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  1. THe39M5

    545i indicated rev limit???

    The thermostat is a 'mapped' type with a heater in it to force it open under full load. The N62 will typically run around 105°C on a cruise and drop back to around 95°C when pushing a bit harder. A faulty thermostat will usually set a code (no light though) as the engine temperature doesn't follow the command of the DME as expected. The sensor is on top of the thermostat housing and its connector can be a bit weak. There was a service bulletin that had dealerships replacing half the engine loom on early X45i cars, though I just tightened the connections on my 645i to fix it.
  2. Do you have somewhere near that does 'road force balancing'? That system runs a roller against the tyre as it rotates and will detect any out-of-round / distortion and tyre defects that would be enough to cause a vibration.
  3. THe39M5

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    MoT passed with no advisories for 8th consecutive year in my ownership of my M5! Always pleased to get a clean report through all the preventive maintenance and OCD behaviour. The handbrake scored a mediocre 20% on the Tapley Meter, as usual, despite being carefully adjusted at both ends. It holds on 1:3 hills but is just weak at slowing the car if it is moving. I have had 6 BMW's now and every single one has had a rubbish handbrake. Why do they mock me?!
  4. THe39M5

    Insurance - Vultures

    Have you tried ClassicLine? I insure through them on an agreed value policy. They will cover up to 6k miles a year if you have access to another 'main' car.
  5. THe39M5

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    The fuel in the pump is drawn through the inside of the motor itself and over the commutator and brushes. Seems insane to do so but the fuel to air ratio needs to be very specific to burn and takes a lot of energy to light it. I kept telling myself that as I stared into the tank!
  6. THe39M5

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I often wonder how long the v-power sits around at our local fuel station.. I seem to be the only one that ever uses it!
  7. THe39M5

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Fitted a new fuel pump and filter on the M5 as preventive maintenance. Always a bit nerve wracking working over an open petrol tank! There is a clear improvement in throttle response so pleased it has made a difference. A dead pump is one of the very few things that will actually completely stop a petrol e39 so thought I would get ahead of it. The fuel filter was of course the one it left the factory with. Wasn’t full of filth though, and the tank was spotless inside.
  8. THe39M5

    Its time.....

    How many miles has it done? There is a growing consensus on M5Board that if the tensioner is replaced before it goes bad then the chain guides are long lived in the cool running S62. When the lower sump is taken off (when the bearings are being done) check for any fragments of plastic in the oil left in the pan which would indicate the guides are breaking up. Apparently you should also check inside the oil pickup strainer as they are light enough to get drawn in and collect there. There are no hard and fast rules, just internet info. from a small sample of cars. It will be interesting to see how the bearings look. Vanos test results can be out just through gently leaking solenoids or aged cam position sensors. The only real way to know how the timing is doing is to take the valve covers off and check the alignment marks after setting the cam positions. Internet legend has it that they weren't always perfect from the factory...
  9. Sticky lifters do tend to cure themselves with hot oil. It is odd that the noise goes away in that small rev range. Could the sound be coming from the front of one of the vanos units? They can rattle against the end caps if the oil is leaking through solenoids, and the position of them would vary with load/rpm possibly stopping the sound. A mechanic's stethoscope is good for this kind of issue. Other than that, are you sure it isn't just an exhaust blow? The fuel gets cut off on the overun and then comes back on as it settles to idle, which could perhaps give a similar effect.
  10. Difficult to say from a video. A sticking valve lifter is a constant little ticking noise that in my experience stays equally loud with changing revs. It is clearly from the top if you listen with the bonnet up. If the noise is momentarily worse when coming off the throttle from around 2500 rpm (in neutral) that can be more indicative of bearings. Leaking exhaust flanges can also sound like a sharp rattle but make a variable noise. If you can safely get under the car those would be obvious if they are the cause. I would not drive it until you get a better idea of the source of the noise. The crank nearly always survives a bearing on its way out but your luck my run out if you keep running it. Are there any flecks of metal in the oil filter? Vanos pump retaining clips have been known to come apart making noise from the top end. Broken chain guides can also make a racket. Both can be inspected by removing the valve covers.
  11. THe39M5

    BMW 645i V8 Auto.

    Yep, you didn’t know how quickly it would turn in from one corner to the next. The Dynamic Drive anti-roll bar system was good but best avoided as expensive to fix.
  12. THe39M5

    BMW 645i V8 Auto.

    Crikey, I took one look at that 6er on nice, clean looking block paving and thought noooooo!! Best lay cardboard down under them. For what it's worth (not a lot), I do miss my 645ci. The cream leather with panoramic roof made it a really special place to sit. For burbling around the place it sounded far better than my M5. The M5 is more visceral on full chat and a totally different animal but at low revs around town and cruising country lanes the 6 sounded lovely and felt genuinely special. The basic servotronic steering is also nicely weighted and has the best feel of any BMW I have driven. Avoid those with Active Steering as it takes all of the good things away and makes it dead feeling and unpredictable (I test drove one of each). I too had to work through constant gremlins and unbelievable oil leaks, and it has left a big dent in my confidence in owning anything related to it ever again. It's a shame but they do seem disproportionately prone to expensive horrors. When a 645 gets down to £1500 I will buy another, put cardboard on the driveway and drive the hell out of it with my fingers crossed!
  13. THe39M5

    V8 Drag Link / Centre Tie Rod.

    They are different. One of the two joints (for the pitman arm or the idler arm) only rotates, whereas the other one is free to move around like a typical ball joint. So they aren't symmetrical (hence left and right hand drive versions) and need to be fitted the correct way around. The TRW one on my M5 is conveniently stamped L and R, as was the old one I took off.
  14. THe39M5

    Dashboard display control not working

    I remember the 'high' specification OBC (the version that displays complete messages, usually with pixels missing) can be programmed to step through selected items. You press and hold the stalk button for several seconds and once in programming mode you go through the buttons on the MID that select the features you require. By default it lists everything such as the stop watch, arrival time, distance to arrival etc. which is mostly of no use so with a bit of button pressing (all in the owners manual) you can restrict it to a few items. Perhaps it has been accidentally put in programming mode at some point and only one item got selected?
  15. THe39M5

    Why I've ended up with an e39.

    This is exactly the problem with a car like that. If it hasn’t been changed already, every brake hose and bushing will be toast. I would still go for it at 5k but I doubt they will entertain that sort of offer. So like so many nice examples it will sit until the tyres go square.