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  1. Stressed

    Just bought a G31 520d MHt (mild hybrid)

    On the G31 MHT I barely notice the engine start/stopping it's so smooth I wouldn't bother turning it off I there was a switch. This is and advantage of the 48V system
  2. Stressed

    advice requested for winter tyres G31 520d Sport (2020)

    If you look at the BMW spec and tyre size a 275 35 19 is the same rolling circumference at a 245 45 18 how on earth would it interfere with the car!!!
  3. Stressed

    Just bought a G31 520d MHt (mild hybrid)

    As with other issues BMW do software updates WITHOUT admitting there is a fault. If they admitted there was a fault it would mean a recall. After BMW sent the above email to the dealer they then advised the dealer to do that latest software update stating that customers would feel a difference in the braking. When the vehicle was returned the brakes had a completely different feel to before the update. The feel was that different if I hadn't known it was my car I would have thought I was driving a different model. I friend had the software update done on his X3 and also noticed a difference in brake feel. His car was taken in because of what was describe as an over zealous emergency brake assist. BMW claimed No Fault found but still did a software update as well!
  4. Stressed

    Just bought a G31 520d MHt (mild hybrid)

    This is part of what was sent by BMW Once you have confirmed no fault is present with your testing please consider the following when talking to the customer. I have been in contact with my colleagues in Germany who have confirmed that the vehicle operation is a characteristic of the mild hybrid operation. The braking forces are changed during the different phases of the operation in the vehicle due to the assistance provided by other components. So during coasting all assistance provided normally via gearbox is turned off due to the decoupling that allows the coasting function to allow the vehicle to travel further. With this happening the DSC unit that provides the pedal assistance needs to act more as there is no gearbox assistance, this is carried out by increasing the braking pressure on the brake system side of the vehicle. At this point there is no vacuum pump assistance as the engine is off and this is why pedal movement can feel like it changes but full braking effect is achieved. The vehicle has been tested to confirm there is no issue with the braking system and that other vehicles operate in the same fashion so I am happy to say that there is no fault found with this case. The complaint has been down to a change in vehicle production. Customer education will be required for this case. I was considering how it could be explained easier I think it makes sense to explain the system to the customer in the "energy flow" display of the CID. This makes it possible to understand the system behaviour and when assistance can or cannot be provided by the gearbox.
  5. Stressed

    Just bought a G31 520d MHt (mild hybrid)

    I does effect the feel of the brakes. Or the braking characteristics when you push the brake pedal. I know this from how the brakes changed on my car after the software update and have the description of how the brake feel is effected by the MHT coast facility from BMW Germany that was sent via email to the dealers.
  6. Stressed

    Just bought a G31 520d MHt (mild hybrid)

    I'm not sure! I do have and use Apple car play and have never looked for The Android auto!
  7. Stressed


    I had a new 3 series tourer loan car 330I with adaptive suspension. With adaptive turned on I could not notice a difference when driving between comfort and adaptive
  8. Stressed

    advice requested for winter tyres G31 520d Sport (2020)

    I realise the stud pattern is different between the ! series and g31 but would be able to get the 1 series 17" wheel on far enough to check it cleared the disks. Thanks for the pictures. It seems that 17" might be a better/cheaper option and the dealer was talking out of his arse about the M sport plus having M sport brakes!
  9. Stressed

    advice requested for winter tyres G31 520d Sport (2020)

    Can't get the image to show. My brake callipers are gun metal grey
  10. Stressed

    advice requested for winter tyres G31 520d Sport (2020)

    Thanks for the info, these are my front brakes. Therefore from what you are saying I can put 17" winter wheels on my car! I'm now wondering if I don't need to put a 17" wheels off my wife's 1 series on my g31 to see if it clears the brakes because of your information. (I know the PCD is different between the 1 series and g31) 61E750F3-7014-4A8F-B5BB-9B65F3E35096.heic
  11. Stressed

    advice requested for winter tyres G31 520d Sport (2020)

    Thanks I'll have a look and take a better picture of the wheel/brake tomorrow. Again it could be the salesman saying that the m sport plus has the m sport brakes!
  12. Stressed

    Just bought a G31 520d MHt (mild hybrid)

    What you are describing sounds very similar to what I felt. That sensation has definitely been improved since the SW update. The energy recovery definitely gives the feel of engine braking in a manual diesel car. I am sure you would notice and improvement. When standing in the dealers saying this feels like brake failure they took the car in and with a few stern words about my car being essential for work a hire car was delivered that night via BMW assist and their contract with Enterprise. My advice would be to take it in and be "forceful" with your description (feels like brake failure) with and erratic height to the brake pedal..
  13. Stressed

    advice requested for winter tyres G31 520d Sport (2020)

    If the m sport brakes are the Blue ones my Sport plus MHT has then as standard. Be careful what dealer/salesman says about spec, they are salesmen and tend to be a bit clueless. I went from new car sales to second hand sales (the other side of the show room) because I ended up buying a pre reg car with 18 miles instead of a new car with 12 miles.(£17k saving for 6 miles) With my dealing with new sales and my pre purchase research I knew far more about the m sport plus and MHT than the salesman. Fortunately the salesman was honest enough to admit this. The second hand sales people don't always do the same "new car" course that the new car sales people do and therefore don't always know the catl details on spec and how the cars work.
  14. Stressed

    Just bought a G31 520d MHt (mild hybrid)

    I definitely feel the SW update is worth it if you are not happy with the brake feel. MHT is relatively new, therefore BMW will always be updating SW to improve the vehicle and iron out issues. I also feel with the update and new electronic gearbox oil pump the smoothness of power delivery and "pick up" on acceleration is a lot better and quieter. I went from an F11 to the G31 and don't have the option to go back to compare. But once I had a few miles in the G31 I had adjusted to the brakes. The erratic height of the brake pedal was an intermittent fault. Once I had the SW update the brake feel was completely different (in a good way). I also had a fault with the electronic oil pump in the gearbox which effectively switch off the MHT energy recovery until fixed.. The pump has been replaced and a "whole car" SW update done. Now I would describe the G31 braking as different to the F11 but NOT better or worse, just different. Swapping between my G31 and my wife's F21 1 series I have far more trouble remembering the clutch and adjusting to the feel of the brakes. There may also be differences in driving styles. I'm ex fire service Blue light advanced diver and ex advanced motorcycle instructor which tends to mean I don't brake a lot with advance forward planning. I think this might have been why it took a few months of ownership before I returned the car with the "fault". BMW claim it's not a fault but a difference in how the whole braking and MHT system work hampered to the F11.