ended up with an e39.

    This is exactly the problem with a car like that. If it hasn’t been changed already, every brake hose and bushing will be toast. I would still go for it at 5k but I doubt they will entertain that sort of offer. So like so many nice examples it will sit until the tyres go square.
  6. THe39M5

    Why I've ended up with an e39.

    That looks ace but I wouldn’t dare drive it if I paid what they are asking. If were half that money I would be straight on it. I bet the previous owner got all of a grand for that trade in.
  7. THe39M5

    Why I've ended up with an e39.

    When I was in my early 20's my girlfriend's dad turned up one day with his new to him E28 M535i. It was a lovely thing. I wanted one, badly. Then to rub things in further a chap at our factory also bought one, complete with the dog-leg 1st gearbox. Try as I might I couldn't find one for sale at the right time, but I never shook off that want for a big-engined 5 series. I ended up with a Carlton 3000 GSi which was a damn good car, but not quite what I had intended. Years passed and I got into company cars and the joy of motoring was a bit lost... Come 2007 I had changed job and had started a family. We needed a family car that was a bit special and I hadn't forgotten just how good those E28's were but by then they were mostly dead or too much money / work. I also needed something vaguely sensible and those older 3.5 lumps are a bit thirsty. So I found a 2000 build 528i touring, with manual gearbox and every last option ticked. I'll never forget driving it 80 miles back from the place I bought it on a freezing night with xenon lights cutting through fog and rain. It was just sublime. That 528i did huge mileage and was passed to my wife for a well earned rest! After a poorly conceived dabble with sensible family motoring (Mondeo!) I had a moment of clarity and bought an E39 M5 for my 300 miles a week commute! That took things to another level, just the perfect car, except I was becoming a gold customer at the petrol station. I was also becoming paranoid about keeping it in good condition, so a plan was hatched and after 18 months as my daily the M5 became garage queen and I got a 525i saloon for daily duties. We had 3 E39's in the stable! It's a medical condition I suspect. Alas, we had to part company with the 528 and 525 and currently run E9x cars for daily duties, which are okay but just not the same. I would use the M5 more but 20mpg x 15k miles a year x environment = guilt feelings. One day our family car will be an E39 530i sport touring with manual box. If anyone knows of one without interstellar mileage I would be very happy to re-home it!
  8. THe39M5

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Took the M5 to an excellent M car specialist in Bristol for its inspection II and brake fluid flush. I have promised to do more miles in it this year as it’s only done 700 since the last service!
  9. THe39M5


    The cabin temperature sensor behind the little slots in the HVAC fascia has a small fan that draws the air over it. This can get clogged up with dust and lead to erratic temperature control. Do a search for it as there are many threads on the web about cleaning it out.
  10. THe39M5

    Replacement locking wheel bolts E39

    Sorted by phone, thanks!
  11. Hi, Are individual security wheel bolts still available or do I need a new set of 4 with 'key'? Car is a 2001 E39 M5. Thanks.
  12. THe39M5

    Underbody Protection / Corrosion Prevention

    Bilt-Hamber do a clear film called UC. I haven’t tried it personally so can’t comment on how effective it is. The BH products appear to be very effective at keeping the remaining tiny spots of rust from spreading while I have found it comes back under Waxoil type stuff. I haven’t used Waxoil for many years so it might have improved. I found the old black stuff was a nightmare if you needed to weld near it.
  13. THe39M5

    Underbody Protection / Corrosion Prevention

    Also check out their zinc primer called Electrox. I've done spot repairs with that on a few cars and have found it very effective.
  14. THe39M5

    Underbody Protection / Corrosion Prevention

    I've used Hydrate 80 followed by Dynax UB with great results on really exposed steel parts where the original coatings have cracked or peeled away in just the same area you are looking at. I think S-50 is soft and is formulated to flow well for use inside cavities whereas UB forms a slightly sticky rubbery coating. I really like Bilt-Hamber products on the whole, having used the brush-on UB to keep corrosion at bay for over 7 years without any flaking off or corrosion creeping in under the coating. I check every winter by wiping a little off with thinners and it has always done its job really well.
  15. THe39M5

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    That is usually the problem with events run by track-based businesses, however I did a half day's tuition at Birmingham Wheels Raceway organised by an M3 specialist dealer who also does drift tuition. Was a nice informal day with about two hours of seat time with the instructor in their stripped and caged E39 M5 plus as much time as I wanted/dared in my 325i. He takes the approach that seat time is the only way to crack it and I must say it took me the whole day to get out of long ingrained instincts to correct the slide. It is a delicate balancing act. I got a hell of a lot more out of it than just getting to grips with starting to drift. Just having a safe space to be able to push a car through its limits without fear of trouble / damage was priceless. To get that much time they run it as an open day for a small number of enthusiasts and do the tuition in the safe area while others take to the oval. I also got a lot of passenger time in the M5 and a race prepared E36 with 570 HP at the wheels. Doing 360 spins at speed felt almost safe in the very competent hands of the instructor. I'm not the best passenger but I really enjoyed it all, and met some really nice people.