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  1. foxworth

    My E39 M5 for sale

    Hi paul sent you a PM. What’s the current mileage by the way? Thanks
  2. foxworth

    Buying an e39 M5.

    Thanks Dan will do cheers
  3. foxworth

    Buying an e39 M5.

    Taking the opportunity to post to the right audience, does anyone have a 39 m5 for sale currently? I've seen many on the web that seem to either be very high mileage, have been for sale for months/years. Looking for a >2001 car and not too fussy re colours etc just keen to buy from an enthusiast rather than a dealer. Happy to pay good money for a good well looked after car with good history / bills etc. thanks piers *number deleted off public forum*
  4. foxworth

    Buying an e39 M5.

    In the same boat. Owned two before, an 00 and an 02. 02 was better in most ways. Regretted selling the 02 plate. Price hasn't moved on them since I sold it 4 years ago, but there are not as many nice ones around. I would like another, as it's the best sounding, most 'together' car I've owned, and softly sprung relative to modern cars so can be used everyday, and handles predictably making it fun to steer on throttle from time to time. I will be back in the market for one soon, but will be very fussy and therefore either not find one or end up paying £15k+/ I follow the thread with interest, cheers.
  5. foxworth

    WTB: E28 Front Manual Sports Seats

    Hi All, looking to replace current comforts with sport items. Any condition considered as will retrim them, so long as the bolsters and cushioning etc are A1. Please let me know what you have thanks piers
  6. foxworth

    E34 535i Sport manual breaking. 1990 G reg.

    bugger - just saw the seats for sale and missed them by a few days !!