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  1. Stressed

    Just bought a G31 520d MHt (mild hybrid)

    Have you looked at the 530e
  2. Stressed

    G31 LCI

    I saw that one as well. Sytner have put an Sport body kit on it as well!
  3. Stressed

    G31 LCI

    Saw one today at Sytner Harold Wood. Different rear light and head lights and that was about it, Interior look the same as the pre LCI parked next to it
  4. Stressed

    Just bought a G31 520d MHt (mild hybrid)

    I will hopefully get a delivery date tomorrow, should have it by the end of the week. I'm in Romford and the car is in Birmingham. I'll give and update and review. One of the staff at Sytner has recently got the MHT 2.0d and said he has notice a big decrease in his commuting fuel cost! I have been averaging high 30s around town and high 40s on the motorway @ about 75mph Whatch this space!!
  5. Stressed

    Just bought a G31 520d MHt (mild hybrid)

    Sophisto Grey Xirall It's a bit darker than the mineral
  6. Just bought a G31 520d MHT (mild hybrid) Sport plus, its a pre reg with 18 miles on the clock. Trading up from an F11 520d I've only seen pictures of it so far! I have driven the G30 520d, it's going to be interesting to see what this Mild Hybrid Technology has to offer. 18 miles on the clock and a £14k saving over a new car that would probably be delivered with 18 miles on the clock!!!
  7. Stressed

    Interior mirror fell off

    Unfortunately it's not a glue on issue. The bracket is bonded to the screen at the point of manufacture
  8. Stressed

    Interior mirror fell off

    I was at work Friday and heard my car alarm going off. Went and checked the car and the mirror was hanging by the wires for the auto headlamps and wipers. The metal mirror bracket that is bonded to the windscreen had fallen off. Had a new screen fitted by Autoglass in August 2018. Phoned them up, lifetime guarantee on labour and parts. They classed it as a manufacturer's fault with the windscreen that they fitted and are replacing it next week. Apart from having to wait for an appointment, An inconvenience but I thought it was good service!
  9. Stressed

    New or year old finance!!! What a joke!

    520d £2k deposit £478/month or £12K deposit £317/month 540i £2k deposit over £700/month £12k deposit £490/month The £10k difference in deposit depends of if I part ex my car completely or I take £10k cash out of the part ex. Or do I keep my 4 year old car that's only done 50k
  10. Stressed

    New or year old finance!!! What a joke!

    It does, But brain and accountant say 520d. I didn't realise the impact of an over £40k list price has on road tax!
  11. Stressed

    New or year old finance!!! What a joke!

    Spent an hour at BMW today. Brand new 540i touring £60/month cheaper than a year old 540i touring with 6k on the clock on PCP. trading in my 520d Crazy!! or new 520d "mild hybrid" touring for the same monthly BUT only part trade in and they'll give me £10k cash back!
  12. Stressed

    New or year old finance!!! What a joke!

    Day off tomorrow, there might be a trip to the dealers! They are doing the 1.9% on 530ds!
  13. What a farce BMW finance seems to be. Ive been looking at 2 cars, heart says 540I touring 6k miles, brain says new 520d touring. Both cars are £44k cash price. Trading my 520d touring on pcp. 540i= £497/month, 520d=£238/month. BMW are offering 1.9% on the new 520 and 10.9% on the 540 Do they not want to sell 2nd hand cars?
  14. Stressed

    Map Upgrade 2020-1 East Issues

    I made the same bloody mistake!