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  1. Jdsm75

    M57NTü Top Torque Specs

    LOL happened to me too.... My problem seems to be the switch that actuates the compressor bypass is fried and probably the same for the one for the exhaust valve. I had an issue resetting the turbo switchover rod length as I stupidly didn't mark it or take note when I removed it.... I just loosened the bolts turned on the engine so that the plenum pulled the rod to fully upward and then pushed the valve to the top position, where it's only the small turbo, and then fixed it there ... Seems to be ok but it's hard to know for sure until I get the air side actuator working... And my wastegate is hardly moving... I suspect it's the little rubber o-ring on the pressure converter that is missing and is not sealing properly.... It's been a journey so far but I feel I'm getting somewhere.... He is running on 6 at least... And sounding good! Went for the MOT, TÜV here in Germany, and he was testing the emissions and just gave him full throttle for about two minutes... Twice.... I almost had a heart attack since he had only been driven 12km since the rebuild... Thankfully he survived and passed with flying colours. The funny thing is these cars sell here for between 3500 and 7500 Euro same year, same spec... I can tell you I ain't selling mine for anything under 7 now! Sorry for the long story but it has been a very long story... The moral being... Check the injectors around c.150k or 250tkms!
  2. Jdsm75

    M57NTü Top Torque Specs

    Sorry for not getting back to you, I was in the middle of everything and didn't see your post until now! Thanks for the offer, the engine is in the car and just working through some turbo issues.
  3. Wow, I've never heard of a ZF box needing all that work done. Sure, when the box is cold is doesn't change as fast but it's still should be very smooth, and we are talking about a couple of 10ths of a second. With so many variables in the mix, and I assume no codes, it's going to take an expert to get to the bottom of this problem so I hope that you are in good hands. Personally, I don't think you are expecting too much from this auto, it should be smooth all the time with no exceptions and with all this work done it's up to these 'specialists' to take ownership of this problem and sort it out without charging you more time. It's just a pain to be without your car while they do. Just out of interest, how much money have you thrown at it so far?
  4. If you want to get to the bottom of this you should outline exactly what was done during rebuild. E. G. Did you get the valve body done? Sleeves? Solinoids? Bushings? T. C.? Hard shifting is usually not the TC but could be bushings or solinoids depending on what gear and at what revs, and other symptoms. Check out Gary Ferraro on you tube, he actually responds to diagnostic questions, he is an expert but in my opinion he is too quick to do valve body and bushings but he is worth a look. I sympathise with your attitude, I'm the same, can't let it be, must fix it. Never give up, never surrender! PS. Doesn't sound like software, but having the diagnostic codes would help a lot! Additionally, look for your nearest ZF service center and get them to do a diagnostic but don't authorise any repair without a quote. I was quoted 3700 Euro for a new TC, I bought one for 180 Euro and got lucky!
  5. Get the injectors checked around 160k,at 15euro per for the check it's a bargain and at 900 Euro for all six renewed with genuine Bosche parts and a two year guarantee it's great piece of mind. I had to rebuild the engine because of one failure, I stopped counting at 3k and 4 weeks of work, as it's my first engine build, needless to say it's a lesson learned the hard way. PS the bordcomputer does not have any warning for an injector which is leaking.... If you want a recommend diesel technik Biberach GmbH are the best in Germany and they speak English!
  6. Hell yea! I'd look for a guy like me who is stupid and emotional about his car and who loves it and is obsessive about getting it perfect and I'd pay him 2k more than the others on offer provided he has receipts and the car runs and sounds as sweet as a nut. I'd listen to him outline all the design failures and how he has overcome them. After all is said and done the E61 535d is a fantastic car especially when the design failures have been overcome and for the small money they are now selling for they could be a steal. Saying that ours will not be for sale anytime soon!
  7. You probably know this but those boxes are sensitive to what oil is put in... ZF Lifeguard 6 or Meyle Plus 6 and that's it. I went to the aotopart store and their system wanted to give me LiquiMoly Top Tec 1800. It could be as simple as that, the intermittance could be related to heat... Just a thought. In any case, good luck and report your findings please
  8. Jdsm75

    Blue smoke - Burning Oil

    Whits smoke from crankcase ventilation being blocked, I can't imagine how? A blocked ccv usually blows the oil pan gasket or the crank cover gasket, easy enough to check though since it's pretty accessible.
  9. Jdsm75

    Blue smoke - Burning Oil

    Ohh white smoke is not good.... Don't mean to worry you but cylinder head gasket is on the table.... Again it's not such a hard job but if you pay someone else to do it it will not be cheap! Keep an eye on your coolant levels and whether there is any trace of oil in there... It's unlikely as those gaskets are made from layers of steel, but white smoke with black smoke spells engine troubles in future.
  10. Jdsm75

    Blue smoke - Burning Oil

    It sounds like the turbo seals. Valve stem seals you would notice it most at first start-up. Not such a hard job, but keep an eye on the oil, you would be amazed how much oil passes through the turbos!
  11. Hi, looks like a failure to hold pressure, if it's the tc then it's a pretty bad case, they normally show signs well before they go, it could be a bad recon job. I recently did my sleeves and I saw why mine was not holding pressure at cruise but nowhere near as bad as yours.
  12. Jdsm75

    4501 egr deviation

    The Egr valve does get clogged up, try opening the valve manually by the spring on the side, it should open smoothly with no gritty bits or grinding feeling. Mine was getting stuck open until I stripped it and cleaned it. Worth a try!
  13. Jdsm75

    M57D30 replace valve springs.

    Sure, it's possible but it's not easy! The Main issue is the narrow space behind each spring. If you use the tool that both Removes and installs the keepers it will work fine when removing the standard soft springs but getting them back in place will be much harder, what will you use to keep the valve from dropping? the old string trick will be very awkward. It's relatively easy to remove the head but you should replace the bolts and gaskets after and you should use the tools to position the cam shafts when retiming. I made my own tool for the job but the head was on the bench.
  14. Jdsm75

    M57NTü Top Torque Specs

    Thank you. I followed my VIN number route and that's for 535d which doesn't have the same info as the for the 530d. I should have thought to look. My problem now is that I have two measures for the crankhaft cap bolts, 23Nm +90° and 22nm +90°. Another issue is that with angle the bolts have differing torque so I kind of averaged it and applied 75nm. I suspect I didn't oil the bolts enough, I just put a very thin coating, sigh. The Pistons went in today but I still have access, I think I'll have to recheck the Torques after re-oiling the bolts. I'm a little bit nervous about the bottom of the engine.
  15. Jdsm75

    M57NTü Top Torque Specs

    That was useful to know but the correct torque wad 23nm plus 90 degrees, only the hulk could do 60 plus 90 as it days for your car! Thanks again for your help, much appreciated!