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  1. PGN

    Online Mail - Not Working?

    This seems to be a problem for quite a few people. I've contacted BMW Connected drive in the UK. They tell me they're not aware of any issues. I gave them some more information and it's now been escalated to the technical support team. Apparently there is "no timeframe for a response". I'll update as things progress.
  2. My online mail hasn't been working for about a week. Can anyone confirm if it works for them? I'm hoping it doesn't - I suspect it's another connected drive failure.
  3. PGN

    online mail no longer works

    My online mail has stopped working. Can anyone please confirm if it's working for them?
  4. PGN

    540 and 640 have they gone

    540i is definitely there now. You have to select "Petrol", "All Wheel Drive" and "Sports Automatic Transmission" in the configurator.
  5. If ride quality is your priority yuo can always go for MSport but opt for SE suspension set up.
  6. PGN

    Connected Drive - Is it down?

    Thanks for the help. It seems to be ok now.
  7. I'm not getting any apps in the car (e.g. Weather, News etc.) and remote services (e.g. Unlock, Headlight flash etc.) are not working from my phone. Has always worked fine until now. I logged out of connected drive in the car but now can't get logged in again - nothing happens after I enter my login credentials and click on login. When I log into the Connected Drive portal on the PC I get a message "Your vehicle data could not be loaded". My suspicion (hope!) is that the entire connected drive system is down and it's not a problem with the car. Can anyone confirm if they have the same kind of problem please?
  8. PGN

    BMW Individual Visualizer

    I notice that it still shows the chrome highlights on teh exterior door handles.
  9. PGN

    No confidence at high speed

    OK - car went into dealer for this and a couple of minor items. They did a full KDS 4 wheel alignment and everything was in spec (I have a copy of the printout). The only thing which may be significant is that the right height on the left (front and rear) was around 10mm higher than the right. They adjusted the rear ride height sensor (it's a Touring so air suspension at the rear). A few of the other values have changed slightly - not sure if these were adjusted deliberately or just a variation in the measurement. I haven't had the chance to test it properly but at (cough..) 70 it does seems to be perfect; if it's not fixed then I'll go back again. When I described the problem to the service receptionist their reaction was "Our technician can't drive it at more than 70". I accept that, but if the problem doesn't occur at legal UK speeds how can it be resolved in the UK? Clearly there's nowhere available to the dealer to legally drive at the required speed but it's reasonable to assume that it can be used to it's full potential on an Autobahn in Germany. I guess one option is to get a dealer in Germany to look at it. Anyone else had a similar situation?
  10. I have a 530d Touring M Sport with adaptive suspension on 19" wheels. On a recent trip to Germany I too felt the car was quite unstable once over about 100 mph. It felt like there was a constant stiff crosswind so it needed constant correction and didn't inspire any confidence. The tyre pressures were correct. Sport mode was marginally better than adaptive or comfort but not a great improvement.Has anyone had similar issue and has it been resolved?Car is booked in on 15th August so I'll see if they find anything.
  11. I'm wondering if it's possible to get a set of small clear covers which could be fitted over the 4 external camera lenses to protect them from damage. Any thoughts?
  12. PGN

    Missing Artist/Track info?

    Hi Parvus Glad that yours is OK too. I did a manual update of the Nav to 2018-1. I have another thread for that http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/131659-navigation-update-question-uk/
  13. PGN

    Missing Artist/Track info?

    My problem is fixed!I had another e-mail from the dealer on 27th April quoting some investigation that BMW technical had done. They were saying that sometimes although the "Data Transfer Failed" message appears it is in fact updating (that was definitely not my situation). Also that sometimes there will be no artwork displayed for the CD (I understand this and it has happened for a couple of my CDs).Anyway, without much hope, I thought I'd try it again - and it now works!So, my thinking is that there was no problem with the car (although I did update connected drive (Select Connected drive, Press options button on idrive controller, Select and carry out update)) and that the problem was at the server end and is now fixed.I notice that the connected drive app has just been updated so maybe this is part of a connected drive upgrade.
  14. PGN

    Navigation Update Question (UK)

    Yes - I think the time estimate for mine was something like that but it was actually a bit quicker.
  15. PGN

    Navigation Update Question (UK)

    USB update worked fine for me but it took a long time.