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  1. Stressed

    Test drove a.....

    The London Fire Brigade has a number of i3s. Don't be fooled by the fully charged electric range, especially in winter. The officer are fead up with them. In the winter with lights, heater etc they are lucky to get 35 miles out of the battery. Drive to a fire call and back again then they are off the road for a number of hours recharging.
  2. I've got my wife 1 series at Sytner for a service and a 540i test drive booked at the same time. I'll be grilling them on what they know about 5 series Touring 30e and 45e. When I booked the test drive they said they would try to get some information for me! I don't suppose I should hold my breath for any useful information, but it's worth asking!!!
  3. Yes I did mean 545e and 530e touring
  4. 545i sounds appealing. Will there be a touring version? There's not a 530i touring yet!
  5. Stressed

    Bristol to ban diesel cars 2021?

    What model of car do you drive? 520d were euro6 complain from late 2013. The september 2015 date was a deadline that manufacturers HAD to make their cars complain by. BMW had their car compliant way before this date!
  6. Stressed

    Bmw 520d

    I had the same with mine, there is a whole thread about Idrive rebooting. Basically it's a firmware issue. It cost me £90 for a firmware update at BMW.main dealer. When this problem with idrives started BMW was charging £1600 for a new Idrive. Now they can fix it with the firmware update.
  7. Stressed

    New 520i owner

    Thanks for the update. Looking at the MPG of what I am getting in my 2.0d compared to your 2.0i with service costs and the slightly lower price of petrol the 520i or 530i over a year I would probable break even on cost. With regular town driving I do notice my MPG drops on my 2.0d and it seams to need a "clear out" on the motorway even though the DPF auto regens. I'd like to think this would not be and issue with the petrol. The only 2.0i I've driven is the 530e as a courtesy car. It was given to me with zero miles in the batteries, therefore I was virtually driving all on petrol dragging the weight of the batteries and electric motor around. Even then I was impressed with the petrol power and mpg. I just need to get see if I can get a 48hour test drive of a 540i to see how good-bad it really is for my driving.
  8. Stressed

    Real World mpg 530d v 540i

    Loving this thread with real world figures on 2 cars/engines I keep looking at. I've a 520d touring and keep changing my mind for my next car between 530d-540!-530i touring and to add to the confusion X3 I drove friends 69 plate X3 2.0d last night. I was impressed, it just felt like I was in a tall 5 series
  9. Stressed

    New 520i owner

    At least my town driving is 6-8 miles each way! Thanks for the info My head says stick with a 2.0d or possible 2.0i but my heart wants 540! I do think I do too much town droving for the 540I
  10. Stressed

    New 520i owner

    Thanks for the info, your town work is worse than mine and town work was my concern
  11. Stressed

    New 520i owner

    Looks very nice. Could you update your post once you have a few miles under your belt and let us know the "real" mpg you manage out of the petrol Thanks
  12. Stressed

    Washing machine tripping RCD!

    Sounds like you need a new car. It's the only real answer!!!
  13. Stressed

    19 plate headlights

    Thanks for the reply. It seams stupid that BMW bring out an new model with inferior lights in comparison to the standard lights on the previous one!
  14. Stressed

    19 plate headlights

    Are the standard lights on the G30/31 a lower standard than the standard xenon lights on my 65plate F11 then?
  15. Stressed

    G31 520d

    I definitely prefer the feel and action of the indicator and wiper stalks on my F11 than the G30 loaners I've had