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  1. IS your load cover going up and down properly. Mine is not, it stays up, goes down and up again. If it goes down it reaches the bottom and goes up a bit before stopping. This has been on on going warrantee problem since August last year. BMW fitted a new load cover and I have now been waiting 3 months for new sliding rails/motors/sensors Mine is a late 2015 model. I think its a parts suppler issue that BMW are not making public
  2. Thanks gents. I know you don't buy these cars for good fuel economy, but information like this makes the 540i a realistic option for the driving I do and the 45p/mile I get for work journeys It might be time to ask mr bmw dealer for a 48hrs test drive!
  3. Afternoon I've been reading with interest. Going off subject a bit. What sort of real world MPG are you getting out of your 540s Town motorway Mixed Thanks
  4. Stressed

    Digital Service History

    Only main dealer service history will show.
  5. Stressed


    I believe F10-saloon F11-touring
  6. Stressed

    New 2019 1 Series will be wrong wheel drive...

    Rear wheel drive isn't the problem in snow, the wrong tyres is the problem. Good year all season on my 5 really stuck 2 fingers up at the beast from the east last year! As for the 1, my wife's is a great little car (118i). I would like a play in the 140i. but it would be waisted if it was her run about!
  7. Stressed

    New 2019 1 Series will be wrong wheel drive...

    If it drives like the "tall" 2 series mummy wagon there will be a lot of disappointed customers. They are awful
  8. Stressed

    Insurance Advice

    I had a similar issue a few years back. A woman drove into the back of my van hitting the tow bar. All she did to my van was wipe the dirt off the tow bar. 18 months later she was claiming against me saying I reversed into her with a witness. Total B********. Because she had a witness my insurance company wouldn't fight it unless I had a witness to prove my case. The insurance got a bit stroppy when I asked if they was asking me to lie and invent a witness like she had. unfortunately it makes a good argument for front and rear dash cams
  9. Stressed

    First Service

    Another consideration is at 2 years old there's more than likely a software update for the car that will be done as part of the service. Unfortunately this can take hours. When the EGR was changed on mine under recall the software update took about 5 hours because they update the whole car not just what they fix.
  10. Stressed

    ULEZ Now Effective

    The LEZ within the M25 has been in force for a number of years. The ULEZ is the new one in central London that is going to expand to the north and south circular in a couple of years
  11. Stressed

    White dots on map?

    Thanks for the reply. It's not bread crumbs. Never been to the areas that I have seen these white dots!
  12. Stressed

    White dots on map?

    Does anyone know what the white dots are on the satnav ? Can they be turned off? Thanks
  13. Stressed

    Insurance Bull****

    Admiral multi car is a con. Cheap one year to win your business then they hike the price by £300 to £400 plus the following year. They have done this twice to me now. They play on the fact that they manage to get you to have both cars renewing on the same date. They even said on the first occasion "we are really competitive if you have young drivers on the policy", the following year when they hiked the price they stated " it's expensive because you have young drivers on the policy"
  14. Stressed

    Insurance Bull****

    I was shopping round because Admiral multi car are more expensive for my 5 series with just me and my wife than the 1 series with me, wife and 2 under 25s I grew up on MK1 capris and spent half my time side ways! The 1 series has traction, stability ABS etc Madness
  15. Stressed

    Insurance Bull****

    Just trying to get insurance for my wife's 1 series. We bought it last year after a scumbag stole her 1 year old fiesta. It was cheaper to insure than the fiesta because of the fiesta theft risk according to the insurance company. Now at renewal I'm told that companies will not insure her as a new customer because she has had a claim. Wasn't her fault it was stolen. They are also telling me that they don't want to insure the car with my sons on the policy because it's a rear wheel drive car and because they are under 25. Under 25 and a front wheel drive car they would insure. What a total load of Bull**** Do these companies make it up as they go along?