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  1. Don't you just love the way the Tories voted to end the £20 uplift in universal credit on the grounds people don't need the extra £20 but then have argued that MPs NEED to do their second jobs because their £80K+ salary as an MP is not enough to live on
  2. I will say the governments mask policy really doesn't make sense. I Mike77 shop with a couple of customers the government say wear a mask, bit I could go to Wembley with 80000 other people to watch football and the government say I don't need to wear a mask. Figure that one out!! The more this goes on the more of a farce it is becoming. All the government are actually interested in is keeping people working, shopping and going out and spending money so that their rich business mates keep earning their profits and funding the tory party! ( I know I can be cynical!!! ) Take care out there ladies and gents!
  3. Healthy debate and opinions are great, and that is why I respond. As long as we all respect each other's opinions which we seem to let the discussion continue. In 2017 the government asked for the 3 emergency services and the NHS to do a joint project on pandemic planning. The report was submitted to the government at the end of 2017. One of my friends, a work mate in the emergency service who was a couple of ranks above me worked on this report. It made a list of recommendations, Stock pilling PPE Spare capacity for ventilators. Setting up/moth balling empty wards to create spare ITU capacity. Fund the NHS properly These are just a few of the recommendations above. What did this government do about the report? PUT IT IN THE BIN. Because they believed it wouldn't happen and they didn't want to spend the money! Had they prepared lockdowns would have been shorter, hospitals would not have been over stretched and less people would have died. This is Covid 19, basically there had been other Covids before and this one has been worse! Yes the data is on the ONS website, BUT it is not shown clearly on the news and the majority of the public don't look or even know they can look Take care out there people!
  4. Stressed

    530i on AT

    Lovely colour, and with a bit of time with good leaning products the leather should come up a treat!
  5. Surgeons wear them in case they cough sneeze or sweat on a patient. They do NOT wear them to protect them selves from the patient! Working with the London air ambulance (trauma consultants) on a number of occasions they didn't even bother with masks even when cracking a chest open on the side of the road!
  6. The original post did ask peoples opinions!! If you look at the infection rate when mask become mandatory they went up, just the same as accident rates went up when seat belts became law in 83/84 because people felt safer. Unfortunately people felt safe because they was wearing a mask, social distancing went out of the window in many situation. The difficulty in convincing my elderly parents A MASK GIVES YOU NO PROTECTION it is just a theory that it catches a sneeze or cough Having been required to regularly use respiratory protection for over 30 years including Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, respirators, FFFp3 face masks etc and now teaching H&S and the use of RPE I fully understand the values of protection. Wearing a bit of paper DOES NOT give you protection at all. 3/4 months with face mask in the ventilated classroom 30/40 candidates per week no infections. The following12/14 months without face masks 30/40 candidates per week no infections. Will I be insisting on face masks in the same ventilated classroom tomorrow? No. Covid questionnaire form and temp checks YES The government's daily stats were what I was talking about NOT death certs. The government stats are vastly exaggerating the death rate. Whether it takes longer to produce death cert data or not the government does NOT released that information even though they have had plenty of time now. The government a very good at manipulating data. You only have to look at their "speed related accidents" for many years the police report for asked "was the vehicle moving at speed?" yes or no? Therefore every car crash was speed related because if neither vehicle was moving at speed they would not have crashed
  7. As of tomorrow I'll be 3 Jabs done. Being told I need wear a mask again does make me ask why am I jabbed! I DO FULLY AGREE WITH THE VACCINATIONS AND THE PROVEN SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE BEHIND IT The point of a mask is the minimal chance it might catch a sneeze or a cough. How about doing what your mum taught you as a child, put your hand over your mouth. These masks give you no protection IT'S A PEICE OF THIN PAPER. This has become about control. If this was about protection it would require a FFFP3 mask. The government is just trying to convince the public that they are doing something. This all become a farce when they tried to tell the public that Covid can tell the time, Covid can tell if you are sitting down or standing up, Covid can tell if you've ordered food with your pint but covid can't tell if you don't even eat it. Deaths have been relatively steady for months even though the counting method is another farce. Get run over by a bus less than 28 days from a +covid test and IT'S A COVID DEATH, get run over by a bus after 30 days and you died from being run over by a bus. Did I wear a mask before/ YES. Did I believe in the reasons for masks? NO I couldn't be arsed with the confrontation! Look at the so called "law" You don't have to wear one if you are exempt. Legally no-one, even the police has the right to ask you why you are exempt and you don't have to prove it. Being self employed the government completely failed me. 3 months with no work, no income and the refusal of any financial support. Do I trust the government? NO
  8. Stressed

    How to seal a concrete block building?

    Basically the block it is built out of a porous, the building has not been finished. It needs to be rendered with cement then you can paint it. If you want to use it as a shed that will be all you need. If you want to use it as a garden room you will need to insulate the roof if it's not done and I would baton the walls and then use 50mm insulated plaster board.
  9. Stressed

    Winter's coming...

    When I road bikes at the start of winter I would cover the engine and other relevant parts in WD40 to protect. Then in the spring use de greaser. This kept my bikes "looking good"
  10. Stressed

    Energy Recovery Vs Harsh Braking

    Please be aware that the dealer's computer system does not tell the whole story. Dealers are only allowed to see what BMW want them to. Because the dealer is NOT BMW they only get a "filtered" version of the data that BMW Germany see. I gave Sytner a detailed list of dates and times the fault occurred. They could not see these occurrences on their data but BMW did let slip that they could see when it happened. The technician did confirm to me that BMW Germany get far more information than dealers are allowed to see!
  11. Stressed

    Energy Recovery Vs Harsh Braking

    May I suggest it's NOT your responsibility to demonstrate the fault. It is their job to check and test. They did keep telling me no fault found. This is probably where my case will be useful!
  12. Stressed

    Winter Wheels

    Picked up a set of 19" winters last week and put them on. Couldn't get the jack under the driver's side. Just luck of the draw how the car was parked on the hard standing outside my garage. Definitely lower than my f11 mSport!
  13. Stressed

    Will 18" 2018 X3 winter wheels fit on other X3s or BMWs?

    https://www.wheel-size.com/size/bmw/5-series/2019/ Have a look on this site. Very easy ton use
  14. Stressed

    Fuel Consumption increase after service

    When my car had a "whole car" software update I was warned that it might take a couple of weeks for the car to "settle down" Fuelling, gear changing, acceleration and mpg. Sytner stated that the Idrive, engine management and sat nav all work together to give the best performance. The car learns your driving style and regular journeys for example. This then helps performance. I work part time at 2 different locations on certain days of the week. My idrive knows if I leave home at "drive to work time" what day of the week it is and suggest where to go. 9/10 times it has guessed the correct place of work. Now my MHT and breaking system is working correctly and I've had it back for 3 months. the MPG has improved. This improvement seems to have occurred over the past 2 months and the car seems the smoothest it's been since getting it in August 2020! This might be why you have noticed a difference!
  15. Stressed

    Energy Recovery Vs Harsh Braking

    Strange! I also had the pedal go all the way to the floor whilst stationary in traffic! Since the new servo and master cylinder it's been like driving a different car!!! Sent you a PM