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  1. KitsonRis

    The E39 range is 25 years old.

    I've thought about this before and what is the last car/period/age that is going to last 20+ years? Cars are not built to last long and people tend to change new ones regulary. WIth a lot more things being electronics how well will yhat fair? I know tech has come a long way so it should last. I keep looking at E39's as a possibility for a next car. I agree with the ZF gear box. I would not touch an auto but then I was a few weeks too late to spec my M140i with an manual so had to have an auto and it is fantastic.
  2. KitsonRis

    e34 Oxford Green 525i Touring SE - OEM+

    Different website to the one I found after a google last night. Thanks!
  3. KitsonRis

    e34 Oxford Green 525i Touring SE - OEM+

    where did you get the phone holder from? I have been looking for a Brodit one for ages. Had one in my old car and thought it was good, cliped over one centre vent and then just screwed the phone holder part to it - left no damage to the car and also very secure unline the stick on ones which I can't stand. So wanted one similar for the E34 and unmable to find one anywhere
  4. Might be slightly bending the rules but it does include a picture of my E34 Freshly decorated home office. Yes I need some more furniture but the imporant thing of hanging the picture of my E34 was done first.
  5. KitsonRis

    Cost v Benefit

    The last time I had an engine out of a car I changed everything that I could as it was just easier to do it then, so yes that part is definately worth it. It was my old Octavia vRS after the cam belt tensioner went on strike and destroyed the engine. Replacement engine had a new clutch, some pipe work that was near impossible to fit if it was in the car, sump, oil pick up feed, cam belt kit to include tensioner and water pump (didn't care if it was nearly new going it that was going to be replced out of caution!). So yes, if there are parts like that that you can change I would get them changed as it will definately help down then line, especially if you are going to keep the car a long time and see the benefit. The only thing I didn't do was clean the engine and paint it, just didn't have the time as I needed the car working and mother didn't want another broken car on the drive way. I also swapped the turbo back to mine as it was less miles and I knew it worked perfectly. I am sure some jobs are quicker to remove the engine just for easier access! Not sure on E34's as I haven't looked at it but what about steering rack and PAS pipes? I know a lot of cars they are at the back of the engine bay and a nightmare to get to when the engine is in place. Might be worth having a check of them while the access is there. I was looking at E34 525i Tourings last night and couldn't find a manual one for a reasonable price. It would be something I would consider as my next car so keeping tabs on them. I wouldn't consider engine swapping my E34 until it goes wrong beyond reasonable repair. The obvious option would be an S38 but I would want something a little different so S54 out of an E46 M3 could be on the table.
  6. KitsonRis

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    What about an M54B30 engine swap? I am not sure how compatable it is with an E34 chassis though or how easy it would be.
  7. KitsonRis

    Kit's E34 535i

    Certainly is! Little annoyed I couldn't find it sooner as it was obvious once I managed to see it.
  8. KitsonRis

    Kit's E34 535i

    Drove it yesterday for the first time after doing the drop link up. Made no knocking noises. Will keep an eye on it and have another look after more use to see if it comes loose again.
  9. KitsonRis

    Private plate removal

    As already been said, it is a simple process. IIRC from the last time I did it you get emailed a certificate that is valid for a week or so you can go get plates made up of the new registration. Otherwise you need to wait for the log book to arrive back to go and get plates made up. I think I informed my insurer once I phiscally changed the plate to the new one, but if you do get stopped they police should understand (happened to my mum once who forgot to inform her insurer, she was stopped by the police who did the right checks before pulling her over and knew what the old plate was as the new one was coming up non-insured but the old reg was, just said get it sorted when she got home). The retention certificate for the registration you have removed is valid for 10 years, after that you need to pay another £80. With it you can get plates made up too if the ones get damaged removing it
  10. KitsonRis

    What’s best grease for Caliper pins

    I couldn't think of the name the other day but my brother swears by Ceratec. When I did my brakes recently with him I took all the things and he told me don't waste my time with copper grease and he then gets Ceratec out of his garage and we used that. However saying that I have just changed the bakes on my other car this weekend and I only had copper grease to hand so put that on instead!
  11. KitsonRis

    E34 Alpina B10 Bi turbo touring project

    E38's need adapters to fit an E34, would guess thye look the same but different mounting points on the callipers?
  12. KitsonRis

    Kit's E34 535i

    Took the opportunity to use my brother's drive to jack the car and put it on axle stands so the front suspension wasn't loaded. I daren't do that at mine as the garage isn't big enough and the drive way is next to other people's cars so not really enough room. Also more confident to prode and shake things a bit harder when there is no other people's property to damage if it goes wrong. Sure I would have noticed this when I had the driver side front corner, but one of the drop links was a loose mounting to the strut. Certain having both wheels of the ground made this visible. Nipped it back up so all good to go. Didn't take it for a test drive as I also checked everything else again, so if it is still making a noise I have no idea! Was only the smallest movements in it, just moving around the hole it goes into on the strut, so less than 10mm of movement? So this could be it, brother thinks so too. Glad I spent the time this morning doing that and confirming my thoughts.
  13. KitsonRis

    E34 Alpina B10 Bi turbo touring project

    I did the Ring back in August with my E31 brakes and I thought they were really good. Started to get used to how well they were working as I was braking far too early. They also have a good feel to them too, smooth and then when you want them to bite they do. First emergency stop from 60mph testing them on fitting it felt like I was going to go through the windscreen but the car didn't feel a handful like some things I have been in when doing similar. Granted I was not giving it the full beans around the Ring but it was a good spirited drive. Its not a track toy my E34 but I do like to give it some occasionally. I am running whatever size E31 discs are but M-Tech C Hook discs along with RBF 600 brake fluid (annoyed as I am sure I read E34 discs would work with E31 callipers but they don't, I had very nice Brembo VMax discs at the time which were pretty much new). The set is is totally over kill but it looks smart and they do the job. Standaed E34 discs and callipers on the rear, one day I might upgrade to something a bit more fancy. Was told by someone they are not E31 brakes and I was chatting rubbish. Was having none of it despite telling him I went to BMW to buy these new with an E31 part number
  14. KitsonRis

    E34 Alpina B10 Bi turbo touring project

    The brakes look good. Bit more "period" than the E31 4 pots I have put on mine. Didn't realise there was an equivalent E34 one that I could have gone for. If they are anything like the E31's then they will be very good. My E34 will now give my M140i a run for it's money stopping I reckon.
  15. KitsonRis

    Breakdown cover

    I've been with the AA for several years now. Yes I could have swapped and done more research but it was just was just easier. I need to be covered as I drive more than one car and they were the only people to offer me European breakdown cover for my E34. I also found out yesterday the amount of discount you can get in shops and days out - all Merlin owned attractions (Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Legoland, Sealife...) nearly 50% off, a lot of chain restaurant, Channel Ferries, Halfords and generic tyre shops and that. Wish I knew about that sooner! Serves me right for not looking at it in too much detail. I used them once when the cam belt tensioner failed on my old Octavis vRS. As I was on the M5 they came out immediately and I was recovered within 20mins. Apparently their policy is if you are on the motoroway they collect you ASAP. Wasn't so happy when he kept trying to turn the car over as I told him the timing could have slipped a few teeth so could have been just a retiming job - wasn't and each piston had a nice valve mark on so ended up replacing the engine. But they took me home (was about 5 mins anyway) and took me to the car rental place as I had a free rental car for two days from them. Next time I needed them the new brake pipes I had fitted to that vRS were poorly fitted (how I managed to drive three days without noticing I have no idea). I was raining and late on a Sunday evening. I was about 5mins from the garage that changed them and I told the guy just take me there as they can sort it. He said he had to try and fix it as he wasn't a recovery service. Your decision to lie under a car in the pouring rain to try and fix something at the end of your shift! He saw sense and just towed me to the garage. The previous break down cover I had I was a little sceptical with. AutoAid I think it was. Paid £40 for the year and I was covered, again as I had several cars. They also offered recovery from track days which was useful as I had a track car at the time. But it was you pay whoever collects you and then you claim it back from them. I was never happy with that principle but the price for the year was good. When I did need it as the wipers on my mum's Mini stopped working in the pouring rain I needed to be recovered back to their house - I borrowed the car as my car had broken and I needed to get to work. I was working and living in Reading at the time and they lived in Gloucester. Policy stated I could be recovered to any single UK destination. I was just outside work when it happened. Phoned up to arrange - they said don't need to pay which was a bonus so thay meant I didn't have to deal with that side of things. First guy turns up, tell him what happens - he is confused as by the time he arrives it is glourious sunshine (and it remains sunny for the rest of the week, typical). Said I asked to be recovered back to Gloucester, he pokes about the car and then leaves telling me someone else in on their way. Pretty certain he didn't want to recover me that far. Someone else turns up within anouther hour and takes me home. That experience put me off totally with them and just wanted to go with someone with their own recovery fleet, like AA/RAC.