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  1. Stressed

    Washing machine tripping RCD!

    Sounds like you need a new car. It's the only real answer!!!
  2. Stressed

    19 plate headlights

    Thanks for the reply. It seams stupid that BMW bring out an new model with inferior lights in comparison to the standard lights on the previous one!
  3. Stressed

    19 plate headlights

    Are the standard lights on the G30/31 a lower standard than the standard xenon lights on my 65plate F11 then?
  4. Stressed

    G31 520d

    I definitely prefer the feel and action of the indicator and wiper stalks on my F11 than the G30 loaners I've had
  5. Stressed

    540i Xdrive Touring

    I could live with that!
  6. Stressed

    540i Xdrive Touring

    I'd be lucky to get mid 30s out of my 520d on those sort of short trips and definitely low 30s on my wife 118i. I'm going to have to try and blag a 48 hour test drive of a 540i It only works out about £15/week more expensive to run for 15k miles per year!! Not bad for a 300+bhp car and much more fun!
  7. Stressed

    540i Xdrive Touring

    Hows the town MPG?
  8. It's down to date of manufacture, road tax class and euro emissions category. September 2013 was when Bmw started making the 5 series euro6 compliant. Then because so many manufacturers were getting their cars into the £0 and £30 tax bracket the government started messing with road tax pricing because they wasn't getting enough revenue!
  9. Stressed

    All weather / winter tyres

    They are run flats, so they're not going to be the lightest tyre. The grip had been great in the wet, cold, and snow. I have had no problems with them for grip throughout the summer either. I paid £250 a pair from eBay tyre suppliers.
  10. Stressed

    All weather / winter tyres

    I have these Goodyear Eagle Sports run flat all season Fitted 15530 miles 1/12/17 rear Fitted 34500 miles 18/12/18 front at the MOT yesterday 45000 miles 4.5mm rears and 7mm fronts Obiously tyre wear depends on driving style!
  11. Stressed

    520 Petrol Vs Diesel

    How much difference in mpg did you notice compared to your 520d
  12. Stressed

    Plastic sheds

    Have a look at what Costco sell. Not cheat but very good quality
  13. Stressed

    Potential F11 buyer- Winter tyres

    I have 245/45/18 on my touring. Goodyear eagle sports run flat all season M&S rears have done 30k miles still with 5mm fronts have done 10k miles still with 7mm I looked at the second set of wheel option with winters but stayed with 1 set of wheels and all season tyres. I've been more than happy. £125 per tyre
  14. Stressed

    Matrix Sign - Freight to EU

    It is a complete Government ploy. If it all goes to rats Sh*t on 1 November they can now blame the public for not being organised because they have warned you!
  15. Stressed

    New M5 V8

    Oh Thanks