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  1. KitsonRis

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Put a new driver's side door seal on that I bought last year. Went to fit it months ago but it was too cold and a right pain. Took the opportunity of the warmer weather and with a little bit of a heat gun (which I am not sure did anything) went straight on! Also filled it up with fuel, first time since August. Forgot how much it costs to fill the tank.
  2. KitsonRis

    Paint protection

    Not really sure what the full difference is, but for £30 I don't think it can be beaten. A "proper" one might last longer but and offer a little more protection? You don't need to leave it to cure over night, it is literally wipe on and wipe off.
  3. KitsonRis

    Paint protection

    I've used two things recently and had really good results. I bought AMDetails Ceraminc Hybrid Wax about this time last year and did my M140i and E34 in it. It was fantasic I thought for the price and the effort needed to apply it. When I got rid of my M140i back in March it was still looking fresh and the car was used often and I even didn't wash it for about 8 weeks over the winter. Still came up good and the water was still beading on it I recently have bought AMDetails Hybrid Sealant and their Hydrid Detailer and Hybrid Shampoo to help top it up. They say their sealant is tehcnically a ceramic coating but are avoiding saying it is a "proper" one, eventhough they are quoting it lasts 12 months. It took about 20mins to apply to my E34 and Clio each and the results are spot on. It hasn't been "used" as such on the E34 as I have only had it out the garage once since applying it but on my Clio it really shows - actually makes it look a lot better than it is! Beads really well and still good. I wash with the hybrid shampoo and detailer every other wash too. I would post a few pictures but the upload limit is stopping me!
  4. KitsonRis

    BMW Dealer Reproduction Retro Number Plates

    When I message I will find out if there are any other contact details. I also want to sack FB off but the odd times like this comes in useful
  5. KitsonRis

    BMW Dealer Reproduction Retro Number Plates

    I saw this on Facebook the other day I am going to drop them a message soon about getting some made for mine.
  6. KitsonRis

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Fixed the blowing exhaust. Basically the exhaust I had made up is sleeved onto the header down tubes and there was some gases coming out one of the joins. So I got a thin sheet of metal, wrapped it around the sleeved joint on each tube with some exhaust paste and then clamped it above and below the join. Perfect! So it is basically a sleeve for the sleeve. Was a right pain trying to do it led under it, kept getting stuck when trying to crawl back out lol.
  7. Is it that people are holding onto them as they are being considered as "investment worthy"? I have always scanned eBay for manual E46 330i and E39 530i's and they are becoming hard to find, but the ones I would be interested in are the ones everyone is interested in. I've got a list of things I always search for on eBay just for interest and the returned results are getting fewer and fewer: Metro's (mainly for GTi's or early GTA's/Turbos or has the 1.8 VVC engine swap) Fiestas - anything before 2001 (so Mk 1 to 4) Fiat Cinquecentos (was my first car and if a good Sporting came up I would be tempted) I searched for Rover 214 sei and 216 GTi's the other week and nothing Mondeo ST200 (yes these are probably a bit special so are kept hidden and wont be sold rather than killed off) Renault Laguna or anything interesting from the BTCC Super 2000 era Audi A4 B5 BMW E46/E36/E38/E34/E21 Mk1 Renault Clio Peugeot 309 Citroen AX Peugeot Rallye's - 106/306
  8. KitsonRis

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    When I got my ARB bushes changed for Powerflex ones recently it was like driving a new car again. I probably should look at doing the other brushes too for it at some point.
  9. KitsonRis

    Capacitor Jump Starters

    https://www.halfords.com/motoring/battery-maintenance/jump-starters/gb40-1000a-noco-jump-starter-721898.html This is pretty good. Brother has one and jumped my E34 no issues. I do really need to get one myself seeing as what I used to use as a jump starter, my old M140i, I got rid of a few weeks ago. I also have their trickle charger and very happy with that.
  10. KitsonRis

    Kit's E34 535i

    Not done much these past few weeks. Currently SORN'd as I am not using it Did get some new cleaning products recently I've used AMDetails products before and rate them highly. These are new. The Hybrid Sealant is technially a ceramic coating but is avoiding calling it that as its a bit cheating (their words!). I gave the car a once over with their glaze I had kicking about and applied the sealant. Was sooo easy to apply - 3-5 sprays onto a clean microfiber cloth and wipe onto the car a panel at a time. Then buff off with a clean dry microfiber and then move onto the next panel. Was that easy. Now the car doesn't like water and it just falls off water_3.mov
  11. KitsonRis

    Trackday e34s anyone ??

    I did take my E34 on track this summer while I was over at the Nurburgring. I was pleasantly surprised with how it performed tbh. I was not expecting a proper car car driver experience and hitting all apexes but just a spirited drive around. For what it was it was really good. It handled everything I threw at it and I am sure it could of handled more (I was being a bit cautious). Yes it is a big heavy car that wasn't really designed for this kind of use but it was great fun. I am sure one could be made to go faster and handle if you went a bit all out and stripped it, caged it, proper coil overs and sticky tyres. Since then I have been tempted to take it somewhere else but then I don't want to risk getting it damaged in a high risk environment. Only real performance upgrades I have got is a full suspension overhal and replaced with Bilstein dampers and Eibach springs, front and rear arb has got powerflex bushes and E31 Brembo callipers and some performance discs to go with them.
  12. KitsonRis

    Kit's E34 535i

    It was that time of year again for its MoT test. It passed so all is good. Need to investigate a leak in the exhaust, could just be a bolt that needs tightening on the manifold. Covered about 1752 miles in it the past 12 months, most of which were when I went to Germany back in August. Going to give it a wash and vacuum out and then SORN it as I am not going to use it for the time being, but it is really simple to tax if I need to though. No real plans for upcoming work for it, it is in a condition and spec I am happy with. Hope I can use it a bit more this summer.
  13. KitsonRis

    Which 3 cars - lottery win

    Not sure if mine are a bit tame after reading some people's choices * Land Rover Defender - with a 3.9ltr V8 manual. Have seen some ex-millatary ones which I think would be cool with a bit of modernisation. Also needs to have been restored * My E34 535i in a dream spec - full nut and bolt restoration job, individual throttle boddies, racier cam and LSD * Alfaholics GTA-R
  14. KitsonRis

    Private plate removal

    Yes you should get one. Well I did when I took a number plate off a about 3 years ago. But then I transfered it back to a car recently online, iirc there was a reference number on it that I needed.