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  1. KitsonRis

    Chipex paint repair

    I’ve just used this on my 1 series and it was really good. I had two deep chips and I think I didn’t fill them with paint enough though, but the colour match is spot on. I think I’m going to do it again a week or so before I machine polish the whole car, but this time put more paint in. Also need to research if this is a good idea to polish soon after. But yes, go for it. Good price too I thought.
  2. KitsonRis

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    I like this. Mine hits on the bonnet too and no matter how low I put the wiper it looks broken and also still hits. I am also getting my bonnet resprayed in a few weeks so might have to do this to stop it getting damaged.
  3. KitsonRis

    Kit's E34 535i

    Cool, thanks for the advice. But yes, if it’s coming off then it’s getting replaced. I think I have seen a receipt for the viscous fan replacement, will see what a new one is.
  4. KitsonRis

    Kit's E34 535i

    Next stages are now in progress - it is booked in for some paint work next month for: * paint bonnet * new front wings * repaint the mirrors * sort the bottom of the doors out as they have started to bubble * paint the sills back to black Looking forward to getting this done as then it will look finished from the outside. Decided against a front splitter, keep it looking original in terms of body kit. Once done I will try and get some decent photos of it as I dot really have any. Also the next thing will be the cooling system. Want to replace rad, water pump, thermostat etc. Will need to do some research on what to upgrade to what or keep OE. Would like an ally rad but not sure if it is worth it.
  5. KitsonRis

    Front Spoiler

    Having a closer look at Alpinas it might have to be that, unless the first one I linked doesn't have the word Alpina in raised lettering on. Will enquire and see.... Although have just found THIS but not sure that would look gash on mine, I have a feeling it will.
  6. KitsonRis

    Front Spoiler

    @cableguy that would be nice but don’t think I could justify the cost of it! The links are only ideas though, so not sure what others are using. The first Alpina one is sort of my favourite but I’m not sure again now. As a closer look mine has a little bit of trim under the front fog lights whereas lookin at a B10 the splitter part goes all the way to the fog lights, will this mean adding a splitter will make it even lower?
  7. KitsonRis

    Front Spoiler

    Do I fit a front spoiler to my E34? I want it to look a little more mean and this could be the way forward. And as it is going to the body shop soon I might as well get them to paint and fit it. Two questions... 1) Which one? As I have seen a few on eBay and yes I know they are not genuine Sport ones but they are a fraction of the cost. Also needs to be OEM looking This one Another one An Alpina style one But this looks like is has "Alpina" in it and not a sticker which I couldn't have as it is not an Alpina and I don't want a rep Another Alpina style 2) What colour would be best to paint it? The sports look like they have colour coded bumpers with the splitter bit being the same colour. But the lower part of my bumper is black so having it red would look silly I think, so black? But then would it be noticeable if it were black? What I do like is what my friend has on his E21(although not sure on number plate placement) Or I could just not bother and leave it as it is.
  8. KitsonRis

    BMW M135i

    I actually wanted a 125i but that was more expensive.
  9. KitsonRis

    Price history for bmw

    @gine39530d this is all I have for the prices. Not a proper breakdown but might give some actual indication for what E39’s were new
  10. KitsonRis

    BMW M135i

    Giving that the engine is only 4000miles old it’s ok. It’s long term average is about 30mpg. I turned it into dull eco mode to do two long motorway journeys the other week and got 38mpg and 37mpg on those tanks. It’s traffic which is a killer. Lowest over a tank I got was 23mpg. I’m trying to see how using eco mode on the commute. But yeah, 30mpg is good enough I think.
  11. KitsonRis

    Kit's E34 535i

    Thanks, it is getting there slowly What was also worrying is that I did all the shopping in part numbers alone. I didn’t measure or compare old parts. It all just fitted first time. Bit of a relief
  12. KitsonRis

    Kit's E34 535i

    Fitted the new suspension yesterday with the help from my brother. I did prepare the car first by removing the back seat to save his time. We did have a chat as we did it and took our time and it was all completed in about 4 hours total. The fronts were easy enough to get off. Only had to fight with the brake piston to get it back in far enough for the new pads. Rears were even easier, but I knew that as even I have done them on my own! Sits a lot better now. Front has dropped a lot but I think it was also drop a bit more when it has settled. Little drive home and it does feel a lot more tight. Wasn’t too mad with it as the boot was full and just wanted to make sure it was all correct first. Give a another drive this week and get the wheels aligned. So everything is new that holds the suspension to the car - dampers, springs, wheel bearings, dust shields, brakes, bolts, sensors the lot. When I was out in it last week, exited a roundabout and something went twang. Then it started to knock and the rear drivers side had dropped. Broken spring? Nope. The damper body had rotted away. Got the most out of it as I wasn’t worried as I knew I was changing them in a few days! I’m going to “complain” to BMW about their shoddy quality as as far as I can see these are the original rear dampers while the rear seats were out I replaced the back speakers. One was awful and crackled at loud volume. Turns out the cone was ripped. Now it sounds as good as an 80’s tape deck does! Next few jobs are: * get the body work sorted. Did notice the front wings are staring to show their age. They might have to be replaced at the same time. * 4 pot Brembo brakes and do I put a front spoiler on it?
  13. KitsonRis

    Price history for bmw

    The original owner of my E34 was so OCD is that in the paper work is a brochure for the E39 and some other stuff. I think there is a price list of them as I recall something being hilightes as it was a similar spec to the E34 as a possible replacement. I’ll dig it out when at home later.
  14. KitsonRis

    BMW M135i

    I’ve got an M140i and I really like it. I do not drive it anywhere close to its potential! From my experience of it is that it is a great GT car and not a track machine. And it is mighty quick off the line, caught me off guard the first time I put my foot down. It is my daily car so I (think) I’ve avoided the typical driver stereotype. I’ve got my E34 to enjoy as my toy.
  15. KitsonRis

    Kit's E34 535i

    Not fitted yet. Doing it next week as my brother is free to help and also do it on his driveway. Taking it to Race Retro on Sunday too, be a good little drive out for it.