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    Energy Recovery Vs Harsh Braking

    Glad the dealer has listened to your concerns. The dealer has a slight problem. When they plug in your car they see diagnostic information. Unfortunately they only see the info BMW actually want them to see. Bmw actually sees the full information form your car. This means any MHT issues don't show up on the dealer's system. Sounds a bit dodgy, but BMW don't want to highlight issues that could involve a recall !!!
  2. Stressed

    34 years ago since hurricane of 87 last night

    I'd just become a FireFighter in the London Fire Brigade! Very bust time!
  3. Stressed

    Energy Recovery Vs Harsh Braking

    What you are saying about how the car works is 100% correct. The reason for my "take it back and moan" statement is BMW are constantly updating the software. Over the year of issues I has 4 different software versions on my car, each giving a different feel to the brakes and MHT system. I also test drove at least 3 other MHT bmws as either Loan cars or back to back test cars. The software version I have now with the new master cylinder and servo give the best brake pedal feel form harsh braking and soft gentle stops. The MHT energy recovery is smooth and not intrusive not matter what the speed. You have to remember that there are so many different bits of technology that effects brake and MHT performance. For example the emergency brake assist when it senses possible danger actually pre arms the ABS system to enable the best emergency braking. The brake servo is vacuum and electronic to ensure it works if the engine is on or off depending on the MHT system. If the software doesn't have all systems working smoothly together you get bad brake feel and can get harsh MHT recovery. Sytner even change the software on one of their cars when testing mine and it gave a different brake and MHT feel.
  4. Stressed

    Energy Recovery Vs Harsh Braking

    Take it back and moan like hell! I had issues with the erratic brake pedal height, the MHT system not working, poor brake feel. Sytner/BMW started with "no fault found". On the 3rd time they had it in they fitted a new electric gear box pump (it has 2, electric and mechanical) Then claimed it was just a software update they was waiting for. 10 months after they first took the car in I rejected the vehicle under the Consumer rights act. Sytner offered a full refund, I'd had the car a year and done 10k miles. Only at this point did BMW Germany tell them to change the master cylinder and brake servo. Since the new parts it has been like driving a different car. It feels like they have fitted performance brakes and the MHT system is as smooth as anything. The car is now lovely to drive. Your dealer can only do what BMW tell them. BMW don't want to agree there is a problem with their MHT system because this might involve a recall. With a bit of research I have found that there have been similar braking issues with the 530e in America My car was register Feb 2020 and I bought it "new" with 18 miles on the clock in August 2020
  5. Stressed

    Speed Limit Info

    Where can you buy this from? Thanks
  6. Stressed

    Service Requirements Screen -F10 vs G30

    Yes It is a great difference going F11 to G31
  7. Stressed

    G30/31 Brake pedal "drops"

    The post above was November 2020. Within a week of the post the brake pedal drop was happening again. Car went in again to Sytner. Eventually Sytner said that BMW was working on another software update. I took until July for the update to arrive. They had the car for 2 weeks testing it and supposedly fixing it to BMW Germany standards! The day after collecting it the brake pedal dropped again. Totally peed off I studied the Consumer rights act, double checked with citizens advice and formally rejected the vehicle. I was offered a full refund that because of Brexit and the micro chip shortage would not be enough to buy a replacement car. Sytner challenged BMW Germany. BMW then decided to replace the brake servo and master cylinder, still calming there is not a fault with the car. I picked it up again Friday. Traveled 120 miles today. The car feels like they have upgraded the brakes. The pedal is precise, and it stops so bloody quick I'll have to adjust my braking. Considering BMW say there is no fault with the brakes and there is now such a massive difference in braking performance, I think BMW have been telling porkies!!! Can't believe BMW Germany have happily been telling Sytner to tell me the car is fine for a year only to find it has had a fault master cylinder/servo all along. Peed off is an under statement,
  8. Stressed

    G30/31 Brake pedal "drops"

    Bought a delivery mileage G31 in August. When pushing the brake pedal the braking resistance (hight of pedal) is about 20mm higher than the gas pedal height. A couple of times when pulling away at the start of a journey I brake and the pedal travels further than normal before the brakes work. It drops to level or just bellow the gas pedal. At first I though it was my imagination. THEN it happened mid journey when braking half way round a roundabout and another journey at about 60mph on the M25. I was NOT impressed at 60 mph. I'll be taking the car back to BMW tomorrow. Anyone else had this issue with their G30 or G31? Men id the 520d mild hybrid
  9. Stressed

    Leaving the G30 fold

    I had a G21 loan car for a week. Very nice car but as soon as I was back in my G31 I notice the difference in ride and space. I have driven a friends X3 and if felt like I was just driving a tall G31.
  10. Stressed

    Leaving the G30 fold

    You're not really leaving. X3 is a tall G31!
  11. Stressed

    Understeer & Tyre Size

    PS that doesn't work in the wet going into the chicane at Donnington on a bike !!!!
  12. Stressed

    Understeer & Tyre Size

    Or fast in, shut your eye and hope for fast out!!!!!
  13. Stressed

    Understeer & Tyre Size

    Doing track days on my motor bike I would always have to lower the tire pressures by 1/4 to a 1/3 for the track. This would ensure with the extra heat you would maintain a decent tyre footprint to give good grip. Would this same rule apply to track days in cars?
  14. Stressed

    Any plumbers/diy people on here?

    Take the knob into a plumbers merchants with a picture of the valve. (not a diy shop like b&q) Alternatively don't bother and just use a small spanner on the valve, this would actually be easier if the valve is stiff
  15. Under the sale of goods act you are within your rights to reject the vehicle. If they informed you the car has a full service history and they have failed to provide it they have misrepresented the vehicle. Inform them in writing giving them 14 days to respond. (I would email and send by recorded delivery) If you paid for any part of the car by credit card you car covered for the whole purchase under section 75 of the consumer credit act. You often see dates painted on panels like that when they have com off another vehicle (scrap yard panel) The wiper is probably out of alignment if the car has had a new screen and the fitter didn't bolt it back on correctly. Easy fix, lift the dust cover, unbolt the wiper arm, move it and do the nut back up
  16. Stressed

    Hand brake fails to release

    Has anyone else had their auto hand brake failed to release. A couple of times since August it hasn't released first time. Last week coming out of a car park in Harrogate it stuck firmly on and another time in Richmond it refused to release. On Both occasions I was stuck at a junction unable to move the car. I had to turn the car off and back on again before I could drive. It's in with BMW now. Just wanted to know if it's my car or others have had the same problem
  17. Stressed

    Hand brake fails to release

    My wife 1 series TPM throws a hissy fit in hot weather. Just doing a reset seems to sort it out. I believe they are programmed to alert you if there more than a 10% change in tyre pressure. Therefore if its really hot it's not unreasonable for tyre pressures to rise 10% in the heat and set off the warning!
  18. Stressed

    M Sport gloss black bumper trim

    I'm keeping an eye on mine. I have noticed that the same colour fade is happening on my wife's 67 plate one series. Will be challenging that on the paint warrantee !
  19. Stressed

    BMW Sytner (Leicester)

    Personally I'd only pay the original pice and no more. They would have been making a profit on the first price and are just profiteering on the +£4k price
  20. Stressed

    Thinking of going for a 530e from 530d

    In a 530e loan car, Romford to Heathrow and back M25. Rush hour in the morning reasonably clear road in the afternoon 120 miles with a flat battery I got about 42 mpg if that helps
  21. Stressed

    Good places to find spare body parts?

    This thread title built up my hopes!!! I'm after a new left shoulder and a new left hip!!!
  22. Stressed

    Thinking of going for a 530e from 530d

    Make sure you look at boot size it's ridiculously small on the 530e
  23. Stressed

    Further updates to OS7 to be rolled out shortly

    Haven't a clue! I am still waiting for a whole car software update from BMW to finally solve the intermittent brake pedal hight and the way the dash shows the MHT charging. Been waiting since December!
  24. Stressed

    Further updates to OS7 to be rolled out shortly

    Mine is the last of the pre LCI but with the new live dash and OS7
  25. Stressed

    Further updates to OS7 to be rolled out shortly

    Ah is the an update for the plug in hybrid? or for all G30/31s