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  1. KitsonRis

    Cleaning wheel arches

    Next time I clean my car at my dad's I will use that stuff under the arches, I don't have an external tap. Ahh didn't realise they were on plastic liners, but I haven't really poked about on my 1 series.
  2. KitsonRis

    Cleaning wheel arches

    Is it that carpet like stuff under the arches? Have that on my F21 and on the face if it looks like it will just trap all the dirt and moisture. @535i Andrew which Autoglym is that? I have the engine and amchine cleaner which is a degreaser.
  3. KitsonRis

    New-ish car crap!!

    BMW refused to give me a PX for my old mk1 Octavia vRS I was getting ride of when I was buying my new M140i. It was in very good condition and well looked after, dealer even said so. But he didn't want to be rude by offering a PX as he knew it would be low. I was curious and he said it was £250. I managed to get nearly a grand more privately. I get that they have to then sell it on and they aren't just going to give money away for nothing and have zero margin.
  4. KitsonRis

    Kit's E34 535i

    Changed the oil earlier. The changed the door handle gaskets as they were looking quite tired. Good job I did as they fell apart when removed New ones were ordered from eBay for a good price, less than £10 which I can't complain at And all fitted Made a tool to pull the little lever thing to lock them back in place out of a bent hook screwed into a shaved piece of bamboo. Worked a treat! While I was under the car changing the oil I have a bit of a look about just to make sure everything is ok and no horrors were hiding. This is like behind the bumper from underneath It is just starting to go orange and speckly but all still structrually sound. So this is a job I want to sort out this summer. Scuff back to metal, paint in something like Kurust and then give it a top coat just to stop it early before it goes bad. But for a 30 year old car it is in really good shape, I have seen worse newer cars! Just need to get over to my brother's so we can fit the E31 brakes. Hope Borris announces some good news Sunday.
  5. KitsonRis

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Changed the oil and filter. It’s a job I really enjoy doing.
  6. Is fuel duty a fixed price? If that is the case then prices can’t go much lower surely? Last time I saw it under £1/ltr was when I first passed my driving test 13 years ago, I never thought I would see it again. I topped up both cars the other week, 102.9 for normal and 108.9 for super for the E34, which is currently SORN’d as I’m not using it so that fuel is going to be in there a long time! if it’s negative price or very low, where do I get my hands on a barrel or two? Prices can only increase. I thought the Saudi’s/OPEC tried this and the Russians said no.
  7. KitsonRis

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Used AMDetails Quick Detailer as it got a little dusty being sat in the garage before putting the cover on. Came up a right treat. Can’t wait to get it back out and drive it.
  8. KitsonRis


    From what I understand cars with stop start have beefier starter motors and batteries. Then it’s all the electronics that would need to go with it which could be a nightmare. The one thing missing in my E34 is air con. That is the only thing I would retrofit to it. Were E34’s ever available with the corded phone? Can’t actually use it but it is a cool thing to have.
  9. KitsonRis

    Kit's E34 535i

    Decided to take the rear bumper off and give it a clean behind there. didn’t look too bad. Removed loads of stones and some built up dirt in the bumper. Was a good job I did remove it as the fuel pipe looks a little suspect This was before giving it a wipe over. It really isn’t too bad but I will get it replaced. Currently leaving the bumper off over night so it can throughly dry and I’m going to give it a bit of under seal on just in the mean time. Came up a right treat in the end. Have the exhaust tips a polish too. Need to see if I can get new black strips for the bumpers. Or if they are a reasonable price otherwise I will just give the existing ones a little dusting of black spray paint.
  10. KitsonRis

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Removed a screw from the tyre
  11. KitsonRis

    Kit's E34 535i

    All parts for the brakes have arrived. However garage cancelled fitting them which is understdandable with all that is going on in the world. Shame I can't go to my brother's to fit them instead as it's not really essential travel....well it is essential in the fact that big brakes are cool! Also still booking a trip to the Nurburgring in August. Tunnel paid for and refundable deposits all put down on the hotel. Not sure if we are a bit mad in still thinking of going and actually activly planning it! What is the worst that could happen - we get a full refund or move to a different weekend. The only thing worth worrying about is that any cancelled races might get re-scheduled on the weekend we are planning on going so wont actually get to go around. Might get it out tomorrow check the under seal I did to ensure it has full coverage and wash it as last time I had it out it rained and it is covered in water marks and it has been bugging me for weeks that it has been left like that! I know, very OCD of me.
  12. I’m going to B&Q tomorrow to get some paint to do decorating in the event I’m not able to get into the office. I’m still hoping I can get out on my bike or able to travel over to the Forest of Dean (about 30mins drive) to cycle there. I’m expecting an argument with the girlfriend to say why I’m not visiting, she lives in Bristol and I live in Gloucester. I don’t think it’s sensible but she will say otherwise and be correct. Edit: she is fine with not visiting this weekend. I must have done something else or going to get it in the neck some other way....
  13. KitsonRis

    E38 4 Pot Brake Adapters

    Sorry for the late reply I have only just seen this. I ended up buying new E31 calipers instead as I was struggling to get the adapters for the E38 brakes.
  14. KitsonRis

    New 2019 1 Series will be wrong wheel drive...

    https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/new-bmw-m2-spearhead-hotter-junior-m-line From what I understand the new 1 and 2 series are FWD with the M1/235i being x-Drive. Am I right in saying, from reading that article, they are making a new M2 which will be RWD which has a 3ltr striaght 6(?) twin turbo engine - basically an upgrade to the current engine. But they are going to make a M2 Grande Coupe (why??) which is also RWD but has a tuned 4 pot, says 400bhp, out of the M235i? And then they are going to create an "M1" which has the same engine as the M2 - does that mean it is RWD? Or have I read that wrong and they are putting the 400bhp 4 pot in the new 1 series but still x-Drive?
  15. KitsonRis

    Kit's E34 535i

    As the weather was good-ish I managed to get two jobs ticked off the list. The first was to underseal the chassis rails. Some of that rubbery stuff had came off, most likely when it was on a ramp and like peeled off when on the pad things that touch the car. So scrapped all the flakey stuff off and then coated in underseal. That should keep the rust at bay. This was it before: The nest was to fit my Z3 shifter. What an absolute pain to remove the old gear stick! If I don't like it then I am not swapping it back!! I ended up basically smashing the little plastic thing off, but I had a new one anyway to put back on so it wasn't the end of the world. The new shifter is on the right : It has made such a big difference in the amount of throw. A little knotchy but nothing major. Also topped it off with a new emblem on the gear stick. This now matches my M-tec steering wheel: Oh and I also fitted new bulbs to the rear interior lights as they didn't work: Braided brake lines have turned up. Just need to order some brake pads and some fluid and then I can fit the new front callipers.