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  1. PGN

    Driver's Guide App Not Working

    Yes, it works again. Thanks guys.
  2. PGN

    Driver's Guide App Not Working

    I noticed that version 2.4.4 is now available. From the comments on the Google Play page the problem is still not fixed. How hard can it be and how is the software tested (if at all) ?
  3. PGN

    Driver's Guide App Not Working

    Thanks for that - at least there is a way in!
  4. PGN

    Driver's Guide App Not Working

    Mine's still not working. Looks like it's only a problem with Android. I'll contact BMW if it doesn't get fixed in the next few days. Thanks for checking guys.
  5. I tried to access Driver's Guide on my android phone and I can't get in. It asked me to log in (which is not normal). Whan I tried I got "Username or password is incorrect". I reset the password from my laptop and I can log in to and use my connected drive account on my laptop or phone but can't access to Drivers Guide. Up to now it has always worked well. I restarted the phone and reinstalled the app but no joy. Could someone please confirm if it works for them?
  6. PGN

    How efficient is the coasting function?

    I think what eco mode really does is to make it more difficult to increase the fuel consumption than it would be in comfort or sport mode. If you drive sympathetically eco won't do anything for your consumption and will just spoil the responsiveness of the engine. What I would like is the option to enable coasting in any drive mode rather than only in eco.
  7. PGN

    Real World mpg 530d v 540i

    Given that the gearing and power are identical for s-drive and x-drive and there is an increase in fuel consumption with x-drive then clearly there must be greater power losses through the x-drive system. Along with the increase in mass this indicates some performance penalty from x-drive. I know that x-drive improves the standing start acceleration but that's purely due to a small initial traction advantage which is only of benefit at lower speeds and is largely irrelevant in the real world anyway as in practice people don't do launch starts very often, if ever. It would be interesting to see some more relevant figures such as 30-70 acceleration comparing s-drive and x-drive.
  8. PGN

    Real World mpg 530d v 540i

    I have a RWD 530d G31. My average over first 15000 miles is 41.0 actual and 41.6 from trip computer.
  9. PGN

    Remote Services - Not Working?

    Yesterday I unlocked the car and put it in drive ready state. Switched off, tried remote services again - no joy. Still not working today so I started the engine and left it running for a few minutes. Switched off, tried again - remote services all working fine!
  10. PGN

    Remote Services - Not Working?

    Thanks for that. Looks like I have a problem.
  11. I tried to do the headlight flash etc. from the Connected App and from the Wed Portal but it just times out with a message ("Headlight flash: Transfer failed."), apparently when transferring to the central server. It was the same yesterday evening. It's usually ok. Can somebody confirm whether it works for them (I'm in the UK)? Thanks.
  12. PGN

    Flat key battery?

    I have comfort acces so rarelly use the fob. I changed the battery after about 2 years (there was a check control message). I haven't tried the second key, it doesn't get used much.
  13. PGN

    Review of 7 seater minibus...

    Quite nice for what it is I suppose and considerably better than most Spanish holiday hire cars.
  14. PGN

    First Service

    I know this is getting off-topic but here's my thruppence worth. I only do about 8k miles/annum but, like you, I love the torque and the effortless character of the 530d. I'm 2 years in and I have no regrets about my engine choice. I think you're best suited to what you like so go for the 530d and enjoy it. In the real world I'd say it's probably no slower than a 540i. The torque is really something.
  15. PGN

    Online Mail - Not Working?

    I haven't hear anything from BMW but it's working today.