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    E39 M5 2001. E90 325i 2006. E91 325iT 2005.

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  1. THe39M5

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    I have this one handy but if you need detail of a particular area I will do what I can. There are no visible relays in the engine bay on mine.
  2. THe39M5

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    Mine is exactly as above, December 2000 build 2001 car. You posted a photo of the extra hose on June 4th. Good call on the fan blade. They do a lot of damage if they break up.
  3. THe39M5

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    That’s not shown on either of the versions on realoem and I can’t think where it goes. Looks like you will need to disconnect that after all. You have that random hose under the side of the engine as well. I wonder if this had a supercharger at some point?
  4. THe39M5

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    There appear to be different versions! I have checked mine and the one on top of the oil distribution device that goes off to the right to the accumulator is a flexible hose, but has a tough spiral wrap on it that makes it feel solid. Might be easier to take them off on these 2000/1 and later cars I guess. TIS shows the earlier vanos oil pressure accumulator which has a longer hose without the spiral wrap so I can see why they said there was no need to disconnect them. Looks much easier on the early version than our later cars. They updated the pressure accumulator by adding a solenoid valve to stop it draining down and haven’t shown that later design in the repair manual.
  5. THe39M5

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    Apparently you can leave the vanos oil feed block connected to the flexible lines and just unbolt it to pull it to one side. I'm sure someone has said it before but the thermostat housing / tubes O-rings are very easy to break while assembling it all so have some spares and pressure test it before putting everything back together. There was a recent write-up of thermostat replacement on here very recently which is well illustrated and gives plenty of guidance. Edit: here it is:
  6. THe39M5

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    Drain plug locations are described in here: https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/e39-m5-lim_200012/repair-manuals/17-cooling/17-00-cooling-check/Ak2uDgJ It should be pretty obvious if one has been leaking, or the water pump etc., if you take off the under trays and look up from underneath. I share your frustration with garage space. I could put a 4 post lift on the driveway though, if only I could get permission from the Mrs...
  7. THe39M5

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    Also, have you checked under the water pump as they have a weep hole where water comes out when the bearing seal is wearing out. That can be intermittent at first so turn it round occasionally while doing your pressure test. Drain plug looks like a bolt head in the side of the cylinder walls, I will try and find an image.
  8. THe39M5

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    It could be something as simple as one of the drain plugs in the side of the block leaking? They are meant to be removed to do a coolant change so do get disturbed every few years (if done by the book).
  9. THe39M5

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    The oil/water heat exchanger and pipes in the valley can leak if disturbed. There is also a water channel with a cover directly behind the flywheel with a gasket that can leak. I think that tends to drip out under the bell housing so might be worth a look back there under the car. Have you changed the cam sensors yet? I’m sure I read about a leak caused by doing something like over tightening a bolt on the brackets on the back of the heads that sometimes need to be moved to get one of the sensors out. It bends a cover outwards and opens a gap into a waterway. It’s a bit of a remote chance but if you draw a blank elsewhere it might be worth a look down the back of the heads.
  10. THe39M5

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    Just a thought... Are you certain it is coolant you found in the undertray? Could it be screenwash? The hose connections through the bonnet can leak and drip coloured fluid down the side of the engine into the tray. Check the intensive function as well as the main wash as the hoses and connections are separate if I remember correctly.
  11. THe39M5

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Currently sat in coffee bar in Cotswold BMW Cheltenham while the M5 has its airbag recall done. Lovely range of M cars in here but they are all massive. The e39 feels so light and airy compared. The M2 looks fun though!
  12. THe39M5

    E39 M5 timing chain tensioners

    They are fairly well latched but once they have been screwed most of the way in they release. Just remember to remove the old crush washer which may be stuck to the timing case, that way you will not need to remove it again, which is where the fun starts... Sockets and torque wrench are all you need really. Air box out first, clean up around the area then unscrew it. It will drop some oil so keep some rags down there to catch it.
  13. THe39M5

    Folding mirrors stopped folding all of a sudden.

    As I understand it the switchpack is indeed the drivers door module. If it was gear or motor related I would expect one mirror to still work, or at least throw a code for overcurrent or open circuit or similar. I've not come across this before so anything else would be guesswork really. Does DIS have a test schedule somewhere in the function selection menus? I have found loads of tests in there if you dig around.
  14. THe39M5

    Door wont open

    If it is the driver's door then try unlocking with the key in the lock instead of using the button. Can be a bit stiff to turn as never used.
  15. THe39M5

    MAF issue? (e39)

    Another issue that gets quite a lot of internet coverage is oiled type (e.g. K&N) air filters are bad news for these MAFs and cause early performance issues. I'm fairly sure BMW let enough air in with the two air boxes without having to resort to aftermarket bits.