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  1. Stressed

    Further updates to OS7 to be rolled out shortly

    Haven't a clue! I am still waiting for a whole car software update from BMW to finally solve the intermittent brake pedal hight and the way the dash shows the MHT charging. Been waiting since December!
  2. Stressed

    Further updates to OS7 to be rolled out shortly

    Mine is the last of the pre LCI but with the new live dash and OS7
  3. Stressed

    Further updates to OS7 to be rolled out shortly

    Ah is the an update for the plug in hybrid? or for all G30/31s
  4. Stressed

    Further updates to OS7 to be rolled out shortly

    Did you get a message to tell you the update had been done? I got in my car yesterday to find my sat nav set up had reverted back to factory settings. I was wondering if this meant the update had happened
  5. Stressed


    Strange how Portugal got put on the green list just before Micheal Gove's holiday to Portugal then got put back on the amber list just after he got back. Just saying!!!
  6. Stressed

    New emissions tax for 7 cities coming!!

    I feel it's smoke and mirrors. Governments say they need to get polluting cars off the road whilst ignoring the pollution cost of building new cars. I read the other day the life span of a car is 13 years! What I believe is government only want you to buy new cars so that you pay loads of tax to buy the car and car manufacturers pay loads of tax on profit. Then the government wins all round.
  7. Stressed

    F10 door corrosion

    Before you take the car in make sure they have all the parts in stock. When I had my F11 door done they had finished all the paint work, but I then had to wait another week because the door rubber was on back order!
  8. Stressed

    Advice appreciated, possibly buying a 540i

    Boots space on the hybrids is diabolical
  9. Stressed

    Cryptoasic.com world delivery miners

  10. Stressed

    G30/31 Coding

  11. Stressed

    Car insurance renewal time

    It's not different to the age discrimination for the under 25s. You have 50 years being in the "right" age group then the buggers get you again!
  12. Stressed

    Safety camera information not available.

    I purchased the £20 speed camera. I did not appear in the car. Called the connected drive help line, 10 minutes later the confirmed an update had been sent to my car. They said the problem should be resolved in 24hrs. Got in the car to drive to work the next morning and it was all there and working They seem to be very helpful
  13. Stressed

    G30/31 Coding

    Ive got a 520d Msport plus g31 Does anyone have a list of what can be coded? For example can things like speed limit display be added assuming that the speed limit info comes from the sat nav or do you need hardware? My son's friend bought a new Msport 1 series, when he looked at coding what he thought were standard mirrors could actually be set to fold when the engine was turned off! Also has anyone coded their car in warrantee and then had problems with a warrantee claim? Thanks
  14. Stressed

    Recommendation for Trim Removal Tool

    A bigger hammer!!!
  15. Stressed

    Safety cameras now available on Connected Drive

    Just done the purchase. Lets see what happens when I next drive the car!