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  1. KitsonRis

    Identifying original floor mats!

    Agree with Hogie. I have a set of what I thought are genuine mats that look exactly like that. Shows how times have changed with the "Made in West Germany" on them. Jeeze if that is how much non-genuine ones are worth I wonder how much actual genuine ones are!!
  2. KitsonRis

    Insurance (Again!)

    The insurance premium for my M140i increased at it's renewal by £100 back in November. I thought this was just them being chancers. Went on comparison sites and phoned a few other places and they were all £100 more so I came to the conclusion that it was the correct price. Wondering if the risk has gone up as a lot of younger kids have them and are crashing them alot? I am in the same boat as you and been driving since 2007 and never had a claim etc.
  3. KitsonRis

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Went to BMW and bought some parts.....E31 brakes. Went to fit my Z3 shifter, but need to get it outside to jack it up and I don't want to lie under it in the rain so I gave up. Covered it back up again in the garage to wait for better weather.
  4. KitsonRis

    E38 4 Pot Brake Adapters

    Looking at fitting E38 4 pots to my E34. So I am after the adapters to allow the callipers to fit or drawings so I can get them made up. Or if anyone has a set of callipers I could be interested too....
  5. It’s Tintern Abbey so yeah, very close to the Forest.
  6. KitsonRis

    Brake Sizes

    Totally forgot about Hi-Spec. Might take a look at them. my brother is pretty handy with a lathe and mill so said if I can get callipers and take a strut off he will machine some brackets up if needed
  7. KitsonRis

    Kit's E34 535i

    I have entered the Show and Shine in the Spring Performance Car Action Day at Castle Combe. The rules are the top 20 liked cars in their album get to display. If you could like the picture in the link HERE that would be most appreciated. Got to share the love for old 5er's, plus the new Ka in that album has stupid amount of likes on...I cannot be beaten by a Ford Ka
  8. KitsonRis

    Brake Sizes

    Doing it because it is always something I wanted to do on a car, never got around to it on my old car. Also want to point my mark on it while still being subtle and not like stupid as all that I have done to it modifcation wise (not resortation work!) can be removed within an hour and people will never know - like the yellow tints on the lights and sun strip. I don't want to change the discs as I have some nice Brembo ones that are the standard size which are less than 2k miles. This is all if the supplier getsd back to me!! @Sarnie never thought of that, might have to think about doing th rears then.
  9. KitsonRis

    Brake Sizes

    I am only going to swap the fronts so wont have to worry about the handbrake and that. Still waiting on a response from this supplier to see what they can offer, but the size of those discs will be helpful.
  10. KitsonRis

    £3k spend or finance.....

    I had a similar argument with myself back in 2018. I needed a new car as my Octavia vRS was going to start costing me serious money and I also wanted an E36 328i. I needed the new car to work and be hassle free. I then looked at new 1 series and not knowing how much they are a month to finance I went to a dealer and was plesantly surprised. It was a toss up between a new car that would work 100% of the time and I wouldn't have to worry about reparing it....or....an old E36 which I would be spending the same amount a month as a finance in "improving" it (or ruining it depending on how you looked at it!) and having arguments with it when it wouldn't work or fixing it wasn't as easy. The new car in the end won. When it is up for renewal in 2022 I do not think I will be trading it in for a new one. Don't get me wrong it is a fantastic car and really enjoy driving it. I've ticked the new car box now. What I would be considering is an E38 735i/740i as my next car, which sort if falls into your £3k budget.
  11. KitsonRis

    Brake Sizes

    I am getting together a parts list and contacting a supplier about a big brake kit for my E34. They put together kits so it isn't like a "this is an E34 kit" off the shelf but will make adaptors and that and supply the calipers, discs etc. I want to go 4 pot brakes so hopefully there shouldn't be too much issue with clerarances. I am also running 17" E39 Style 32 wheels with standard sized discs. Does anyone know what is the biggest disc that will fit? In case they suggest getting different discs. Also any details on the caliper mounting points/sizes/dimensions will be appreciated!
  12. KitsonRis

    Kit's E34 535i

    Quick spin to make sure it is all in working order before it's MoT Test next week: Currently researching big brake kits as I think that is going to be the first big thing I do this year to it. I know E31 brakes are a direct swap and E38 ones need an adaptor but both are rare (I think it is that way around?). My brother has Megane Brembos on his Mk2 Octavia and the supplier he got them through will make adapters for anything, so this could be an option.
  13. KitsonRis

    Car part suppliers - Autodoc and others.

    I have used Autodoc a few times and had one issue. Although their customer service is good and easy to contact, I just don't think they fully understood the problem I had despite all the pictures and descriptions I sent. I did all the research for part numbers on realOEM and everything was/should have been fine. The part in question was the splash gaurd behind the front disc - they sent me the wrong item but in a bag that had the right part number (it looked totally different to the other side). Seems like a reasonable mistake if they were going on part number. I asked to return it and then send me a replacement - I took photos to show what I was on about. They then processed the return but never sent a replacement out as "there is no point as won't I get the same part back". I convinced them to just do it and I would take the risk. Part turned up and I was right. Took about three weeks to get this part sent back out. Easy to use though, online or through their app. Have used them since this and will use again.